What is a 120 Snowmobile? [120 Snowmobile Comparison Chart]

120 snowmobiles are tiny machines designed for 6-10-year-old children. They feature a small chassis, 120cc 4-stroke engine, and a 10” x 67” (or 69”) track. The most popular 120 snowmobile models are as follows:

If you want to find out more about these cute sleds, you are in the right place. We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What is a 120 Snowmobile?

The 120 snowmobile class has been around for decades.

Many say that the predecessor of these sleds was the iconic Arctic Cat Kitty Cat, as this model was halfway between vintage kid snowmobiles and modern 120 sleds.

The first 120 snowmobiles hit the market in 1992 when Yamaha revealed the SRX 120. It was followed by the widely popular Ski-Doo Mini Z in 1996.

In 2000, two new mini sleds were introduced to the marketplace, the Polaris 120 XCR and the Arctic Cat Z 120.

While the Polaris was a brand new model, the Z 120 was equivalent to the SRX 120 due to cooperation between the manufacturers.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and compare these models head-to-head!

120 Snowmobile Specifications

120 Snowmobile Comparison Chart

For your convenience, we’ve gathered the specifications of the four popular 120 snowmobiles into one chart:

SpecsArctic Cat ZR 120Yamaha SRX 120RPolaris Indy 120Ski-Doo Mini Z (model: 2003-2008)
Length (“)73737573.2
Width (“)36363431
Height (“)34343129.5
Ski stance (“)30.530.53027
Fuel tank capacity (gal.)0.450.450.50.5
Crankcase oil capacity (oz)20.320.32020.3
Dry Weight (lbs.)167165147.5154
Engine typeForced air cooled/4-cycleForced air cooled/4-cycleForced air cooled/4-cycleForced air cooled/4-cycle
Cylinder arrangement1-cylinder1-cylinder1-cylinder1-cylinder
Engine stroke4444
Cooling systemForced airForced airForced airForced air
Bore x Stroke (“)2.2 x 1.972.2 x 1.972.36 x 1.692.4 x 1.7
Displacement (cc)123123121118
CarburetorMikuni BV18Mikuni BV18Mikuni BV18Horizontal type, butterfly valve
Starting systemPull startPull startPull startPull start
Track styleCamso CobraCamso CobraTri StarNA
Track dimensions (“)10 x 67 x .6910 x 67 x .6910 x 69 x .7910 x 68.9 x .63

What Size is a 120 Snowmobile?

Based on our research, the average 120 snowmobile is about 73-75 inches long, 31-36 inches wide, and 30-34 inches high, while its ski stance is about 27-31 inches.

Therefore, it’s significantly smaller than a full-sized sled, which is typically 110-130 inches long and 44-50 inches wide.

How Much Does a 120 Snowmobile Weigh?

The 120 sled is not only surprisingly small, but it’s pretty lightweight as well, as it only weighs about 154-167 pounds. The lightest 120 snowmobile was the Ski-Doo Mini Z, with a dry weight of 154 pounds. Since these sleds hold only 20 ounces of oil and .5 gallon of fuel, the liquids don’t significantly increase their weight.

What Kind of Engine is in a 120 Snowmobile?

All 120 snowmobiles are powered by an air-cooled 120cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. These power sources typically feature a single Mikuni carburetor, a manual start, a tether cord, and a speed governor.

How Fast does a 120 Snowmobile Go?

Thanks to this speed governor, the top speed of a 120 snowmobile is a limited 8 mph, but with a bypassed speed governor it can top out as about 13 – 15 mph. If you are looking for more speed, a 120 snowmobile can even reach 20-25 mph with some performance modifications. What’s more, with an engine upgrade, this tiny sled could hit an incredible 40 mph.

However, keep in mind that these modifications are only intended for closed-course competition use.

120 Snowmobile Track

120 snowmobiles are propelled with smaller tracks, which are usually 10 inches wide and 67-69 inches long. The lug height of these tracks varies between .63 and .79 inches.

What Age is a 120 Snowmobile for?

Each manufacturer, without exception, recommends its 120 snowmobiles for responsible children ranging in age from 6 to 10 years. In addition to the age limit, certain manufacturers recommend that you don’t allow children to ride these machines if they are above a specific weight. As an example, the weight capacity for the Ski-Doo Mini Z is 100 pounds.

Also, manufacturers strongly recommend never allowing your children to ride these sleds if they don’t have the judgment, skills, and strength required to operate the machine.

Kids must also be under adult supervision at all times while riding the sled.

When is a 120 Snowmobile too Small?

To the greatest regret of many kids (and their parents), they outgrow these tiny sleds very quickly. It’s hard to tell exactly when a 120 snowmobile becomes too small for a child since no two of them are the same. The general rule is that a 120 snowmobile typically fits 6-8-year-olds, but there are always exceptions. Kids who are tall for their age may find a 120 sled already too small by the age of 7. 

Many parents say that it is as simple as the fact that children have outgrown the sled if it’s become boring for them.

If this happens, it’s probably time to upgrade for a 200cc sled!

120 Snowmobile Modifications

120 Snowmobile Performance Parts

How do you make a 120 snowmobile go faster? This is a typical question of many parents once their children started getting bored on these entry-level sleds.

The easiest way to make a 120 snowmobile faster by simply placing a zip tie on the spring of the speed governor. However, according to MidWestMini, this is not the best idea! Why?

First, this speed governor is a safety feature that is installed on the sled for a good reason.

Besides, these sled’s chain and gearing are designed for lower engine speed, as the speed governor is intended to restrict the engine to about 3,000 RPM.

Therefore, running the engine at a higher speed may end in severe damage.

So if you want to increase the top speed of a 120 snowmobile safely, the best practice is to install a performance kit on the sled. These kits typically include a more durable drive chain and sprockets. (Keep in mind that these mods are recommended only for racing applications.)

120 Snowmobile Wheel Kits

Besides performance modifications, another common upgrade on 120 sleds are the “summer wheel kits.”

Installing wheels on a sled seems like a strange idea, but these little wheels can extend the season to the whole year!

But don’t forget that the lack of snow leaves the track and the hyfax without any lubrication. Because of this, the best practice is to install some extra idler wheels on the skid to reduce friction and avoid track damage.

Mini 120 Snowmobiles for Sale

To the delight of the smallest snowmobile enthusiasts, these tiny snowmobiles are still available off-the-shelf.

Currently, three manufacturers offer sleds in this category, namely Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and Polaris.

Besides the showrooms, you should take a look at the used market as well. Since kids outgrow these machines very quickly, most used ones are in perfect condition.

If you’re looking for a used one, you can find many mini 120 snowmobiles for sale on Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, Snowmobilesoup, Snowmobiletrader, Sledswap, and other official snowmobile ad sites.

Also, you may want to visit some Yamaha snowmobile forums and Facebook groups!

How Much is a 120 Snowmobile?

New mini 120 snowmobiles cost about $3,000 while the prices of used models start about $1,000 and go up to $3,000. Asking prices strongly depend on the sleds’ model year, condition, and modifications.


Mini 120 snowmobiles have been around for decades. These cute little sleds are only 73-75 inches long and weigh about 154-167 pounds. They are powered by a forced-air cooled 120cc, 4-stroke single engine that propels a 10” x 67-69” track.

Manufacturers recommend these sleds for responsible 6-10-year-olds who want to try the world of sledding.

The most well-known 120 snowmobiles are the Arctic Cat ZR 120, Yamaha SRX 120R, Polaris 120 Indy, and the Ski-Doo Mini Z. (The latter has been out of production since 2008.)


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