Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Specs and Review [Video]

The Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is a popular youth snowmobile that made its debut in 2018. Like its twin sister, the Arctic Cat ZR200, this tiny Yamaha sled instantly became popular in the marketplace.

If you are looking for a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 review, you are in the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all the specs and key info about this sled under one roof!

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Review

The original Yamaha SnoScoot made its debut in 1988. This tiny youth sled was built on a unique chassis and powered by an 80cc single-cylinder engine.

To the delight of many parents, after three decades this amazing youth sled has made a comeback! The all-new SnoScoot has also instantly become popular in the marketplace, and with good reason.

Children outgrow the tiny 120 snowmobiles very quickly even though they are still not ready to ride a full-sized sled in most cases. Because of this, in the past younger riders could only switch over to smaller outdated vintage sleds.

Therefore, there was a significant market need for new youth snowmobiles. Yamaha grabbed the opportunity by introducing the SnoScoot 200 in 2018. It’s safe to say that this sled was specifically designed to fill the void between the entry-level 120 category and the world of full-sized sleds.

Due to a partnership between these manufacturers, Arctic Cat also released their ZR 200 youth sled. This model is almost entirely equivalent to the SnoScoot except for the exterior design and a few features.

These tiny sleds are among the smallest trail-legal snowmobiles available and meet all the emissions and safety regulations as well.

Compared to the tiny SRX 120, the SnoScoot has a bigger chassis as it is 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches high. The weight of this sled is only 207 pounds, which makes it a “go anywhere” machine, even if controlled by an adult.

Therefore, the SnoScoot looks like a real snowmobile rather than a fun toy for the backyard.

Regarding design, buyers can choose from the traditional “Team Yamaha Blue/Red” or “Jet Orange/Jet Stream Blue” color schemes.

Under the hood, you can find an air-cooled, 192cc, 4-stroke singe that cranks out about 9 HP at 5,400 RPM. This power source features a single Mikuni BS25 carb, CDI ignition, and an integrated compression relief.

Keeping safety in mind, the sled comes with a tether cord and the innovative TORS system as standard. Also, the engine is equipped with a speed governor with which parents can restrict the top speed based on the skills of their kids.

Thanks to this power source, the SnoScoot can reach a remarkable top speed of 30 mph.

One of the key features of this sled is its unique drive train. Unlike its predecessor, the new SnoScoot is already equipped with a traditional CVT clutch and jackshaft. But instead of the regular sprockets and chain, the power is delivered by an enclosed belt.

This advanced technology utilizes lightweight and maintenance-free parts while still providing the required gearing for the sled.

The SnoScoot also comes with the advanced double A-arm suspension that delivers 4.5 inches of travel, while the slide-rail rear suspension offers travel of 8.5 inches.

Standard features include the sporty low-profile windshield, padded handlebar, hydraulic disk brake, and electric start. The high-output magneto provides 96W at 3000 RPM to feed the hand warmers, the LED taillight, and the halogen headlight.

The machine is propelled by a 10” x 93” x 1” Camso Cobra track for the best traction and control, which ensures sufficient floatation even in deep snow. The front skis are made of composite plastic, and the ski stance is 30.5 inches.

The OSM crew tested the SnoScoot in deep snow conditions and at high elevations, and they were delighted with its performance! Of course, due to its moderate engine power, this sled is not intended for tricks, jumps, or high-speed adrenaline rushes.

Instead, it’s a reliable and durable youth sled that offers a ton of fun for children.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the all-new Yamaha SnoScoot instantly became popular and received many awards, including Snow Goer’s “Snowmobile Of The Year” in 2018.

