Can a Girl Ride a Motorcycle? Is it Safe? [Explained]

When you start talking about motorcycles you may start to wonder about the different aspects of it and how it works. But you may also wonder about riding motorcycles for women.

After all, it can be an entirely different experience for a woman to ride a motorcycle compared to a man. That’s why we’re going to talk about what women should know when they choose to ride.

Can a Girl Ride a Motorcycle?

The short answer is that a girl can absolutely ride a motorcycle. It’s important to note that different types of motorcycles may be more comfortable for girls than others, but they can absolutely ride any bike that they choose to. In fact, more women are starting to ride motorcycles than ever before.

Motorcycles come in all types of sizes, shapes, and styles and that makes it even easier for a girl to find the type of motorcycle that she’s going to be most comfortable on. You don’t need to ride a bike that’s way too big or heavy for you anymore because more manufacturers are starting to build bikes with women in mind. They’re making them easier and more convenient for female riders.

Can a Short Girl Ride a Motorcycle?

A short girl is still able to ride a motorcycle with no problem, as long as she chooses a bike that’s comfortable for her. Some bikes are quite large and may be difficult or uncomfortable to ride if you are short, but it’s going to be about your personal preference to find something easy to ride.

Even if you’re short you can still enjoy riding a motorcycle. Cars are often made for taller people too but that doesn’t mean that you can’t drive. The same is true of a motorcycle.

There are many of them out there that are designed to accommodate shorter riders and make sure that you are comfortable when you ride. All you need to do is a bit of research to find some of the most comfortable styles, and make sure you try them out before you buy.

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Are Female?

The percentage of women who ride motorcycles is continuing to increase, with only 9.6% of bikers being women back in 2003. But as of 2018, approximately 19% of bikers on the road were women and it’s likely that this number will continue to increase.

As the years go on it’s likely that the percentage of female motorcycle riders will continue to increase. That’s because more and more women are riding. It’s also because younger generations have higher proportions of female riders, which is likely to continue increasing over time.

What is a Good Motorcycle for a Woman?

If you’re looking for a good motorcycle for a woman you’ll want to mostly look at the features of it. Just about any motorcycle could be good, depending on the woman who is going to be riding it. Look at factors like weight, the center of gravity, dimensions, performance, and handling.

Typically, women are going to need a bike that is slightly lighter and smaller than a bike that men are riding. That’s because they tend to be smaller and may struggle to maneuver or handle a larger bike.

It might also be difficult to get a comfortable ride if the bike is too large. A lower center of gravity can be a good thing as well since women on average are shorter than men.

Just because you’re looking for something a little smaller doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice the features, so make sure you choose something with good performance and that’s easy to handle and maintain. You want a quality bike that is going to make it enjoyable for you to get out and ride.

What Should a Girl Wear on a Motorcycle Ride?

You can wear anything that you want on a motorcycle ride, but it’s going to be a whole lot more comfortable if you wear clothes that cover well. This includes a full-face helmet, long pants, boots, and a long jacket with gloves.

Wearing clothes that cover well is important on a motorcycle because of the risk of injury. If you fall off a bike the impact with the ground will be extremely hard and can be very damaging to the skin at the very least.

Wearing clothes that fully cover all visible skin will help you protect yourself in the event of an accident or a fall. Not to mention it’s going to keep the bugs off you while you’re riding.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle in a Dress?

The short answer here, again, is yes. You can ride wearing a dress but you will want to be very careful about it. Skirts can be a problem in both directions. Too short skirts might compromise modesty and too long of skirts could compromise safety.

A short skirt could ride up while you’re riding, which can be uncomfortable and may show more than you intend. This is especially true on a motorcycle where you have the bike pushing at the sides of your skirt. If you wear a skirt that is too long, however, it could get caught in the components of the bike. If that happens you could be in even more danger of injury from burns or even from crashing your bike in general.

If you’re going to wear a dress or skirt it’s a good idea to opt for a mid-length skirt or one that fits a little bit closer rather than anything too long or too flowy. Just make sure you’re comfortable with how high it might ride up during your ride.


Girls and women have started to join the crowd of bike riders much faster over the last several years. They’re starting to look at motorcycles as a fun hobby that they want to try too and it’s absolutely possible for them to find a great bike, as long as they know what they’re looking for.


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