13 Facts You Never Knew About ARCH Motorcycle [Video]

You cannot miss an ARCH motorcycle when you see one. It’s the kind of motorcycle that looks futuristic. Matrix and John Wick actor Keanu Reeves founded the company in 2011 with the help of Gard Hollinger, a bike designer. The pair put together a team to manufacture unique machines that customers wanted, which led to the birth of the ARCH motorcycle.

Never heard of Reeves’ concept? PowerSportsGuide is giving you an in-depth look at the ARCH motorcycle.

What Is The ARCH Motorcycle?

It’s a high-quality custom motorcycle manufactured in the U.S. that actor Keanu Reeves and bike designer Gard Hollinger came up with in 2011. ARCH Motorcycle Company, LLC produces extravagant custom motorcycles, which are painstakingly assembled by hand to ensure the characteristics meet the owner’s tastes. 

They stand out because the material quality is second-to-none. 

Who Owns ARCH Motorcycle?

Reeves is co-owner of the ARCH Motorcycle, with Hollinger being the other co-owner. Given Reeves’ passion for motorcycles, he turned his interest into developing and riding one. With the help of Hollinger, they expanded their passion to include others.

Who Is Gard Hollinger?

Gard Hollinger is a custom motorcycle builder and designer based in California. Reeves met Hollinger with a request to tweak his Harley. It was here that they began talking about the construction of a brand new bike that would cruise and look good too.

Hollinger completed the bike, which Reeves fell in love with. The actor approached Gard with the idea to found a motorcycle company. At first, Hollinger said no, but Reeves insisted that he wanted to introduce something new and beautiful to the world. Hollinger couldn’t agree with Reeves about that and agreed to the idea, which led to the passion of the ARCH motorcycles.

What Is ARCH Motorcycle Famous For?

ARCH Motorcycles is well-known for building hand-crafted, superior-quality, high-performance motorcycles using only the latest technology for its parts. Many ARCH motorcycle fanatics call them works of art. They are customized for the end-user and are assembled by hand.

Who Is ARCH Motorcycle Named After?

It was Reeves who came up with the name ARCH because it feels the ARCH is a symbol of “strength, connection and passage.”

What Is The ARCH Philosophy?

Three words make up the ARCH Motorcycle philosophy, which boils down to using ground-breaking engineering solutions to create a unique ride. According to Reeves, the way the bike is made, its quality, detail and execution all define ARCH.

Reeves is all about offering quality, not quantity, which is why the bikes are not mass-produced. Each bike is given great care and attention to ensure that their product truly symbolizes what the company is about. ARCH motorcycles are a work of art that is great to look at but also functional.

Where Is Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Company?

ARCH Motorcycle is located in Hawthorne, Calif., and the bikes are put together in a manufacturing facility that’s 20,000-square feet.

What Models Are Available At The ARCH Company?

ARCH Motorcycles does offer three models to choose from (besides custom-built ones). They are:


The KRGT-1 is a custom production American performance cruiser with a 2032 cc S&S V Twin Stroker, high end suspension and brakes. It is both for home cruising highways or carving canyon roads.


The 1S is a more performance oriented version of the already impressive KRGT-1 with a more sporty riding position with a slightly more aggressive handlebar setup as compared to the former. It is excellent both for cruiser and street sport riding.


The focus was on creating the absurdly brilliant and the extreme when the Method 143 came into being. It is a super cool and futuristic all-American cruiser that is featuring a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis. The name Method 143 comes from the 143 cubic inch beheamouth 2343 cc V Twin from S&S.”

In a 2005 interview, Reeves admitted the company’s goal was to produce three different models. Reeves and Hollinger were the brains behind the ARCH motorcycle models. Every ARCH bike is hand-assembled that includes an artistic and ergonomic package. The motorcycle is customized to fit the rider and ensure a unique riding experience, giving them a connection with the bike.

It takes about 90 days to produce one bike. 

What Engines Do ARCH Motorcycles Use?

The high-torque 124ci American V-Twin engine incorporates ARCH Motorcycle’s proprietary Downdraft Induction System with ARCH/K&N Engineering filtration significantly reducing drivetrain width.


Engine: 124ci (2032cc) S&S Cycle T124 45-degree downdraft fuel-injected V-Twin engine

  • ARCH 1s

Engine: 124ci (2032) ARCH/S&S Cycle T124 45-degree downdraft fuel injected V-Twin engine

  • ARCH Method 143

Engine: 143ci (2343cc) is a torque-laden powerhouse equipped with a Six-speed transmission and dry clutch setup.

What Does KRGT 1 Stand For?

 Reeves and Hollinger wanted to use their surnames for the bike. They threw ideas back and forth at each other and finally settled on using the founder Reeves for the bike name – KRGT 1 or Keanu Reeves GT model 1.

Who Makes The Engines For ARCH Motorcycles?

S&S Cycle supplies the engines for the ARCH motorcycles. It’s an American engine and parts manufacturer, founded by Stanley Stankos and George J. Smith in 1958. Their success is rooted in the development of pushrods for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They continue to produce an array of V-Twin bikes. 

How Much Does An ARCH Motorcycle Cost?

The starting price of an ARCH motorcycle is $85,000, which means it’s not a product for everyday users. In fact, the company produces only a limited number every year, and the 200 parts they make at the California facility are designed with great detail.

A hand-built ARCH motorcycle is designed specifically for the end-user, not mass production. 

How Fast Is An ARCH Motorcycle

The ARCH motorcycle can reach speeds in excess of 100mph. Since every machine is custom-built, the power specs and speed will vary from one cycle to the next. ARCH motorcycles have a weight of 550 pounds and have 120hp, which gives them a cruise speed that hits around 100mph

Final Words 

Every custom-built ARCH motorcycle comes at a high price, but the details that you get cannot be found anywhere else. It’s led to the development of a whole new field – sports cruisers. Reeves’ and Hollinger’s bikes are changing how riders see motorcycles. 


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