13 Facts You Never Knew About Bombardier [Video]

It was 1959 when Bombardier released its first Ski-Doo snowmobile. The snowmobile was aimed at anyone who felt trapped by the snow and ice. However, it wasn’t long before powersports enthusiasts in the U.S. and Europe hungered for more. 

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Bombardier expanded its product line into the fields of aeronautical and railways, becoming a huge corporation called Bombardier Inc. Sometime down the road, the company changed its name to Bombardier Recreational Products. 

At PowerSportsGuide, we can offer you a host of facts about Bombardier you could never have imagined.

What Is Bombardier Known For? 

Bombardier is well-known for being an innovative transportation system manufacturer from Canada. This includes rail transportation equipment, business jets, and regional aircraft. Since its inception, focusing on snowmobiles, Bombardier Inc has become more known for its public transportation vehicles. 

Who Is The Founder Of Bombardier?

Joseph-Armand Bombardier founded the company in 1942. He worked as a mechanical engineer and became a businessman. He was born in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada, in 1907, and at 15 years old, Bombardier had developed his very first prototype of a snowmobile. He used the Ford engine and used a rope to steer it. At 19, he opened a garage.

Why Did Bombardier Invent the Snowmobile?

 The Quebec government would never clear the snow off secondary roads in the winter, which means getting across the country was challenging. Bombardier’s fixation on snowmobiles came after a tragic incident involving his three-year-old son. It was winter, and the little boy Yvon, could not get to the hospital because the road conditions were so bad. He died after his appendix burst.

What Is The Logo of Bombardier Inc.?

Bombardier Inc.’s latest logo is the updated version of its sprocket logo, which has been used for roughly 50 years. 

What Nationality Is Bombardier?

Bombardier Inc. is a company based in Quebec, Canada. The company has over 50,000 people employed in 2000, with most of them in North America and Europe. Over 90 percent of the company’s revenues are generated from international markets. 

Are BPR and Bombardier Inc The Same?

Bombardier is the same as BRP Inc. Bombardier’s recreational products line is liable for personal watercraft, sports boats, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles, which began in 2003.

What Does BRP Stand For?

BRP means Bombardier Recreational Products, a family of brands involved with planning, manufacturing, and delivering motorized recreational vehicles and engines. 

Who Owns Bombardier Recreational Products?

Bombardier Recreational Products is a publicly traded company, and its CEO is Paul Tellier. In 2003, Tellier sold the recreational vehicle division that includes its Sea-Doo watercrafts and Ski-Doo snowmobiles. A group of investors purchased Bombardier Recreational Products. However, the Beaudoin/Bombardier family bought a 35 percent stake in the newly-founded company.

What Brands Does BRP Own?

BRP owns several brands – Can-Am, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Evinrude, Alumacrat, Rotax, Manitou, and Lynx. 

Does Bombardier Own Evinrude?

Bombardier attained Evinrude in 2001 and has been the over for two decades. However, it quit producing the ever-popular Evinrude outboards in 2020.

Does Bombardier Own Rotax?

In 1973, Bombardier bought Rotax and became a part of the new Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. in 2003. Rotax manufacturer engines for many vehicles such as go-karts, Sea-Doos, airplanes, snowmobiles, etc. 

What Does Can-Am Stand For?

 Can-Am is an abbreviation for Canadian-American, which the company uses to name its line of all-terrain vehicles. 

Where Are BPR Products Made?

BPR manufacturing takes place in five countries – Austria, Canada, Finland, Mexico and the U.S. (with plants in Arkansas, Illinois, North Carolina and Wisconsin). The products are sold in over 100 countries, with many of them offering a direct-sales network.

Final Words 

Today, the company is widely known for producing an array of vehicles that also include airplanes and trains. However, its initial focus was snowmobile vehicles to help people trapped by snow in the winter get from one place to another. Its many products mean people can get to these places by air, water or ground.

It’s a huge Canadian manufacturer that’s received worldwide recognition for its efforts, with stake in various iconic marine and powersports brands. The company’s passion is fueled by consumers’ passion for adventures and long-lasting memories.


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