11 Facts You Never Knew About Suzuki [Video]

Japan’s second-largest small automobile manufacturer is Suzuki Motor Corporation, producing cars for consumers all around the world. The company’s primary focus is on producing compact, four-wheel-drive vehicles. However, the company also produces various other products that use small internal combustion engines or electric motors such as ATVs, motorcycles, wheelchairs and outboard marine engines.

Suzuki works in conjunction with other automobile manufacturers, including General Motors.  

The company is one of the 10 largest vehicle manufacturers and remains focused on offering the latest compact cars. However, you may be surprised to learn a few more things about Suzuki that you would never have guessed.

Who Is The Founder Of Suzuki?

Japanese businessman and inventor Michio Suzuki (1887-1982) founded Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki was a son of cotton farmers in a small village. The first thing he created was an automatic loom, which eventually he turned into a successful business – a weaving loom company for the country’s silk industry. In 1929, it led to the manufacturing of a Suzuki loom that was exported overseas.

Eventually, Suzuki looked at other industries and decided to venture into the small car market in 1937. Within two years, he had developed several prototype compact cars, and the first models Suzuki manufactured got their power from four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engines.

Who Owns Suzuki?

Osamu Suzuki is the current owner of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Osamu (Matsuda) Suzuki is the husband of Shoko Suzuki and the “adopted” grandson of Michio Suzuki, the Suzuki Motor Corporation’s founder. Since Suzuki’s family had no male heirs, Osamu married into the family and took on the family name to become Osamu Suzuki.

What Is Suzuki Known For?

The company is well-known for its manufacturing of motorcycles, ATVs, four-wheel-drive vehicles, automobiles, wheelchairs, outboard marine engines and many small internal combustion engines. Suzuki was the world’s 11th largest automobile maker as of 2016.

Are Suzuki Engines Any Good?

Suzuki and other Japanese car manufacturers are revered for their dependability. Suzuki motorcycles are second to Yamaha in terms of reliability and dependability. They are very affordable and don’t cost much to maintain. When compared to other brands, most models are not very sporty-looking.

Where Are Suzuki Cars Built?

Suzuki is a large multi-national corporation with 35 factories in more than 20 countries. Each factory is set up to produce one or two kinds of Suzuki models, which means one model manufactured in one plant is not manufactured at another plant. This also affects the availability of models in various countries.

Is Suzuki American Made?

Suzuki products, such as ATVs, automobiles, motorcycles and marine outboard motors, are produced and sold in the U.S. by Suzuki Motor Corporation’s subsidiary American Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Why Did Suzuki Leave The U.S.?

Suzuki announced in 2012 it would no longer sell vehicles in the U.S., making it the 10th key brand to exit the market. According to Suzuki, an array of challenges have made it impossible for the company to continue in the American market, such as low sales volume, unfavorable foreign exchange rates and reduced number of models.

Since 2007, when sales peaked, Suzuki saw a dramatic drop. The company’s core focus was on small vehicles (cars and SUVs), and for the American market, their vehicles were too small.

Will Suzuki Sell Cars In The U.S. Again?

Suzuki has not sold any cars in the U.S. since 2012 but does care about those who own their vehicles. Although the company withdrew its manufacturing operations, it still supplies materials for vehicle repairs and handles recalls when deemed necessary.

Do They Still Make Suzuki Motorcycles?

Suzuki still produces motorcycles and engines. The company recently built a new motorcycle at its Hamamatsu, Japan manufacturing plant. The facility combines three different facilities into one, allowing Suzuki to continue its growth. Before, the product engineering and development teams were located at its Ryuyo factory; engines were produced at the Takatsuka plant, and motorcycle assembly happened at the Toyokawa plant.

Where Are Suzuki Motorcycles Made?

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. built a new manufacturing plant in Hamamatsu, Japan, which is where Suzuki Motor Corp. was established. This facility brings together development, engineering, engine production and vehicle assembly all together to boost efficiency in its product offerings.

Before this, the company had three locations in the country, but in 2018, the company brought them together to the Hamamatsu plant, located in the Miyakoda district.

Most of the company’s two-wheeled products for American distribution are manufactured here.

Where Are Suzuki Quads (ATVs) Made?

Suzuki’s line of ATVs is produced at its assembly plant in Rome, Ga. The plant’s manufacturing line of ATVs is for global distribution. It employs about 200 people who manufacture more than 120 King Quads a day.

The factory is situated in the center of the world’s largest ATV market.





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