Yamaha Snowmobile Terminology [Acronyms and Abbreviations]

When it comes to Yamaha snowmobiles, the large variety of acronyms can be confusing, especially for beginner riders.

If you would like to find out the meaning of the most common acronyms related to Yamaha sleds, this post is for you.

For your convenience, we at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all of them under one roof!

Yamaha Snowmobile Terminology [List]

Yamaha Snowmobile Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • ECU – Electronic Control Unit
  • EPS – Electronic Power Steering
  • EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  • SPS – Spring Power Surge
  • TORS –Throttle OverRide System
  • YCCT – Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (throttle by wire system)
  • YES – Yamaha Extended Service
  • YEIS – Yamaha Energy Induction System
  • YICS – Yamaha Induction Control System
  • YPVS – Yamaha Power Valve System
  • YPP – Yamaha Protection Plus

Acronyms in Yamaha Snowmobile Names

  • TX – Trail Xtreme
  • BAT – Best Available Technology
  • B-TX – Backcountry X-over
  • L-TX – Long Track Xtreme
  • M-TX – Mountain Xtreme
  • R-TX – Rough Trail Xtreme
  • S-TX – Sport Touring Xtreme
  • X-TX – X-Over Xtreme
  • MP – Multi Purpose
  • LE – Limited Edition
  • SE – Special Edition
  • SR – Snow Racer
  • SRX – Snow Racer eXperimental
  • SX – Snocross
  • SX-R – Snocross racer
  • TF – Tail Flip
  • LT – Long Track
  • VK – Viking (Utility models)
  • VMAX – Velocity Maximum
  • XT – eXtra Travel
  • XTC – eXtra Travel Comfort

(Source: SuperTraxMag)

Let’s drill deeper and talk about the most important terms in detail!

Yamaha Snowmobile Terms Explained

What does Yamaha YICS mean?

Yamaha YICS stands for Yamaha Induction Control System, and it is a unique cylinder head design engineered to balance vacuum between the cylinders. Yamaha introduced the innovative YICS in 1981 and used it through 1968.

The YICS system features balance ports, which are basically passageways between the cylinders. Thanks to the increased combustion efficiency, Yamaha YICS provides about a 10% increase in fuel efficiency and offers more engine power in the low and mid-range.

On the other hand, YICS ports make it difficult to isolate the carburetors for synchronization. Therefore, on these engines, the balance ports have to be blocked by a unique YICS tool (or something similar that can seal the ports) to isolate the carbs.

Yamaha gives the following description of their YICS system:

“The ‘Yamaha Induction Control System’ (Y.I.C.S.) adds power in the low to mid-range and delivers about 10% increase in fuel efficiency. YICS is a secondary port cast into the cylinder head, linking the main induction tracts. It brings a secondary charge into the main tract at an angle so that it mixes with the main flow of fuel and the mixture is swirled completely around the combustion chamber, thus resulting in more complete cylinder filing which leads to more power and less fuel consumption.”

Source: Official Yamaha Owner’s Manuals

What is the Yamaha Energy Induction System (YEIS)?

The Yamaha Energy Induction System (YEIS) is a “boost bottle” that Yamaha used on their snowmobiles and other powersport vehicles in the 1980s. Yamaha’s boost bottle is an empty plastic or aluminum bottle attached to the intake manifold between the cylinder and the carburetor.

The main idea behind the YEIS system is to boost engine performance, especially at lower RPMs.

A perfectly designed boost bottle works like a little supercharger, ensuring an extra fuel supply or room for the excess fuel based on the engine’s needs.

Although boost bottles effectively increased engine power, they disappeared from powersport vehicles along with carburetors.

What is the Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS)?

The Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) is a set of exhaust power valves that control the exhaust port timing based on the engine RPM. The system is designed to get more power out of 2-stroke engines over a wider RPM range.

Yamaha’s YPVS debuted in 1983 and was commonly used on 2-stroke Yamaha snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs.

What does Yamaha YCCT Mean?

The Yamaha YCCT stands for Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle, which actually means Yamaha’s throttle by wire system.

The YCCT system is an electrical linkage between the throttle and the engine specifically tuned for each model. The Japanese manufacturer introduced the revolutionary YCCT technology on the 2006 YZF-R6 motorcycle, but it only appeared on Yamaha snowmobiles in 2016.

What is the Yamaha SPS?

The Yamaha SPS or Spring Power Surge is the spring pre-order program of the Japanese manufacturer. The unique LE snowmobiles are only available during this program.

What does LE Stand for on Yamaha Snowmobiles?

On Yamaha snowmobiles, the LE stands for “Limited Edition.” These machines utilize the most innovative technology and often come with unique suspension and track features. What’s more, they typically have unique paint jobs and graphics for a distinctive appearance.

The Limited Edition models come with a large variety of options so that you can customize them based on your needs.

It is also good to know that these models have limited availability, as they are only offered during the manufacturer’s spring pre-order program.

What is the Yamaha YES Warranty?

The Yamaha YES warranty is also known as Yamaha Extended Service, which is available exclusively for U.S. customers. As the name suggests, the Yamaha YES warranty covers repairs after the standard warranty expires.

The program is flexible, so you can choose from 12-, 24-, 36-, or 48-month plans depending on the model and your needs. Yamaha YES offers factory-backed coverage for your sled without mileage limitations!


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