How Much Horsepower Does a Sea-Doo Have? [HP List]

As a rule of thumb, the engine power of Sea-Doos varies between 60 and 300 HP. To be more specific, the engine options of the different Sea-Doo families are as follows:

  • Spark: 60, 90 HP
  • GTI: 130, 170 HP
  • Fish Pro: 130, 170 HP
  • Explorer: 170 HP
  • Wake: 170, 230 HP
  • GTR: 230 HP
  • GTX: 170, 230, 300 HP
  • RXT-X, RXP-X: 300 HP

If you want to find out more about these models and their engines, you’ve come to the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled the HP information of all models under one roof!

How Much Horsepower Does a Sea-Doo Have?

It’s a lesser-known fact that Sea-Doo currently has two base engines, which are available in many configurations. These power sources are the 900 ACE/ACE HO, which is an 899cc triple rated at 60/90 HP, as well as the 1630cc ACE/ACE HO, which produces 130-300 HP depending on the model.

The latter is available in both naturally-aspirated (130, 170 HP) and supercharged (230, 300 HP) variations.

Why are these engines rated at two different HP figures?

To keep R&D and manufacturing costs down, the manufacturer restricts the performance of these engines to get lower-performance engines for its base skis. It’s much more economical than engineering new engines for every single model.

Thanks to this trick, the two base Sea-Doo engines come with six different power outputs:

  • 900 ACE: 60 HP (naturally aspirated)
  • 900 ACE HO: 90 HP (naturally aspirated)
  • 1630 ACE: 130, 170 HP (naturally-aspirated)
  • 1630 ACE HO: 230, 300 HP (supercharged)

Each of these power sources is designed and built in Europe by Rotax, a subsidiary company of BRP.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about these engines and their performance in detail!

How Much HP does a Sea-Doo Spark Have?

The Sea-Doo Spark series is available with two engine options, the 900 ACE produces 60 HP while the 900 HO ACE is rated at 90 HP (HO here refers to “High Output”).

To be more precise these power sources are basically the same 899cc, 4-stroke, triple engine, but the performance of the 60 HP version is electronically restricted.

This limited engine is exclusively available in the base Spark 2 UP, while more advanced models come with the 90 HP engine.

Due to their small dimensions and moderate engine power, Spark models are classed as Rec-Lite jet skis.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo GTI Have?

Sea-Doo GTIs got the naturally-aspirated version of the 1630 ACE, producing 130 HP or 170 HP.

These machines are marketed as “Recreation” models, which means they come with bigger hulls, more capacities, and more powerful engines.

As the names suggest, the GTI 130 and GTI SE 130 share the 130 HP engine option, while the GTI SE 170 is rated at 170 HP.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo Fish Pro Have?

Just like the GTI series, Sea-Doo Fish Pros also offer a performance of 130 HP or 170 HP.

The smaller Fish Pro Scout is built on the GTI platform, which houses the 130 HP engine.

In contrast, the more advanced Fish Pro Sport and Trophy come with the ST3 hull and the more powerful, 170 HP power mill.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo Explorer Pro Have?

The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170 has the same 170 1630 ACE engine and ST3 hull as the Fish Pro Sport and Trophy, and this engine puts out 170 HP.

But unlike its fishing-intended brothers, the Explorer is designed for professional use and long-distance touring.

Hence, it’s equipped with a wide range of adventure-intended features like an extended rear platform with extra LinQ connectors, a heavy-duty front bumper, and a removable PWC windshield.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo Wake and Wake Pro Have?

To the delight of many watersport lovers, the popular Sea-Doo Wake models are available with naturally-aspirated, and supercharged engine options. The latter sits in the Wake Pro and is rated at 230 HP, while the naturally-aspirated Wake 170 has 170 HP.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo GTR Have?

The Sea-Doo GTR has 230 HP produced by its supercharged 1630 ACE HO engine.

This machine is considered the entry-level model in Sea-Doo’s performance class. It borrows its lightweight Polytec hull from the GTI family, which ensures a nimble attitude.

The GTR 230 is not only smaller and lighter but also much more affordable than other high-performance Sea-Doos.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo GTX Have?

The HP ratings of Sea-Doo GTX models start at 170 HP and go up to a jaw-dropping 300 HP.

The only naturally-aspirated ski in this breed, the GTX 170, utilizes a 170 HP engine while the supercharged GTX 230 is marketed with the 230 HP engine option.

The flagship model in this class is arguably the GTX Limited 300. This luxury Sea-Doo is powered by a supercharged 300 HP power mill, just like the GTX 300, which has fewer features.

How Much HP Do the Sea-Doo RXT-X and RXP-X Models Have?

You can also expect 300 HP on high-end performance Sea-Doos including the RXT-X, RXP-X, and the limited-edition RXP-X Apex 300.

These race-intended machines are built for advanced riders and racers, and are definitely not recommended for beginners!

Which Sea-Doo has the most Horsepower?

The most powerful Sea-Doos in the latest lineup are as follows:

  • Sea-Doo GTX 300
  • Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300
  • Sea-Doo RXT-X 300
  • Sea-Doo RXP-X 300
  • Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex 300

Each of these beasts shares the same supercharged and intercooled 1630 ACE HO engine. This 1630cc, SOHC, 4-stroke, fuel-injected triple cranks out an incredible 300 HP at 8000 RPM.

Sea-Doo Horsepower List

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the performance figures of production models into this Sea-Doo HP list:

2023 Spark 60 2UP60 HP
2023 Spark 90 2UP iBR90 HP
2023 Spark Trixx 2UP90 HP
2023 Spark 90 3UP90 HP
2023 Spark 3UP 90 HP iBR90 HP
2023 Spark Trixx 3UP90 HP
2023 GTI 130130 HP
2023 GTI SE 130130 HP
2023 Fish Pro Scout 130130 HP
2023 Wake 170170 HP
2023 GTI SE 170170 HP
2023 GTX 170170 HP
2023 Explorer Pro 170170 HP
2023 Fish Pro Sport 170170 HP
2023 Fish Pro Trophy 170170 HP
2023 GTR 230230 HP
2023 GTX 230230 HP
2023 Wake Pro 230230 HP
2023 RXP-X 300300 HP
2023 GTX 300300 HP
2023 RXT-X 300300 HP
2023 GTX Limited 300300 HP
2023 RXP-X Apex 300300 HP

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

Takeaways – How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo Have?

The performance of production Sea-Doos varies between 60 and 300 HP, but you can expect 130-230 HP on “average” models.

Surprisingly, the entire Sea-Doo engine line is built on two base engines, the 900 ACE/ACE HO and the 1630 ACE/ACE HO.

The former is an 899, 4-stroke, fuel-injected Rotax triple that produces 60/90 HP depending on the model.

The larger Sea-Doo engine is a 1630cc, 4-stroke, fuel-injected triple, which has a peak performance of 170 HP in the naturally-aspirated version. You can find the same engine in 130 HP Sea-Doo models, though the engine power of these models is electronically limited.

This 1630cc engine option is also available in a supercharged configuration, which is rated 230 HP and 300 HP.

Sea-Doo engines are manufactured by the European Rotax, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian manufacturer BRP.

This is our short post on the Sea-Doo HP ratings, we hope you like it!


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