Sea-Doo Spark Review: Are Sea Doo-Sparks any Good?

Are Sea-Doo Sparks any good? This is a typical question of many buyers. The answer is yes, Sea-Doo Sparks are very good jet skis, which is why this model is the bestselling Sea-Doo year-after-year! If you want to find out all about this amazing machine, you are in the right place!

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know into this Sea-Doo Spark review!

Sea-Doo Spark Review

In the past, vintage jet skis were small and nimble water toys. But over the years, their performance began to increase, as did the size of their hulls!

As a result of this process, jet skis started to look like smaller boats and were no longer as much fun. But Sea-Doo introduced the Spark in 2014, and this changed the game.

The new Spark amazed the market as it stood out from the crowd in every way.

It was small, agile, and offered a similar riding experience as 2-stroke vintage jet skis did. It may not be the cheapest Sea-Doo on the market, but it has by far the lowest maintenance costs.

Let’s drill into the details and take a closer look at these amazing jet skis!

Sea-Doo Spark Specs

What is the difference between 2up and 3up Sparks?

The difference between the 2up and 3up Sparks is the design of their seat and rear platform. The 2up models feature a shorter seat, which can accommodate two riders. The Sea-Doo 3up crafts come with a longer seat, so they can legally carry 3 passengers. Additionally, they have an extended rear platform for more comfort and stability.

What’s the difference between a Sea-Doo Spark and a TRIXX?

Simply put, the TRIXX is a basic Spark model equipped with three special additions. These are namely the VTS (variable trim system), adjustable handlebar, and footwell wedges. All of these features come in handy when you do tricks on the TRIXX!

How much are Sea-Doo Sparks?

The prices of Sea-Doo Sparks range from $5,500 up to $8,500 depending on the engine option and accessories you choose. The cheapest Sea-Doo Spark is the 2up, while the most expensive is the TRIXX 3up with the 90 HP power source.

Is a Sea-Doo Spark a 4-stroke?

Yes, every Sea-Doo Spark is a 4-stroke, as these jet skis are powered with the same 899cc, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder Rotax engine.

How much horsepower does a Sea-Doo Spark have?

Sea-Doo Sparks have 60 HP or 90 HP depending on the model. Although every Spark comes with the same engine, the performance of some models is electronically limited.

How much horsepower does a Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX have?

The Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX is available exclusively with the 90 HP engine option.

How fast does a Sea-Doo Spark go?

The top speed of the Sea-Doo Spark is about 42-50 mph. The entry-level Spark with the 60 HP engine offers a top speed of 42 mph, while the 90 HP Sparks can go as fast as 50 mph.

Regarding the Sea-Doo Spark’s acceleration, the 60 HP engine can do the 0-30 mph run in 3.6 seconds. In contrast, you can expect about 2.4 seconds on the 90 HP models.

Is the Sea-Doo Spark fast enough?

Contrary to popular belief, Sea-Doo Sparks are not slow at all! 50 mph is a high speed especially on the water. As you are completely exposed to the elements, the experience is vastly different from driving a car. Surprisingly, many beginners find 30-40 mph too fast! Consequently, the Sea-Doo Spark is fast enough for any beginner!

How can I make my Sea-Doo Spark go faster?

You can make a Sea-Doo Spark to faster by simply installing a map tuner. With this modification, you can expect 110 HP on your Spark! Besides the map tuner, you can choose from endless aftermarket performance parts like impellers, air intakes, intake grates, and so on.

How much does a Sea-Doo Spark weigh?

The weight of the Sea-Doo Spark 2up (2-seater) is as low as 410 pounds. This means that this is the lightest jet ski on the market! The 3-seater Sparks are slightly heavier, as they weigh 440 pounds. It’s good to know that these are just the dry weights of these machines. But with the necessary liquids and fuel the curb weight of Sea-Doo Sparks still stays in the 460-480-pound range.

How much weight can a Sea-Doo Spark hold?

Let’s move on to the capacities. The weight capacity of the Sea-Doo Spark 2up is 352 pounds, while the 3-seater Spark can hold 450 pounds.

How many gallons of gas does a Sea-Doo Spark hold?

Each Sea-Doo Spark holds 7.9 gallons of gas.

