Jet Ski Prices – How Much Does the Average Jet Ski Cost?

Simply put, the average price of a jet ski is about $12,000. The cheapest jet ski starts at $6,000, while the most expensive models can range from $18,000-$19,000! What’s more, jet skis not only come with hefty price tags, they are also pretty expensive to maintain.

If you want to compare jet ski prices by category, you are in the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have done the research and compiled the average jet ski prices under one roof!

How Much Does the Average Jet Ski Cost?

Without further ado, let’s see how much jet skis cost in each category!

Which Jet Ski is the Cheapest?

The cheapest jet skis on the market are arguably the Rec-Lite models. These tiny vessels come with 900-1,000cc engines, which put out 60-110 HP. You can expect to pay around $6,000-$10,000 for one of these models.

The main advantages of these little jet skis are their low purchase price and maintenance costs. Additionally, thanks to their lightweight hulls, you can easily tow them with a car.


Let’s face it, they lack seating and storage capacity. Even if most of them can legally carry 3 people, they typically carry only 2 adults comfortably. Moreover, they are also quite tipsy with passengers.

This means that if you want to regularly ride with others, you should consider a craft with a bigger hull.

Prices of Average Jet Skis

Recreation models are considered to be “average jet skis.” You can find these models in the majority of jet ski rental shops. They come with 100-180 HP engines and convenient seats for 3 people. Regarding their price, Recreation jet skis cost around $9,000-$12,000.

These stable and predictable jet skis offer plenty of space for passengers and gear. This is why they are highly recommended for beginners and families as well!

Prices of Stand Up Jet Skis

How much is a stand up jet ski? Depending on the make and model the price ranges from $10,000 up to $17,000. Surprisingly, you can still find 2-stroke models in this class!

You ride these jet skis in a standing position, which requires some practice and a lot of athletic skill!

Prices of Performance Jet Skis

The most powerful jet skis are the “Performance” models, as they offer a 180-310 HP and an amazing top speed of 67 mph. As you might guess, these jet skis come with pretty hefty price tags! In general, performance jet skis cost no less than $13,000-$19,000.

How Much is a Jet Ski in the Luxury Category?

As their name implies, Luxury models are the most expensive jet skis on the market. They feature many bells and whistles to make your rides more comfortable. They are also powered with the same engines as performance crafts have, which means you can expect many thrilling adrenaline rushes! If you are considering buying a Luxury jet ski, be prepared to pay around $14,000-$19,000.

Also, keep in mind that beyond the high initial costs, Luxury and Performance jet skis come with the highest maintenance costs as well.

Many of them are powered with supercharged engines, which not only burn a lot of gas but require more care and attention compared to their non-supercharged counterparts.

Jet Ski Prices by Category

For a better comparison, we’ve gathered these numbers into this general jet ski price chart:

Jet Ski CategoryPrices (USD)
Stand Up$10,000-$17,000

How Much Does a pair of Jet Skis Cost?

A pair of jet skis cost around $12,000-$38,000. This price still does not include the trailer and the required accessories, taxes, and registration fees. Taking everything into account the price of a pair jet skis can cost you around $15,000-$40,000+!

How Much is a Used Jet Ski?

As a rule of thumb, used jet skis cost significantly less compared to new models, and for the right reason. After a couple of years, jet skis tend to become unreliable, therefore their asking price drops dramatically. In the first year, the depreciation on a jet ski is typically around 20-30% depending on the model. This means used jet skis cost $1,000-$5,000 less than their original price after the first year.

However, it’s safe to say that the depreciation on a jet ski strongly depends its performance and features.

In general, Rec-Lite jet skis retain a lot of value, while the Performance and Luxury models depreciate dramatically. Just like many other vehicles, jet skis lose most of their value in the first year, while you will see slower depreciation in the following years.

Are Jet Skis Worth the Money?

As there are more than 1 million registered jet skis in the U.S. it seems the answer is yes, jet skis are worth the money! If you like riding at high speeds and prefer hanging around the shore during the summer, jet skis are definitely for you!

But don’t forget that beyond the hours of fun, jet skis come with substantial maintenance costs as well. What’s more, they require continuous attention and care, like the pre-ride check, after ride-care, yearly maintenance, winterizing, and so on.

Conclusion – How Much is a Jet Ski?

As you already know, the price range of jet skis goes from $6,000 up to a whopping $19,000. Yes, they are very expensive! If you are looking for an “average” jet ski, be prepared to see prices around $10,000-$12,000.

You can find the cheapest jet skis in the Rec-Lite category, while Performance and Luxury models are typically the most expensive crafts on the market.

This is our short jet ski price overview. We hope you find it useful!


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