How Much HP does a Yamaha Outboard Have? [Chart]

As a rule of thumb, Yamaha outboard motors house 2.5-450 HP engines depending on the model. To be more precise, the engine power in each main class is as follows:

  • Portable: 2.5-25 HP
  • Midrange 30-115 HP
  • High-Performance: 150-450 HP

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How Much HP does a Yamaha Outboard Have?

How Much HP Does a Portable Yamaha Outboard Have?

The smallest Yamaha outboard motors are the portable models, which are designed with 2.5-25 HP engines.

The available power sources in this breed are as follows:

  • 72cc, single: 2.5 HP
  • 139cc, single: 4, 6 HP
  • 212cc, twin: 8, 9.9 HP
  • 362cc, twin: 15 HP
  • 432cc, twin: 20, 25 HP

How Much HP Does a Midrange Yamaha Outboard Have?

The engine power of midrange Yamaha outboard motors is somewhere between 30 and 115 HP. These units are powered by 4-stroke, inline-3, or inline-4 engines.

The available engine options and their HP ratings in this class include:

  • 747cc, inline-3: 30, 40 HP
  • 996cc, inline-4: 50, 60, 70 HP
  • 1832cc, inline-4: 75, 90, 115 HP

How Much HP Does a High-Performance Yamaha Outboard Have?

Depending on the engine design, the power of high-performance Yamaha outboards varies widely.

Entry-level models in this class house an inline-4 engine with displacements ranging 2670-2785cc. These motors are rated at 150-200 HP. In contrast, the most powerful Yamaha outboards come with V6 and V8 engines, which produce a remarkable 200-450 HP:

  • 2670-2785cc, inline-4: 150, 175, 200 HP
  • 4169cc, V6: 200, 225. 250, 300 HP
  • 5559cc, V8: 425, 450 HP

Yamaha Outboard HP Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the average HP figures into one Yamaha Outboard HP Chart:

2.5 HP172cc
4 HP1139cc
6 HP1139cc
8 HP2212cc
9.9 HP2212cc
15 HP2362cc
20 HP2432cc
25 HP2432cc
30 HP3747cc
40 HP3747cc
50 HP4996cc
60 HP4996cc
70 HP4996cc
75 HP41832cc
90 HP41832cc
115 HP41832cc
150 HP42670-2785cc
175 HP42785cc
200 HP4/V62785-4169cc
225 HPV64169cc
250 HPV64169cc
300 HPV64169cc
425 HPV85559cc
450 HPV85559cc

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! For more information, please check the owner’s manuals.

Takeaways – What are the Sizes of Yamaha Outboard Motors?

As a rule of thumb, Yamaha outboards can produce anywhere from 2.5-600 HP depending on their engine size and features.

The smallest portable models come with a 72cc single (2.5 HP), a 139cc single (4/6 HP), 212cc twin (8/10 HP), 362cc twin (15 HP), and 432cc twin (20/25 HP engines)

You can only find three engine options in the midrange class including a 747cc triple (30/40 HP), a 996cc inline-4 (50/60/70 HP), and a 1832cc inline-4 engine (75/90/115 HP).

On the other end of the spectrum, you can find high-performance Yamaha outboards marketed with a 2670-2785cc inline-4 (150/175/200 HP), 4169cc V6 (200, 225, 250, 300 HP), and 5559cc, V8 (425, 450 HP) engines.


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