What Is a Mid-Sized Snowmobile? [Video]

Mid-sized snowmobiles are considered to be a link between the 200 snowmobile class and full-sized sleds. They are recommended for both teenagers and beginner riders, but they can also be an excellent choice for female riders. Mid-sized sleds are built on a small lightweight chassis and powered by 400-550cc, 2-stroke engines.

If you want to find out more about mid-sized snowmobiles, this post is for you. We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What Is a Mid-Sized Snowmobile?

As the name suggests, mid-sized snowmobiles are medium-sized machines that fall between “adult” and kid-sized snowmobiles. Because of this, they are often referred to as ¾-sized snowmobiles as well.

They are typically light enough for a teenager but are powerful enough to carry an adult rider.

Mid-sized snowmobiles are the best option for learning the basics of snowmobiling, so they are strongly recommended for kids and novice riders. The hidden advantages of these machines are their affordable price tags and low maintenance costs.

The idea of a mid-sized snowmobile has been around for decades.

Over the years, many great mid-sized vintage mid-models have come on the market, like the Yamaha Bravo 250, Enticer 300, Ski-Doo Elan 250, and the Ski-Doo Freestyle 300. The latter made its debut in 2006 but was only offered for a very short time.

In the following decade, mid-sized sleds virtually disappeared from the market and didn’t return until the end of the 2010s. During that time, the asking prices of mid-sized vintage sleds indicated that there was a significant market for these machines.

Polaris grabbed the opportunity and filled the gap in the market with the Indy Evo in 2019. Although this sled is built on the same chassis as the full-sized Indy 550, it features a flat handlebar, a smaller seat, and unique suspensions for the purpose of lowering the seating position.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the entire category made a comeback with this mid-sized Polaris snowmobile!

Just like the chassis, the engine of the EVO was also borrowed from the 550 series. The fan-cooled 550cc 2-stroke twin features two Mikuni carbs and cranks out about 55 HP. The performance of this unit is restricted, so the sled offers a limited top speed of only 50 mph.

In response to the EVO, Arctic Cat released the Blast series with three different models. The manufacturer considers this family to be “true mid-size snowmobiles,” and with good reason.

Unlike the Polaris EVO, the Arctic Cat Blast models are built from scratch and utilize a purpose-built mid-sized snowmobile chassis. This platform, just like the power source of these machines, is specifically engineered for this series.

Under the hood of the Blasts, you can find a liquid-cooled, 397cc 2-stroke single that cranks out about 65 HP. 

Yamaha also released its own mid-sized series, but they are identical to the AC Blast models, thanks to a cooperation between the two manufacturers.

The three Yamaha mid-sized snowmobiles include the trail-specific SXVenom, the SXVenom Mountain, and the utility Transporter Lite.

According to SledderMag, these sleds should be considered 7/8th-sized snowmobiles due to their powerful liquid-cooled engines. Although these sleds are built on a mid-sized chassis, there was no compromising on their performance!

Which Mid-Sized Snowmobiles are the Best?

It’s safe to say that the best mid-sized snowmobiles at the moment are as follows:

  • Arctic Cat Blast series
  • Yamaha SXVenom series
  • Polaris EVO series

Besides these shiny new vehicles, you can find a lot of great used models on the market. Based on our research, some of the best mid-sized vintage snowmobiles are as follows:

  • Yamaha Bravo 250
  • Ski-Doo Elan 250
  • Yamaha Enticer 250/300/340
  • Polaris Indy Lite 340
  • Arctic Cat Prowler 440
  • Arctic Cat Jag 340/440
  • Ski-Doo Freestyle 300
  • Yamaha Ovation 340
  • Yamaha Phazer 480
  • Moto-Ski Cadet 250

What Is a Mid-Sized Mountain Snowmobile?

Surprisingly, besides the trail-intended models, manufacturers also market mid-sized mountain snowmobiles for novice off-trail riders. The most popular mid-sized mountain sleds are the Artic-Cat Blast M, Yamaha SXVenom Mountain, and the Polaris RMK EVO. These models feature an extended tunnel, special suspensions, and longer, 146” tracks with 1.6”-2” lugs.

Mid-Sized Snowmobile Features

Let’s drill into the details and see what makes a mid-sized snowmobile a mid-sized snowmobile!

Mid-Sized Snowmobile Engines

Mid-sized vintage snowmobiles were typically powered by 250-440cc 2-stroke fan-cooled engines, but the most advanced models utilized liquid-cooling. In contrast, modern mid-sized sleds come with 400-550cc 2-stroke power sources that crank out 55-65 HP, depending on the make and model.

As an example, the Polaris Indy EVO comes with a fan-cooled 544cc, 2-stroke twin rated at 55 HP. Surprisingly, this unit is fed by two Mikuni carburetors rather than a fuel injection system.

Regarding competitor models, the more advanced Yamaha mid-sized snowmobile engine is a liquid-cooled, 397cc single that produces about 65 HP. This sporty power mill features the innovative BEFI (batteryless fuel injection) system and an electric start.

You can find this power source in both the Yamaha SXVenom and the Arctic Cat Blast series.

