14 Facts You Never Knew About Boss Hoss Motorcycles [Video]

Boss Hoss motorcycles are equipped with oversized V-8 engines, making them a powerful vehicle. Most motorcycles are designed with four cylinders or less, but Boss Hoss takes engine configuration to a new level with its V-8 engines.  

Initially, V-8 engines were installed in vehicles considered muscle cars, but they are available for any model vehicle due to the incredible power they exert. It was just a matter of time before someone opted to install a V-8 in a motorcycle.

This led to the birth of Boss Hoss. 

At PowerSportsGuide, you will learn more about this amazing motorcycle company and how it skyrocketed into popularity. 

What Is A Boss Hoss Motorcycle?

Boss Hoss is a custom motorcycle brand that’s equipped with an eight-cylinder Chevy Corvette engine.

The majority of people have no idea what to think of the Boss Hoss motorcycle, and what they think of it is probably inaccurate.

Once known as Boss Hogg, the design and build quality is similar to other manufacturers. You may even be surprised by how well the bike functions and operates.

Who Is The Founder Of Boss Hoss Motorcycles?

In 1990, Monte Warne founded Boss Hoss Cycle, Inc. with the development of the first Chevy V-8 power-driven motorcycle he named the Boss Hog. He came up with a distinctive idea – a single-speed (or one gear) transmission design. 

He had an aviation background, working as a commercial pilot and was an Aviation Airframe and Power plant technician. It wasn’t until Warne that the idea of a V-8 engine on a motorcycle was even done. The idea, as well as the bike, was enormous. Warne created the first Hoss bike himself. 

What Is Boss Hoss Motorcycle Known For?

The company is well-known for producing extra-large “displacement and motorized tricycles” that using semi-automatic transmissions and Chevy V-8 engines with 376 to 496 cu. 

Their cycles have a weight that exceeds 1,000 pounds with 445hp machines. They’ve been extremely successful with their sales.  

Boss Hoss Motorcycles have increased in popularity in international markets due to their American craftsmanship. 

What Does The Boss Hoss Logo Mean?

The Boss Hoss logo is a simple design – round element with wings. The wings are an emphasis on freedom and maneuverability that the brand brings with its bikes. In the middle of the circle is a V, which symbolizes victory. The stylized eight is the sign of movement and perfection. 

Is Boss Hoss Motorcycles Still In Business?

Boss Hoss Motorcycles are still in operation. It may have begun as a one-person show with Warne, but it’s grown to become a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

The European Commission ensured that it would become the first V8 motorcycle company to sell its vehicles worldwide in 2006.

They continue to manufacture two-wheel motorcycles but have also expanded into manufacturing trikes.

Who Owns Boss Hoss Motorcycles?

Monte Warne was the founder and president of Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc., but in 2015, he began looking for someone to take over so he could retire. Ricky Dietz and his brother Travis took over the company. Ricky is the CEO, and Travis is the president.

The Dietz’s are from southern Louisiana, who, since 2006, worked as Boss Hoss dealers and owners. 

Warne continues to work as an advisor at its headquarters in Dyersburg, Tenn.

Where Is Boss Hoss Manufactured?

Boss Hoss Motorcycles are manufactured strictly in the US. Warne first began creating his motorcycles in a 5,000 square foot facility, which has grown significantly in the last 30 years.

The plant is located in Dyersburg, Tenn., is a 22,000-square foot manufacturing plant on seven acres of land. 

The bikes’ frames are designed and produced here. When welding is complete, the frames get a powder coat. Besides the engine, the company uses its own tuning and milling shop to create every motorcycle part. 

Chevrolet supplies the engines, but Boss Hoss specialists modify them. There is an infinite number of limits – customers can get the capacity they want out of their engine. Mechanics work the assembly line to put the motorcycles together (by hand). After each motorcycle is assembled, it is road-tested.

What Motor Is In A Boss Hoss?

The Boss Hoss motor is the Chevy 350 cubic inch v8 that General Motors was using in its Corvettes at one time. This small-block engine is universal, which is why it’s not shocking Warne would use the design for the first V8 Boss Hoss Motorcycle. 

This Boss Hoss motorcycle is explicitly centered on the engine for the primary reason to have the engine.

How Many CCs Is A Boss Hoss?

The maximum engine capacity of the Boss Hoss is 6200 cc (376 c.i.) and has a maximum power output of 445 HP.

How Fast Is A Boss Hoss Motorcycle?

Boss Hoss Motorcycles were engineered for the best possible performance, meaning they can hit speeds between 140 and 180 mph. The hot rod models reach the highest speeds while the stock models reach no more than 140 mph.

Base models of the Boss Hoss motorcycles have a 350-cubic-inch engine that produces 345 horsepower. This means the motorcycle can hit 100 mph in four seconds.

Is It Hard To Ride A Boss Hoss Motorcycle?

This is a fun, easy-to-ride motorcycle. With a low center of gravity, it is easy to manage and take care of. 

A more accurate way to describe these automatic transmission motorcycles is a “big scooter.” Being a two-speed automatic transmission motorcycle, you get a clutch-free, smooth ride.

Thanks to the automatic transmission, it’s easier for some people to ride than other kinds of bikes. However, Boss Hoss also has its previous one-speed, manual-clutch transmission ready for purchase. 

Boss Hoss engineers came up with an extended wheelbase. And, the length and height of the bike make sure the power stays straight, as it should.

How Many Gears Does A Boss Hoss Have?

Every Boss Hoss motorcycle includes a two-speed automatic transmission that must be manually shifted. The left handlebar has no clutch lever, which means the rider must control the shifting. It’s a simple shifting pattern – down for first and down once more for second.

The early model Hoss motorcycles were one-speed transmissions, but a two-speeder offers a lower and smoother ride. With the first gear, the bike can reach speeds up to 80mph.

If this is good enough for you, then there is no reason to worry about second gear.

The motorcycles can now go in reverse. Reverse is controlled by a button on the left-hand controls and will lock before engaging in a forward speed. This keeps the motorcycle from back shifting. 

How Much Does A Boss Hoss Trike Weigh?

The weight of the Boss Hoss is 1,100 pounds, given that it’s got a massive engine to it. The weight does not account for 11 gallons of fuel, 2.5 gallons of coolant and another three gallons of lubricants.

After all this, the bike could weigh 1,200 pounds. 

Boss Hoss does make an even heavier bike – the Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike weighs at an outstanding weight of 1,500 pounds (dry).

How Much Does A New Boss Hoss Motorcycle Cost?

Boss Hoss motorcycles are relatively pricy, even outpricing the most expensive luxury cars offered on the market. If you choose to customize your bike, the cost will be even more.

Bear in mind that you can create all kinds of styles with your customizations… too many to mention. 

How Much Horsepower Does a Boss Hoss Motorcycle Have?

The horsepower ratings of Boss Hoss motorcycles range from 445 HP up to a whopping 563 HP.

Engines available:

  • Boss Hoss GM LS 3 6200cc: 445 HP
  • Boss Hoss 383 STROKER 6300cc: 430 HP
  • Boss Hoss 454 SMALL BLOCK 7439cc: 563 HP

Final Words

Riding is believing when it comes to the Boss Hoss beast. With over 300HP and its extraordinary large base and heavyweight, this is the BOSS of all other motorcycles.

It may be regarded as a monster, but one ride on it demonstrates that it is the best of the best in the motorcycle industry. 


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