How far can a Sea-Doo Spark go on a tank of gas?

Considering that the Sea-Doo Spark gets about 20 MPG at full throttle, it results in a 160-mile fuel range and four hours of riding. With “reasonable” riding, you can play around on one tank of gas for the entire weekend!

What kind of gas does a Sea-Doo Spark take?

According to the owner’s manual, Sea-Doo Sparks take common unleaded gasoline with

an AKI (RON+MON)/2 octane rating of 87, or an (RON) octane rating of 91. Make sure to always use fresh gas, as stale fuel can cause many malfunctions!

Where do you put gas in a Sea-Doo Spark?

To put gas in a Spark you have to first remove its seat. This is because surprisingly the fuel cap can be found under the seat!

What kind of oil does a Sea-Doo Spark take?

The manufacturer recommends using XPS 4-STROKE SYNTH. BLEND OIL (P/N 293 600 121) or XPS 4-STROKE SYNTHETIC OIL (P/N 293 600 112) in every Sea-Doo Spark model. If this recommended oil is not available, you can still use 5W40 or 10W40 (API SERVICE SJ, SL, SM or SN) synthetic engine oils.

How much oil goes in a Sea-Doo Spark?

The total oil capacity of a Sea-Doo Spark is 3.6 quarts, but if you change the engine oil you will need about 2.1 quarts of fresh oil.

How do you drain water from a Sea-Doo Spark?

If you want to drain the bilge water from a Spark just remove the drain plug and tilt up the front of the trailer. You can find the drain plug on the right side of the jet nozzle. Just make sure you replace it after you’ve drained the water!

How many drain plugs does a Sea-Doo Spark have?

Unlike many other jet skis, Sea-Doo Sparks have only one drain plug.

Do Sea-Doo Sparks have reverse?

As a rule of thumb, Sea-Doo Spark models labeled with ‘iBR’ have a factory-installed reverse. What’s more, the iBR is not only the reverse on the Sparks but it’s the brake system of the jet ski as well. Moreover, the system also comes in handy if you have to maneuver the craft in tight places. Thus, the iBR does a really good job when it comes to docking or retrieving the craft from the trailer.

Can you add iBR to a Sea-Doo Spark?

Even if it’s possible to add iBR to a Spark, in most cases it would cost too much and be a hassle. Instead, it’s much easier to install manual reverse on Sparks. If you want an iBR, best practice is to purchase a Spark with a factory-installed iBR system.

Are Sea-Doo Sparks reliable?

This wouldn’t be a complete Sea-Doo Spark review without mentioning reliability.

It’s safe to say that Sea-Doo Sparks are the most reliable Sea-Doo models on the market! Thanks to their lower-performance engines and lack of features, they are less prone to breaking down.

Can a Sea-Doo Spark pull a tube?

Yes, every Sea-Doo Spark 3up can pull a tube without any issues.

Can you ski behind a Sea-Doo Spark?

Besides tubes, Sparks can also pull skiers and wakeboarders as well! But if you are an avid watersports fan, you should take a look at the bigger jet skis. This is because the Spark is pretty lightweight meaning you can easily pull its hull when you carve behind them.

Can you run a Sea-Doo Spark out of water?

Yes, you can run a Sea-Doo Spark out of the water if you attach a water hose to its flushing port. Also, always run the engine at idle speed and for no longer than 90 seconds. This is because the carbon ring on the driveshaft is without any cooling if you run the craft out of the water. If you exceed the recommended time frame, you risk damaging this key part!

Conclusion – Is the Sea-Doo Spark Worth Buying?

There is no question that the Sea-Doo Spark is a really good deal. It’s really worth buying especially for beginners.

It’s not only easy to handle and maintain, but it’s very affordable as well. Keep in mind that buying a supercharged performance jet ski over the Spark may cost up to several times as much in the long run!

That’s why Sea-Doo Sparks are so popular! They have a great cost/value ratio while offering playful rides.

You can expect a very similar riding experience as on 2-stroke vintage jet skis, but without dealing with the engine and carburetors.

If you are looking for a small and nimble “budget” jet ski, but don’t want to work on its engine all the time, a Sea-Doo Spark is for you!

This is our short Sea-Doo Spark review. We hope you like it!


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