Mid-Sized Snowmobile Chassis and Suspensions

Mid-sized snowmobile platforms can be divided into two different classes. Specific models like the Yamaha SXVenom and the Arctic Cat Blast have a purpose-built mid-sized snowmobile chassis. In contrast, other models like the Polaris EVO series and the vintage Ski-Doo Freestyle borrow their platform from their full-sized brothers.

When it comes to suspensions, trail and mountain mid-sized sleds typically come with different suspension systems.

Mid-Sized Snowmobile Tracks

Mid-sized snowmobile tracks are 14”-15” wide, 121”-146” long, and have 0.72”-2.0” lugs. As a reference, we’ve listed the track dimensions of some of the most popular mid-sized sleds here:

  • Yamaha SXVenom (trail): 14” x 121” 1.00”
  • Yamaha SXVenom mountain: 15” x 146” 2.00”
  • Arctic Cat Blast M: 15” x 146” 2.00”
  • Arctic Cat Blast XR 4000: 15” x 146” 1.6”
  • Polaris Indy EVO: 15” x 121” x 0.91”
  • Polaris RMK EVO: 15” x 144” x 1.75”
  • Ski-Doo Freestyle 300: 15” x 121” 0.72”

Mid-Sized Snowmobile Specification Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the average specifications of mid-sized snowmobiles into one chart:

Engine type300 -550cc 2-stroke
HP (approx.)55-70
Top speed (mph)50-65
Length (in.)110-130
Width (in.)40-47
Height (in.)46-51
Ski stance (in.)32-39
Track length (in.)121-146
Track width (in.)14-15
Lug height (in.)1.0-2.0
Front suspension travel (in.)6-8
Rear suspension travel (in.)11-15
Fuel cap. (gal)9-12
Dry Weight (lbs.)370-430
Rider capacity1
Off-trail useNo

Mid-Sized Snowmobiles Comparison Chart

Let’s compare mid-sized snowmobiles to other types of sleds by the numbers!

CategoryYouth (120)Youth (200)Mid-SizedTrailPerformanceCrossoverMountainTouringUtility
Engine type120cc, 4-stroke single200cc, 4-stroke single300 -550cc 2-stroke550 – 850cc 2-stroke or 600-1050cc 4-stroke600 – 850cc 2-stroke or 900-1000cc 4-stroke600 – 850cc 2-stroke or 900 -1000cc 4-stroke650 – 850cc 2 stroke400 -600cc 2 – stroke or 600 -1050cc 4 -stroke540 – 850cc 2-stroke, or 600 -1050cc 4 -stroke
HP (approx.)na955-7060-17090-200+90-200+120-17060-200+60-170
Top speed (mph)8 (limited)30 (limited)50-6565-110100-12090-11080-9060-11050-70
Length (in.)73-7584110-130115-125114-125128-132125-170120-132130-140
Width (in.)31-363640-4747-4847-5046-4842-454843-46
Height (in.)30-343646-5146-4946-5248-4950-5554-5652-60
Ski stance (in.)27-313132-3938-4342-4440-4436-3839-4335-38
Track length (in.)67-6993121-146121-137129-137141-153153-175137-155135-154
Track width (in.)101014-1514-15151515-161520
Lug height (in.)0.60-0.801.01.0-2.01-1.251.25-1.751.25-2.62.5-31.25-1.751.25-2.25
Front suspension travel (in.)3-54-56-84-109-109-107-96-96-7
Rear suspension travel (in.)5-78-911-159-1613-1613-149-1510-159-11
Fuel cap. (gal)0.45-0.529-1210-129-129-169-129-1311-15
Dry Weight (lbs.)150-170200370-430450-550450-650450-600450-500470-650500-700
Rider capacity1111-21111-21-2
Off-trail useNoNoNoNoNoYesYesNoYes

Takeaways – FAQs About Mid-Sized Snowmobiles

As a takeaway, we’ve listed the most common questions about mid-sized snowmobiles.

How fast can a mid-sized snowmobile go?

The top speed of mid-sized snowmobiles is about 50-70 mph under ideal conditions.

How much does a mid-sized snowmobile weigh?

The dry weight of mid-sized snowmobiles ranges from 370 pounds to 430 pounds. Therefore, they are significantly lighter than full-sized models!

What size is a mid-sized snowmobile?

Mid-sized snowmobiles are typically 110”-130” long, 40”-47” wide, and 46”-51” high, while their ski stance ranges from 32”-39”.

What is the track size of a mid-sized snowmobile?

Mid-sized snowmobile tracks are 14”-15” wide, 121”-146” long, and feature 0.72”-2” lugs.

What kind of engine is in a mid-sized snowmobile?

As a rule of thumb, mid-sized snowmobiles are always powered by 2-stroke engines for the best power-to-weight ratio. Vintage models utilized 250-440cc fanners, while the newest vehicles come with 400-550cc single or twin engines.

How much horsepower does a mid-sized snowmobile have?

Mid-sized snowmobiles have 55-65 HP depending on the make and model.

What is RMK EVO?

RMK EVO is the brand name of Polaris’ mid-sized mountain snowmobile.


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