Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Specs and Review [Video]

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat is a cute vintage kid snowmobile that was marketed from 1972 through 2000. It’s safe to say that this sled was the predecessor of the entire 120 snowmobile class. After nearly three decades of production, this little Cat was replaced by the 4-stroke ZR 120 for the 2000 model year.

If you are looking for an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat review, you are in the right place. We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know about this iconic snowmobile into this post!

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Review

The history of these tiny Arctic Cat snowmobiles started in 1971 when the manufacturer introduced the cute Kitty Cat to the public.

Although youth-sized sleds weren’t a novelty in the early ‘70s, this little Cat got a lot of attention as it was designed for young, 5-10-year-old riders. Therefore, this model is often considered the predecessor of the 120-class of snowmobiles.

According to SnowGoer, the production of Kitty Cats started in a former lawnmower facility in Omaha, Nebraska. Arctic Cat offered this machine for about $270 plus shipping and put a lot of effort into promoting this new model.

Therefore, the machine appeared in most snowmobile events as well as in snowmobile magazines.

The early ‘71 prototypes featured a 2-stroke Clinton engine and a race-inspired hood with a fake chrome grille and all-new triangular decals.

In contrast, the production 1972 Kitty Cats had many significant changes. Like the bigger models in the lineup, this mini sled also got a 2-stroke Kawasaki power source.

This tiny engine was a radial-fan cooled, 60cc, 2-stroke, the single-cylinder unit that produced 2.85 HP at 7,000 RPM. The engine was also equipped with a special “speed governor” intended to limit the machine’s top speed to 8 or 12 mph, depending on the setting.

Due to its moderate performance, the Kitty Cat was considered to be a “toy sled” for the garden rather than a real trail snowmobile.

Besides its engine, the chassis was also redesigned with a new hood hinge and a different bulkhead. The choke was also placed under the hood to make it more difficult for children to reach.

The sled featured more advanced steering and skis, a shut-off switch, an integrated lift handle, front and rear bumpers, and lights.

Regarding design, the body received a gray belly pan, and the chrome grille was replaced with a black one, while the hood got a set of side louvers.

Besides the base black color scheme, Arctic Cat offered the Kitty Cat with different hood designs (yellow and red) to make it more attractive to parents who ride other types of sleds.

Although the Kitty Cat had been in production from 1971 until 2000, its design and key features remained unchanged throughout its lifetime.

It’s safe to say that this iconic machine had a bigger fan base and a longer life than any other kid-sized snowmobile ever built.  But to the regret of fans, by 2000 the aged Kitty Cat was dropped to make room for the more advanced Arctic Cat ZR 120.

Despite this, you can still see many Kitty Cats in vintage shows and on the snow as well!

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Specs Charts

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 1972 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat specifications into these charts:

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Engine Specs

MakeArctic Cat (Kawasaki)
Engine typeForced air cooled/2-cycle
Cylinder arrangement1-cylinder
Engine stroke2
Cooling systemForced air
Bore1.65 in. (42 mm)
Stroke1.73 in. (44 mm)
Displacement60cc (3.66
Starting systemPull start
Fuel mixture ratio25:1

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Dimensions

Length (“)56
Width (“)23
Height (“)22
Fuel tank capacity (qrt.)2

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Track Dimensions

Track width10 in.
Track length54.3 in.
Track length on ground14 in.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Electric Features

Spark plug typeNGK B-6H
Spark plug gap.020 in.
Ignition timing25° BTDC (0.015 in.)

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

How Fast Does an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat go?

The top speed of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat is a limited 8 or 12 mph, depending on the settings of the speed governor. Bypassing this governor can slightly increase the sled’s performance, but it makes no significant difference.

How Much Does an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Weigh?

The weight of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat is about 100 pounds, and the weight capacity of the sled is also 100 pounds.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Deep Snow Kit

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Kitty Cat was that it was hard to ride in deep snow. But the good news is that special kits are still available to raise the machine for less drag. If you are looking for this kit, google “Arctic Cat Kitty Cat deep snow kit,” and you will find plenty of results.

This kit includes track mounting plates, spindle extensions, and the necessary mounting hardware.

Installing the kit raises the sled by about 4 inches and makes the ski stance wider, making the sled more stable.

Thanks to this modification, this little Cat is less likely to get stuck in deep snow, resulting in more fun for children and less hassle for their parents.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Wheel Kit

Besides the lifting kit, another popular Kitty Cat accessory is the summer wheel kit. Installing wheels on this sled is an excellent idea as this mod can turn the machine into a year-round runner. This wheel kit includes a set of wheels that must be mounted on the skis and a special air filter for summer use.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat for Sale

Although the model was discontinued in 2000, it is still a popular choice among collectors and vintage sled enthusiasts.

If you’re considering buying one, you can find a vintage Arctic Cat Kitty Cat for sale on Craigslist, eBay, Snowmobilesoup, Snowmobiletrader, and other dedicated snowmobile ad sites.

Also, you may want to visit some Arctic Cat snowmobile forums and Facebook groups!

Takeaways – FAQs About the Vintage Arctic Cat Kitty Cat

Does Arctic Cat still make the Kitty Cat?

No, unfortunately, the Kitty Cat has not been manufactured since 2000. Instead, Arctic Cat offers the more advanced ZR 120 mini sled.

What year did the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat come out?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat was introduced in 1971 and marketed from the 1972 model year.

What years did Arctic Cat make the Kitty Cat?

Arctic Cat manufactured the Kitty Cat from 1971 through 2000.

What size was an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat was 56 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 22 inches high.

What was the track size of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat?

The stock track size of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat was 10” x 54.3” with a 14” footprint.

How much did an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat weigh?

The weight of the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat was as low as 100 pounds.

What kind of engine was in an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat engine was an air-cooled, 60cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder Kawasaki power source.

How many cc was an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat featured a 60cc engine.

How much horsepower did an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat have?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat produced only 2.85 HP.

How fast did an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Go?

The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat could reach a top speed of 8 mph or 12 mph depending on the settings of the speed governor.

How much is a 1972 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat worth?

Prices of the 1972 Arctic Cat Kitty Cats start as low as $200 and go up to a whopping $1000+. The asking price strongly depends on the condition and the modifications of the sled.

What age is an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat snowmobile recommended for?

Arctic Cat marketed the Kitty Cat for children who range in age from 5-10 years old.

When did Arctic Cat stop making the Kitty Cat?

Arctic Cat stopped production of the Kitty Cat in 2000.


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