What is the Ski-Doo LinQ? How Does it Work? [Video]

The Ski-Doo LinQ is a unique cargo attachment system designed to carry bags, storage boxes, fuel cans, and/or other items securely attached to the tunnel. These special quick connectors allow you to attach and de-attach your accessories in seconds without using any straps or other fasteners.

If you want to learn more about this system and learn about the latest Ski-Doo LinQ accessories, this post is for you.

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What is the Ski-Doo LinQ?

Let’s face it, carrying bags or cargo boxes is a must on many of today’s sleds.

In the past, vintage snowmobiles offered plenty of space under their hood for tools and emergency gear. They also had a large storage compartment under the seat and often a smaller one integrated into the passenger backrest.

In contrast, the storage space on a modern snowmobile is much more limited. Because of this, riders typically have to carry everything on top of the tunnel or on the side of the machine.

Although you can choose from many different aftermarket sacks, bags, and cargo boxes, they typically have to be secured with straps, bungees, or cargo nets. Therefore, they often fit precariously, which can not only be inconvenient but also dangerous!

This is where the Ski-Doo LinQ system shines. The system utilizes pairs of tunnel-mounted brackets to tightly hold your cargo, so you don’t have to worry about them getting loose!

LinQ accessories can be virtually integrated into the machine, so they stay in place whether you ride in the backcountry or on moguled trails.

According to the manufacturer, this innovative cargo system is designed to endure forces up to 4 Gs.

The technology debuted on Can-Am off-road vehicles and became available on Ski-Doo snowmobiles from the 2013 model year.

What’s more, the manufacturer decided to expand these accessories to their other recreational vehicles like their reverse Can-Am trikes and Sea-Doo PWCs.

How does the Ski-Doo LinQ Work?

The revolutionary Ski-Doo LinQ system works in a simple way, as it consists of just two main components. The key part is arguably the “LinQ Base Kit” (or brackets) that have to be permanently installed on the sled. Once they are secured on the tunnel, you can attach your LinQ accessories to this base without any effort. You can also quickly remove them by simply releasing a lever.

Each of the accessories comes with a standard bottom design that features a fastening latch on one side and a tab on the other.

To attach an accessory to these brackets, you only have to slide the tab on one side into one of the brackets, lower the other side of the accessory, and finally close the lever.

These levers typically have an extra rubber strap that adds an extra layer of security and prevents the lever from snow and ice.

If you are looking for more storage capacity, you can also use saddlebags in conjunction with other LinQ mounted accessories. What’s more, many of these units are stackable, so you can even carry 3-4 units on your sled at the same time.

Here’s a great video on how the Ski-Doo LinQ system works:

Does the LinQ Work on Polaris Sleds?

Surprisingly, the LinQ system works on Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha sleds as well. What’s more, it can even be used on vintage sleds, regardless of the brand. However, keep in mind that the brackets must be mounted at a specified distance apart.

Because of this, some tunnels could be too narrow for the LinQ brackets to fit on them. If that’s the case with your sled, don’t worry, as you can first install a LinQ adapter on your tunnel to make it slightly wider.

Polaris LinQ adapters are available from aftermarket manufacturers such as Up North Technologies.

LinQ Brackets

What are LinQ Brackets?

LinQ brackets are a pair of cleats to which the accessories can be connected. These brackets form the base of the system and must be mounted on top of the tunnel. Ski-Doo LinQ brackets are also known as a Ski-Doo LinQ Base Kit or LinQ Cleats.

Most Ski-Doo snowmobiles offer space for two pairs of brackets, but with a special “triple-position LinQ adapter,” you can extend the system with an additional pair of brackets.

What’s more, LinQ brackets can be mounted on top of a sleigh as well.

Are you wondering how to install LinQ brackets on your sled? Keep reading!

How do You Install LinQ Brackets?

You have to install the LinQ brackets on the top of the tunnel. For your convenience, the 2013 and newer Ski-Doo sleds come from the factory with the holes pre-drilled. You have to mount the brackets on the tunnel with the screws included in the kit. The installation is pretty easy and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes!

If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial, here’s a great guide on how to install LinQ brackets:

Ski-Doo LinQ Accessory List

If you look at the official Ski-Doo website, the variety of LinQ accessories can be confusing. The most common ones are arguably tunnel bags, boxes, and fuel cans. But besides these, many lesser-known units also deserve a close look!

