What Companies Make Motorcycles? What is the Oldest Brand?

Buying a motorcycle is definitely part of the fun, and figuring out which one you want to buy is going to take up most of your time. But just how do you decide which bike you want for yourself? You’ll first need to know who makes them, who’s the best manufacturer, and maybe who’s been around for the longest time.

What Companies Make Motorcycles?

Without further ado, the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers are as follows:

Which is the Oldest Motorcycle Company in the World?

What might surprise you is that Peugeot is actually the oldest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. They presented their first motorcycle with a Dion-Bouton motor in 1898 at the Paris Motorshow and are currently the oldest company still in existence.

Peugeot is likely a name that you’ve heard associated with cars more than with motorcycles, and definitely with luxury products. The brand has been around for quite some time and makes some truly remarkable vehicles.

But they’ve actually been making motorcycles for well over 100 years as well. Their first vehicles were made in 1896 and their motorcycles came in not long after.

Who is the Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer in the World?

Honda is actually the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world as of 2020. Approximately 100 years ago Harley-Davidson took that mantle, but it seems they’ve been sliding slightly over the years. Today, Honda is one of the top manufacturers and the most popular.

In 2020, Honda actually sold approximately 19.3 million motorcycles. The interesting fact about that is that the number of bikes they sold is actually lower than in previous years, marking the first time sales have declined in over five years.

What is the Oldest Motorcycle Brand?

Peugeot motorcycles are the oldest motorcycle brand, creating their first motorcycles back in the late 1890s. In fact, they’ve been producing ever since which means that this company is well over 100 years old and still producing high-quality products.

Peugeot has several unique features that seem to have kept them around for this long, and it seems that people are definitely interested in buying their products. That’s why the company has been able to stay in business for so long, despite being a higher-end option. Their motorcycles are not necessarily comparable to their vehicles in price, but they definitely do come out higher on the list for comparable units.

What is the Oldest American Motorcycle Company?

The oldest American motorcycle company is Harley-Davidson, which may come as no surprise for many. After all, Harley-Davidson is one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in the country and possibly even the world.

They started in 1903 and have been going ever since, even becoming the most popular for a long time starting in 1920.

In America, Harley-Davidson has been around for well over 100 years as well, and they’re one of the most well-known producers of motorcycles even if they’re not actually the number one seller.

The company is known for its logo, its large stores, its ‘bikers’, and a whole lot more. But there’s a reason for that. They’ve been around quite a while and they know how to make sure that their name is a household name, even if you don’t own a motorcycle.

Which Are the Best American Brands?

There are actually several different bikes that are made in the United States, but the most well-known is Harley-Davidson. Others include Arch Motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle, Zero Motorcycles, Boss Hoss Cycles, Janus Motorcycles, and Lightning Motorcycle. There are plenty of additional brands that make specialty bikes or are slightly less known as well.

Arch Motorcycle and Indian Motorcycle are two of the more popular brands, after Harley-Davidson. In fact, Indian Motorcycle is one of the top sellers in the country and one of the oldest companies as well.

They produce a range of great quality bikes and while they’re not the most expensive, that makes them a great option for even more people looking to start riding. Arch, on the other hand, makes some of the most expensive bikes around as well as some more average priced options.

What is the Most Expensive Motorcycle Brand?

Many different motorcycle brands make some of the most expensive motorcycles around. These include Arch Motorcycle Company, Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle as well as Honda. Each of these has bikes that range from $30,000 up to $85,000 and more.

The truth is, there’s no single brand of motorcycles that’s more expensive than others. Instead, there are specific bikes from different manufacturers that cost more than others. After all, just about every motorcycle manufacturer makes different types of bikes in different price ranges to make sure they can appeal to different buyers.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive bike to start with you can find one easily enough, but you’ll also find many that are more expensive or higher end.

How Many Motorcycle Manufacturers Are There?

There are thousands of motorcycle manufacturers around the world and the list continues to change every day. That’s because more companies are started and more close to each and every day. But it’s important to know that these are located all around the world and produce different types of bikes as well.

Thousands of motorcycle manufacturers may seem excessive, but there are actually thousands of just about every type of manufacturer. It’s the only way to keep up with all the demand for the products they have to offer. These bike manufacturers are all able to coexist around the world because there are a lot of people who want a bike so they’re needed to keep up with demand.

Which Country is the Largest Producer of Motorcycles?

The country that produces the most motorcycles is actually India. They tend to do quite well in producing bikes for people all around the world, selling tens of millions of bikes each year. In fact, the previous top seller was China, but India managed to overtake them in the 2016-2017 year.

Over the years many different countries have been at the top of the list, but it’s important to think about where you’re getting your own bike and if the top producer is always the best option. Sometimes they may be the best quality or have the best features that you’re looking for, but you want o make sure that you don’t miss out on something great because you’re only looking at the big sellers.


There’s a lot to know about motorcycles and where they come from. Not to mention all of the different ways that they are made and the different places they’re made. But keep in mind that this is still only scratching the surface of everything that motorcycles are about.



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