What is the Difference Between Motorcycle and Motorbike?🏍️

If you’re looking for something new to ride then you might want to consider several different options. And you’ll definitely want to look at just what those options actually are and what they mean. That way, you can choose the one that’s going to give you just the right fit for the things you’re looking for!

What Does Motorbike Mean?

Motorbike is another word for a motorcycle and it’s a very common option to call it. In fact, there is no true difference between the two. The only way that you would notice any change is that a motorbike is usually a smaller version of a motorcycle.

In general, all motorbikes are motorcycles but not all motorcycles are motorbikes. If you have a very large motorcycle it would typically not be called a motorbike though you would generally not have any problem with someone understanding you either way.

What is the Difference Between Motorcycle and Motorbike?

There is no true difference between a motorcycle and a motorbike. The term ‘motorbike’ is generally used to refer to smaller motorcycles, but they refer to the same format of craft. If you see something that you consider a motorcycle it is likely also safe to call it a motorbike.

While there is no set size from where a motorcycle can be called a motorbike, in general, you would use the term to refer to the smallest sizes of motorcycles. They’re also usually lightweight bikes, so you’ll want to pay attention to the overall dimensions of the bike that you’re talking about when you call it a motorbike rather than a full motorcycle. Even still, you could usually get away with calling any motorcycle a motorbike and anyone would know what you were referring to.

Can You Call a Motorcycle a Bike?

You can absolutely refer to a motorcycle as a ‘bike.’ In fact, many riders refer to their motorcycle as a bike and even to themselves as ‘bikers.’ These terms are quite common and it is perfectly acceptable to use them however you choose.

If you do refer to your motorcycle as a bike it’s likely that you’ll fit in better with other riders. That’s because it’s common to refer to them as a ‘bike,’ ‘hog,’ or any number of other terms. It is not common for motorcycle riders to refer to their bike as a ‘motorcycle.’ Rather they tend to use nicknames or slang terms to refer to their bikes. This tends to vary from one rider to another and you may hear a range of different terms to refer to the motorcycles that they ride.

Why Are Motorcycles Called Bikes?

Many people refer to motorcycles as bikes and even those who ride them will often refer to them that way. One reason they are referred to this way is that motorcycles are also commonly referred to as motorbikes and calling them ‘bike’ is a shortened form.

You can easily refer to any type of motorcycle as a motorbike, even though most will consider only small and light bikes to be actual motorbikes. Others are motorcycles but are not usually referred to as ‘motorbikes.’ That doesn’t mean that you can’t refer to them that way, however. You absolutely can and most would understand what you mean by it.


When it comes to motorcycles there are plenty of different ways that you can understand them. And there are plenty of different ways that you can refer to them. If you’re a rider, you may call your motorcycle a ‘bike,’ ‘motorbike,’ ‘hog,’ or any number of other things and you would be completely right. These bikes would be referred to in several different ways by anyone who rides or talks about them.

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