Polaris Indy EVO Specs and Review [Video]

The Polaris Indy Evo is virtually the same as an Indy 550 but with different suspensions, skis, seat, handlebar, and a speed governor that restricts the top speed to 50 mph. This sled is considered to be the bridge between 200cc youth snowmobiles and full-sized models. If you are looking for a Polaris Indy EVO review, this post is for you.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all the specs and key info about this mid-sized snowmobile under one roof!

Polaris Indy EVO Review

For many years there was a large void between kid-sized snowmobiles and full-sized sleds. But to the great delight of many young riders, Polaris introduced the Indy EVO in 2018.

At first glance, this sled looks like any other 550 Indy model, but they are different in many ways. Although these models are built on the same platform, the EVO is narrower and lower than its ‘adult’ brothers.

Although the EVO’s seat imitates the seat of the Indy 550, it provides a lower seating position thanks to its unique design.

The PRO-RIDE® front suspension also lowers the sled and has a narrower ski stance of 39 inches. In contrast, the ski stance of the 550 models is 42.5 inches.

Although it handles well on trails, one major drawback of the Polaris Indy EVO is its limited front suspension travel. The RydeFX® MPV front shocks offer a moderate travel of 4.1 inches, which is three inches less than the 550 Indy has.

What’s more, it’s only .4 inches more than the 4.5-inch suspension travel of the tiny Yamaha SnoScoot.

The different suspension and seat design results in a lower center of gravity, which enhances stability and safety.

The steering column was also moved back to make the sled more comfortable for smaller riders. The handlebars are also flatter and narrower compared to other models.

For easier steering and a better grip, Polaris specifically designed a unique plastic ski for this model.

Besides the differences in measurements and features, the EVO is noticeably lighter as its dry weight is as little as 409 pounds.

Like other sleds in this family, the Indy EVO is powered by the proven fan-cooled, 544cc, 2-stroke twin that cranks out about 55 HP. This engine features two Mikuni VM34 carbs, an optional electric start, and a speed governor limiting the top speed to about 50 mph.

Besides the engine, the EVO and the 550 Indy share many of the same features like PowerBloc clutching, 15”x121”x.91” Camoplast Shockwave track, adjustable hand and thumb warmers, RMK Hydraulic brake, and a low-profile windshield.

Standard gauges include a mechanical fuel gauge, digital speedo, and tachometer, plus low oil light.

The EVO is offered in two different models, with red or blue color schemes. The latter comes with an electric start and is named EVO ES, while the basic red-colored Indy Evo can be exclusively ordered with a manual start.

When it comes to cost, it’s safe to say that the Polaris Indy EVO is the Sea-Doo Spark of snowmobiles. It’s not only too affordable but also easy and cheap to maintain! With a price tag of $5,999, this machine is a cost-effective option for novice sledders and families looking for a “teenage snowmobile” for their older children.

This sled offers an excellent opportunity to keep older children on the trail. Unfortunately, teenagers are prone to leaving the sport, even if they started riding on a smaller, kid-sized snowmobile.

Despite the efforts of many snowmobile-enthusiast parents, their older kids tend to prefer screens over sledding with the family. And this is only one of several reasons why snowmobiling has an uncertain future.

But the exciting EVO can offer new hope for these parents!

As a final word, don’t forget that this innovative sled is not intended exclusively for children. Instead, it’s a great sled for smaller adult riders as well. Because of this, the Indy EVO is considered an excellent “wife sled”!

Based on Snowmobile.com’s estimation, the design parameters could be about 150 pounds in weight and about 5’ 8” in height. Although this sled could even be ridden by a bigger sledder, it wouldn’t be a comfortable ride!

Polaris Indy EVO Specs Charts

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Polaris Indy EVO specs into these charts:

Polaris Indy EVO Engine Specs

Engine typeFan cooled/2-cycle
Engine stroke2
Cooling systemFan air
Bore2.87 in. 73 mm
Stroke5.56 in. 65 mm
Displacement (cc)544
Fuel SystemCarbureted
CarburetorMikuni VM34 x 2
Idle RPM1700 +/- 200
Rated operating RPM7000 +/- 200
Valve configurationReed valve
Drive/Driven ClutchCVTech PB50 / CVTech Invance
Drive Belt P/N3211154
Drive System TypeChaincase

Polaris Indy EVO Liquids

Chaincase oil capacity8.96 oz. (265 ml)
Oil capacity3.05 qrt. (2.89 l)
Fuel capacity10 gal. (37.85 l)
Recommended engine oilPolaris Blue 2-Cycle Semi-Synthetic Oil
Recommended Fuel OctaneMinimum 87 non-oxygenated

Polaris Indy EVO Dimensions

Length114 in. (289 cm)
Width44 in. (111.76 cm)
Height41 in. (104.14 cm)
Ski Center Distance39 in (99.1 cm)

Polaris Indy EVO Weight Chart

Dry Weight (Indy EVO)409 lbs. / 185.5 kg
Dry weight (Indy EVO ES)432 lbs. / 196 kg
Dry weight (Indy RMK EVO)444 lbs. / 201.4 kg

Polaris Indy EVO Track Features

Track typeCamoplast Shockwave
Track width15 in.
Track length121 in.
Lug height.91 in.
Suspension typeSlide rail suspension

Polaris Indy EVO Suspensions

Front shocksRydeFX® MPV
Front SuspensionPRO-RIDE®
Front Travel4.1 in (10.4 cm)
Rear SuspensionINDY®
Rear Track ShockRydeFX® MPV
Rear Travel9.1 in (23.1 cm)