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the most popular ones under one roof:

Ski-Doo LinQ Bags

  • Ski-Doo LinQ Sport Bag (4.5 gal.)
  • LinQ Saddlebags (6.9 gal.)
  • Tunnel Backpack with LinQ Soft Strap (7.4 gal.)
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Tunnel Bag (5.5 gal.)
  • LinQ Adventure Tunnel Bag (10.6 gal.)
  • LinQ Cargo Box Bag (16.3 gal.)
  • LinQ Deep Snow Seat Bag (1.3 gal.)
  • LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag (Expandable 2 – 6 gal.)
  • Deep Snow Pro Bag Cover Lid
  • LinQ Trail Seat Bags (1 – 2.9 gal.)
  • LinQ Trail Pro Bag (expandable 2-6 gal.)
  • LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag (4.2 – 6.9 gal.)
  • LinQ Watertight Bag (10.6 gal.)
  • Trail Pro Bag Cover Lid
  • LinQ Retrofit Kit for Cargo Bag

Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Boxes

  • Ski-Doo LinQ Cargo Box (11 gal.)
  • LinQ Box (5 gal.)
  • LinQ Cargo Box (16.3 gal.)
  • LinQ Utility Cargo Box (36 gal.)
  • LinQ Adventure Cargo Box (24 gal.)
  • LinQ Modular Box (2.6 gal.)
  • LinQ Cargo Box Top Cover

LinQ Cargo Accessories

  • LinQ Rear Cargo Rack
  • LinQ Universal Rack
  • LinQ Tool Holder
  • LinQ Axe Holder
  • LinQ Ice Auger Holder
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Snowboard/Ski Rack
  • LinQ Snowboard/Ski Rack Reinforcement Kit
  • LinQ Cargo Base Retrofit Kit

LinQ Gas Cans and Oil Cans

  • Ski-Doo LinQ Gas Can (1 gal.)
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Gas Can (3 gal.)
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Gas Can (4 gal.)
  • LinQ Oil Can (1 gal.)

LinQ Passenger Seat Accessories

  • LinQ 1 + 1 Seat System
  • LinQ 1 + 1 Backrest Anchor Base Kit
  • LinQ 1 + 1 Seat Backrest
  • LinQ 1 + 1 Seat Heated Grips

Other LinQ Accessories

  • LinQ Cargo Base Kit
  • LinQ Fastener
  • Shims for LinQ Accessories
  • Multi LinQ Plate Retrofit Kit
  • LinQ Adaptor Plate
  • LinQ Lock – Pack of 1-2
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Snow Flap (removable)
  • LinQ Protective Decal Kit
  • LinQ Working Light
  • E-LinQ
  • 12-Volt Plug for LinQ Multi-Mount Plate
  • LinQ Cooler (4.2 gal.)
  • Ski-Doo LinQ Sleigh
  • LinQ Repair Kit
  • Rubber Latch Service Kit for LinQ Tunnel Accessories

These lists are for informational purposes only! For the latest Ski-Doo LinQ accessories, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

What is the E LinQ?

The Ski-Doo E LinQ merges a heated visor cord and a regular DESS cord into one. This special cord utilizes a magnetic connector that is compatible with OXIGEN helmets. But the Ski-Doo E LinQ also works with any regular 12 V heated visors.

The main advantage of this system is its simplicity, as when using the innovative E LinQ, you don’t have to deal with two separate cords anymore.

Drawbacks of the Ski-Doo LinQ

Although the LinQ is a revolutionary idea, surprisingly it has a few disadvantages as well.

Many riders say that the biggest drawback of the Ski-Doo LinQ system is its hefty price tags. Let’s face it, the prices of LinQ accessories start at about $100 and go up to a whopping $1,000!

For example, a 1-gallon LinQ fuel can costs no less than $135, while the prices of regular 1-gallon gas cans start about $10-$20.

Another concern could be a theft issue, as the base system doesn’t provide any security for your cargo. But don’t worry, because you can choose from OEM and aftermarket LinQ locks to secure your gear to the sled.

If you prefer riding in the trees, keep in mind that the necks of LinQ cans stick out on the side of the tunnel. It can be a problem in tight places as you can easily break the neck of the can if you bump into a tree.

Unfortunately, all LinQ cans have the same design with their necks on the sides. Because of this, some riders have switched back to regular cans after breaking the neck of some LinQ cans.

However, if you prefer riding in open spaces, this won’t be an issue for you.

Besides these minor drawbacks, the LinQ system is known for its durability, which has made it widely popular among riders!


Ski-Doo’s LinQ connection system is a stylish and easy way to attach cargo to your sled. The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories, from fuel cans to storage boxes and bags.

BRP introduced this innovative attachment system on its ATVs, which was expanded to their entire lineup of powersport vehicles.

If you are in the market for some LinQ accessories, keep in mind that you have to purchase a LinQ Base Kit. This kit contains a pair of mounting brackets that you have to install on top of your tunnel.

After this 5-min. installation, you can attach any LinQ accessory to your sled quickly and easily.

On top of that, these brackets can be installed on virtually any sled regardless of its brand and type. However, if your tunnel is too narrow or has a unique design, you may need a special adapter or spacer to attach the brackets to your sled.


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