How Fast do Jet Skis Go? [Jet Ski Top Speed Chart]

Jet skis can go as fast as 42-67 mph depending on the make and model. The slowest jet skis are the Rec-Lite models with a top speed of 42-50 mph, while the fastest jet skis can all reach 67 mph. These are the top speeds of stock jet skis with no modifications. In contrast, the world’s fastest jet ski can reach an amazing 127 mph!

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How Fast do Jet Skis Go?

Which Jet Ski is the Slowest?

The slowest jet skis are arguably the Rec-Lite models, which are considered to be the most entry-level jet skis on the market. They are powered with 60-110 HP 4-stroke engines and can carry 2-3 passengers. (However, they are comfortable for only 2 adult riders.) The top speed of these slowest jet skis is 42-50 mph, which is pretty fast on the water!

How Fast Are Jet Skis in the Recreation Category

The top speed of Recreation Jet Skis top is in the 50-55 mph range. These models are perfect family jet skis, as they offer much more space and comfort compared to Rec-Lite crafts. Powered by 125-170 HP engines, these jet skis can carry 3 adult passengers without any issues. Moreover, they can pull a wakeboarder with ease!

Top Speed of Luxury and Performance Jet Skis

The Luxury and Performance jet skis are the flagship models in each manufacturer’s fleet. They come with 160-310 HP engines, many of which are supercharged. With these power plants, all these jet skis can go as fast as 60-67 mph. It’s good to know that the performance of these jet skis is electronically limited due to an agreement between jet ski manufacturers and the U.S. Coast Guard.

How Fast are Stand Up Jet Skis?

Even if these crafts are not designed for the fastest speeds, stand-up jet skis can go as fast as 45-60 mph. As their name implies, you can ride these jet skis in standing (or kneeing) position. They can’t carry passengers or any gear as they don’t have a seat or a storage compartment.

Jet Ski Top Speed Chart

For your convenience, we’ve summarized the average top speeds of jet skis by category into one chart.

Jet Ski Category Top Speed (mph)
Rec-Lite 42-50
Stand-Up 45-60
Recreation 50-55
Luxury 60-67
Performance 60-67

Related Questions

How fast does the average jet ski go?

It’s safe to say that the top speed of the average jet ski is about 50-55 mph. You can typically find these models in the Recreation category.

Is 45 mph fast for a jet ski?

Yes! Contrary to popular belief 45 mph is pretty fast for a jet ski. This is because the feeling on a jet ski is totally different compared to a car! There is no windscreen or any protection, thus you are completely exposed to the elements. Moreover, you sit much closer to the water than if you’re sitting in a boat. All of these dramatically increase the feeling of speed!

How fast does a 90 HP jet ski go?

90 HP jet skis can go around 40-50 mph. If you are looking for a brand new 90 HP jet ski, your options are the Sea-Doo Spark 90 HP models with a top speed of 50 mph. Another 90 HP Sea-Doo in the fleet is the GTI 90, which can reach a top speed of 42 mph.

How fast does a 300 HP jet ski go?

300 HP jet skis can go as fast as 67 mph under ideal conditions. The engines of these powerful models are boosted with a supercharger, which means a higher top speed and amazing acceleration. On the other hand, this leads to higher maintenance costs and less reliability.

How fast does a 1500cc jet ski go?

1500cc jet skis can go as fast as 55-67 mph depending on the make and model. Supercharged 1500cc jet skis can reach 67 mph, while with non-supercharged models you can expect to get around 55-60 mph.

Can a jet ski go 80 mph?

Yes, a jet ski can go 80 mph, but to reach this speed they need some modifications. These usually include overriding the speed limiter and installing aftermarket performance parts. (For racers only!)

Can a jet ski go 200 mph?

No, jet skis cannot go as fast as 200 mph. But face it, this would be too high a speed on such a small vessel. The registered top speed of the world’s fastest jet ski is 127 mph.

Conclusion – What is the Max Speed of a Jet Ski?

The max speed of a jet ski is 42-67 mph in stock condition. Even the slowest jet skis can reach 42-50 mph, while flagship models can hit an amazing 67 mph. When it comes to the average speed of a jet ski, it’s safe to say that it is somewhere around 50-55 mph.

However, keep in mind that the highest available speed on a jet ski may vary from one ride to the next. Why?

This is because it depends on many factors such as water conditions, wind, temperature, curb weight of the jet ski, and so on.

As all of these can change from ride-to-ride, you can expect slightly different top speeds as well.

Also, keep in mind that jet ski speedometers are prone to displaying higher numbers to satisfy performance-minded buyers. That’s why many owners simply call these units “dream-o-meters.”

Consequently, if you want to correctly measure the top speed of a jet ski, there is no other way than to use a GPS unit.

This is our short compilation of the average jet ski speeds. We hope you find it useful!

If you want to learn more about the different brands, don’t miss our posts on the WaveRunner as well as Sea-Doo’s top speed numbers!


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