Polaris Indy EVO Electric Features

IgnitionCDI Speed Limited
Spark plug typeNGK BR9ES
Spark plug gap.028 in (0.70 mm)
Ignition typeKokusan 16 Bit ER
Ignition timing15° BTDC @ 1600 RPM, 14° BTDC @ 6500
Alternator output280 watt
12V Outlet / RCAAccessory

Polaris Indy EVO Features and Accessories

ReverseElectric reverse (PERC)
Brake systemHayes Phantom Lite DOT 4
Seat TypeINDY® EVO
Seat capacity1
Color / GraphicsINDY® Red
Electric startOptional
Handlebar TypeStandard One Piece
Hand & Thumb WarmersStandard Adjustable
Rear Rack/Tow HitchAccessory
WindshieldPRO-RIDE® Low Black
Tether Switch Standard

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

How Fast Does a Polaris Indy EVO Go?

Thanks to the speed limiter, the Polaris Indy EVO can reach a top speed of 50 mph in stock condition. With the “performance package” installed, the sled tops out at about 70 mph!

How Much does a Polaris Indy EVO Weigh?

The dry weight of the basic Polaris Indy EVO is 409 pounds (185.5 kg), while the ES model with the electric start weights 432 pounds.

Does the Polaris Indy EVO Have Reverse?

Yes, the good news is that the Polaris Indy EVO comes with an electronic reverse system. To be more precise, the sled features the unique Polaris Electronic Reverse Control (PERC) that shut off the engine and restarts it in the opposite direction.

Although this system does a really good job, keep in mind that it’s sensitive to changes in elevation and may require some setting adjustments at higher altitudes. Also, the reverse doesn’t activate if the engine RPM is above 4000.

When the Indy EVO is in reverse, a little reverse (R) indicator flashes on the dashboard.

How Much is the Polaris Indy EVO?

The price of the Polaris Indy EVO starts at as low as $5,999.

Polaris Indy EVO for Sale

To the delight of teenage snowmobile enthusiasts, the Indy EVO is still available off the shelf. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new machine, the best practice is to visit the closest Polaris snowmobile dealership.

But if you’re considering buying a used one, you can find many Polaris Indy EVOs for sale on Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, Snowmobilesoup, Snowmobiletrader, and other official snowmobile ad sites.

Polaris Indy EVO Upgrade Kit

If you are looking for more performance, you may want to install a “performance kit” on the sled. This kit is often referred to as the “Polaris Indy EVO upgrade kit” and must be installed by an authorized Polaris dealer. The main advantage of this modification is that it eliminates the speed control, which increases the top speed up to a whopping 70 mph. The package also contains more advanced shocks, spindles, controls arms, tie rods, and more.

Therefore, installing the kit results in higher speeds and better overall handling. It’s an excellent opportunity for parents to increase the sled’s performance once their children become more experienced.

On the other hand, although the kit can raise the machine’s overall height from 41 to 48 inches, the handlebar and the seat still remain lower.

Are you wondering what benefits you can expect by installing the Polaris Indy EVO Upgrade Kit? We’ve listed the key benefits into one chart:

Polaris Indy Evo Performance Kit Chart

 Stock Indy EVOUpgrade Kit
Throttle5/8 ThrottleWide Open Throttle
Top Speed50 mph (Approx.70 mph (Approx.)
Overall Height41 in.48 in.
Ski Width (center-center)39 in.42.5 in.
Rear Suspension Travel9.1 in.13.9 in.
Front Suspension Travel4.1 in.7.1 in.

Takeaways – FAQs About the Polaris Indy EVO 550

What is the Polaris EVO?

The Polaris EVO is the smallest member of the famous Indy family. This mid-sized snowmobile is designed for teenagers and smaller adult riders.

What year did the Polaris Indy EVO come out?

The Polaris Indy EVO was introduced in 2018.

What size is the Polaris EVO?

The Polaris Indy EVO is 114 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 41 inches high, while its ski stance is only 39 inches. By installing the upgrade package, you can increase the height of the sled to 48 inches.

What is the track size of the Polaris Indy EVO?

The Polaris Indy EVO is propelled by a 15” x 121” x .91” Camso Shockwave track.

How much does a Polaris Indy EVO weigh?

The dry weight of the basic Polaris Indy EVO is 409 pounds  (185.5 kg), while the ES model with the electric start weighs 432 pounds (196 kg).

What kind of engine is in a Polaris Indy EVO?

The Polaris Indy EVO engine is a fan-cooled, 544cc, 2-stroke Fuji twin.

How much horsepower does a Polaris Indy EVO have?

The Polaris Indy EVO produces about 55 horsepower.

What CC is a Polaris Indy EVO?

The Polaris Indy EVO has a 544cc engine.

How fast does a Polaris Indy EVO go?

Due to the speed governor, the top speed of the stock Polaris Indy EVO is about 50 mph. The “Indy EVO upgrade kit” can eliminate the speed limiter and increase the available speed to 70 mph.

What kind of oil does the Polaris Indy EVO take?

The recommended engine oil for the Indy EVO is the Polaris Blue 2-Cycle Semi-Synthetic Oil.

What age is a Polaris Indy EVO snowmobile for?

Contrary to popular belief, the Polaris Indy EVO is not just for 12-16-year-olds. Instead, experts highly recommend this sled for smaller adult riders who don’t have the skills or strength to operate a full-sized sled with confidence.



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