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Specs Charts

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 specs into these charts:

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Engine Specs

Engine typeForced air cooled/4-cycle
Cylinder arrangement1-cylinder
Engine stroke4
Cooling systemForced air
Bore2.76 in (70 mm)
Stroke1.97 in (50 mm)
Displacement (cc)192
Horsepower9 HP
CarburetorMikuni BS25-157 (Butterfly Slide 25)
LubricationForced splash
Starting systemPull start
Valve arrangementOverhead

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Liquids

Fuel tank capacity2.2 U.S. gal. (8.3 L)
Crankcase oil capacity20.3 fl oz (600 ml)
Gasoline (Recommended)87 Minimum octane regular unleaded
Engine oil (Recommended)Synthetic 0W-40

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Dimensions

Length84 in. (213.3 cm)
Width36 in (91.4 cm)
Height36 in. (91.4 cm)
Ski stance30.5 in (77.5 cm)

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Weight Chart

Dry Weight207 lbs (93.9 kg)

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Track Dimensions

Track styleCamso Cobra
Track width10 in. (25.4 cm)
Track length93 in. (236.2 cm)
Lugh height1 in.
Track tension (Range)2 in. (50 mm)
Suspension typeSlide rail suspension

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Electric Features

Spark plug typeNGK BPR4ES
Spark plug gap0.028-0.031 in. (0.7-0.8 mm)
Ignition systemCDI
Ignition timing (Fixed)28° BTDC @ 3600 RPM
Lighting coil output96W @ 3000 RPM
Taillight (LED) (p/n)8ML-H4710-00
Headlight bulb (p/n)8ML-H4314-00
Battery100 Amps (cold)

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 Features

Drive clutchYamaha 5.25 in. (RPM sensing)
Starting systemElectric start/Manual recoil
Brake typeHydraulic Disc Brake
Vibration – Hand/Arm< 3.8 m/s2
Vibration – Seat< 0.5 m/s2
Padded Handle BarStandard
Low windshieldStandard
Adjustable Front Shocks Standard
Long Steering post with RiserStandard
TORS Throttle OverrideStandard
Hand WarmersStandard
Electronic GovernorStandard

Source: Yamaha Owner’s Manuals. These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

How Fast Does a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 go?

As reported by SuperTraxMag, the top speed of the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is about 30 mph under ideal conditions.

How Much is a Yamaha SnoScoot 200?

The price of the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 starts at $4,499.

Yamaha SnoScoot 200 for Sale

To the greatest delight of small sledders, the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is available off the shelf. Therefore, if you are looking for a new one, you should visit an authorized Yamaha dealership.

If you’re considering buying a used model, you can find many Yamaha SnoScoot 200s for sale on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, Snowmobilesoup, Snowmobiletrader, Sledswap, and other official snowmobile ad sites.

Also, you may want to visit some Yamaha snowmobile forums and FB groups!

Takeaways – FAQs About the Yamaha SnoScoot 200

What is a Yamaha SnoScoot?

The Yamaha SnoScoot is a trail-legal youth snowmobile designed for children and small adult riders.

What year did the Yamaha SnoScoot come out?

The original Yamaha SnoScoot came out in 1988, and the model was re-introduced in 2018.

What size is the Yamaha SnoScoot 200?

The Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches high, but its ski stance is only 30.5 inches.

What is the track size of the Yamaha SnoScoot 200?

The track size of the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is 10” x 93” x 1”.

How much does a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 weigh?

The dry weight of the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is 207 pounds.

What kind of engine is in a Yamaha SnoScoot 200?

The Yamaha SnoScoot 200 engine is an air-cooled, 192cc, 4-stroke single.

What CC is a Yamaha SnoScoot 200?

As the name suggests, the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 is powered by a 192cc engine.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 have?

The engine in the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 produces about 9 HP at 5,400 RPM

How fast does a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 go?

A stock Yamaha SnoScoot 200 can reach a top speed of 30 mph.

What kind of oil does the Yamaha SnoScoot 200 take?

The manufacturer recommends synthetic 0W-40 oil for the Yamaha SnoScoot 200.

What age is a Yamaha SnoScoot 200 snowmobile for?

Although there is no age limit for the Yamaha SnoScoot 200, according to Snowmobile.com, this sled offers a comfortable ride for people weighing less than 175 pounds and measuring less than 66 inches in height.






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