The Best Jet Ski Tricks on Sit-Down Jet Skis!

A jet ski can be a lot of fun. After all, you spend time out on the water with family and friends, doing jumps and other kinds of tricks. However, sit-down jet skis do not offer a lot in the way of tricks as stand-up jet skis. That doesn’t mean, though, you can’t have fun and do some tricks. You can still do high jumps, backflips and spins!

The Best Sit-Down Jet Ski Tricks

Accelerations and Sharp Turns

Jet skis were created to offer fast acceleration and high speeds, which translates to fun on the water. Jet skis are especially aggressive on acceleration, especially so on the supercharged models. While sharp turns and high speeds don’t come across as amazing tricks, every rider – even novice riders – can do them.

Wave Jumping

Wave jumping can be a lot of fun and is one of the most common tricks people do on sit-down jet skis. Any size sit-down jet ski can do wave jumping and are seen as stable on massive waves. It’s important to note that huge jumps are risky, leading to damage to your jet ski and injury you and/or other people.


This is an easy-to-do jet ski trick, even on larger models. All you do is spin your jet ski in one place. Be mindful that doing this for some time can cause the jet ski to capsize.

Jet Ski Surfing

Jet ski surfing is one of the most common tricks that all riders do. It’s a thrill for a rider to surf the waves using their jet ski. Although this trick is seen more on stand-up jet ski models, sit-down jet ski owners can also enjoy the trick. Again, surfing on the bigger waves can be dangerous and should only be done by the more experienced riders.


How can a jet ski do wheelies if it has no wheels? On some models, such as the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx, riders can raise the nose up high, giving them the experience motorcycle riders get when doing a wheelie.   

Most people don’t know that vintage jet skis are better designed to do wheelies!

180 Spin

Smaller jet skis are better able to do the 180 Spin trick because of their agility. This is an easy trick for any rider to do, including newbies.

360 Spin

This is no trick a novice jet ski rider needs to try. It takes a lot of practice, and a rider should have a good idea of what their machine can do. It’s also advised to use a lightweight, two-stroke jet ski as other models may be too bulky and heavy.


Some jet ski owners wonder if a backflip is possible on a sit-down jet ski. Actually, there have been cases of it. Check out the link to see other riders do backflips on their machines.


This is a dangerous trick, but many highly-experienced jet ski riders will attempt it. Unless you have done your research on the move, this trick should never be done.

Other Stunts

You can do other stunts, but there are extremely dangerous and lead to higher chances of injuries. Among these students include riding backward on the jet ski.

It’s important to know as much as you can about your jet ski before attempting any of the above tricks. This will help to lower the chances of a major accident.

A Brief Debate On Sit-Down Jet Ski vs. Stand-Up Jet Ski

Experienced jet skiers will agree that doing tricks is best on a stand-up jet ski, but many of them are so dedicated to stand-up jet skis that it would be safe to assume that they are biased. Take what they say with a grain of salt in many cases.

It’s true that stand-up jet skis are designed mostly for tricks, but that doesn’t mean sit-down jet skis can’t do them. They do have some limitations, so they’re not always superior to sit-down models.

Many of today’s sit-down jet skis, especially the 3-seater models, are regarded as couches because of their ornately large size, lack of agility and convenient seats. Still, doing tricks on them is possible, but you need to choose a model that allows for that ability.

How to Choose a Sit-Down Jet Ski for Tricks

If your goal is to do tricks on a sit-down jet ski, you need to choose a lightweight, smaller hull model. This provides you with ample opportunities for fun. The unfortunate reality is that jet ski manufacturers have opted to design bigger models, making many of them come across as boats.

If you want a sit-down jet ski that can do tricks, you should check out the Rec-Lite category, which offers the most agile models on the market.

You can also search for the vintage two-stroke jet ski. Their small dimensions make the model lightweight and flexible. Maintenance of these models may be difficult, which is something you should bear in mind.

People tend to choose sit-down jet skis because they can ride with passengers, enjoy jet ski fishing, or ride longer distances. It’s important to note that every sit-down jet ski has its pros and cons, and they fall between the stand-up and three-seater models.

If you like the idea of doing tricks on your sit-down jet ski, you should learn how to do them safely to ensure you don’t have an accident or cause damage to your machine. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with your machine before even attempting any kind of trick to reduce the risks associated with it.

What Kinds of Risks Are Associated With Jet Ski Tricks?

  • Accident and Injuries – The biggest disadvantage of jet ski tricks is the possibility of getting hurt.Trying to jump a high wave, even for experienced riders, can result in serious injuries. The most experienced riders should only do aggressive riding and tricks, but they should still watch out for the waves and other riders.
  • Jet Ski Damage – It’s not just about hurting yourself or other people; you could also damage the jet ski. The design for sit-down jet skis doesn’t really allow for high jumps. The jump’s impact actually damages the hull or shifts the engine, leading to even more significant problems and very expensive repairs.
  • Bothering Other People – Jet skis are not quiet, not in the least. This is especially true when you’re continually jumping along the water. On top of that, the noise from the jet skis can disturb the people around you who want to relax. If you want to do tricks, make sure you do them away from other people.


It is quite possible to do tricks on a sit-down jet ski. When looking for a jet ski, make sure to put your attention on the dimensions and weight. The best sizes for jet ski tricks are those that are smaller and have lighter hulls. You can also look for the two-stroke models!

Although jet skis are a lot of fun, there are some dangers associated with them. For that reason, you need to know the risks for doing the above tricks and weigh the pros and cons before attempting them. The last thing you want to do is have your day full of fun marred by damage or injury!

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