Polaris Snowmobile Terminology [Acronyms and Abbreviations]

When it comes to Polaris snowmobiles, the wide variety of acronyms used in their model names can be confusing. If you would like to find out what these codes mean, you are in the right place. For your convenience, we at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all of them under one roof!

Polaris Snowmobile Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • CARB – Carburetor
  • EDGE – Excellent Design for Greater Excitement
  • EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
  • ES – Electric Start
  • EVO – Evolution
  • F/A – Free Air (Cooled)
  • F/C – Fan Cooled
  • F/O – Factory Option
  • FS – Four Stroke
  • FST – Four Stroke Turbocharged
  • GT- Grand Touring
  • HO – High Output
  • L/C – Liquid Cooled
  • LE – Limited Edition
  • LX – Luxury
  • M10 – M10 rear suspension
  • SC – Snow Check (Exclusive models, factory customization.)
  • SKS – Snow King Special
  • SP – Special
  • RMK – Rocky Mountain King
  • RXL – Racing X-perimental Liquid
  • TXL – Trail X-perimental Liquid
  • XC – Cross Country
  • XC SP – Cross Country Special Package
  • XCF – Cross Country Fan (Fan-cooled)
  • XCR – Cross Country Racer
  • XLT – Xtra Lite Triple
  • VR1 – Velocity Rider First

Other Polaris Acronyms

  • CDI- Capacitive Discharge Ignition
  • CFI – Cleanfire Fuel Injection
  • CRC – (Polaris suspension)- Controlled Roll Center
  • DET – Detonation Elimination Technology
  • PERC – Polaris Electronic Reverse Control
  • TPS – Throttle Position Sensor
  • PVT – Polaris Variable Transmission
  • VES – Variable Exhaust System

Other FAQs About Polaris Snowmobiles

What is Polaris PERC?

The Polaris PERC stands for “Polaris Electronic Reverse Control.” This unique system is designed to stop the motor and start it in a reverse direction to move the sled backward.

When did Polaris come out with PERC?

Polaris introduced its innovative PERC system in 1999.

What is Polaris DET?

The Polaris DET stands for “Detonation Elimination Technology.” As the name suggests, the DET is a safety feature designed to save the engine from damage casued by uncontrolled detonations.

What does Polaris XC stand for?

Polaris XC snowmobiles are considered the cross country models.

What does Polaris XCR stand for?

Polaris XCRs are the “cross county racer” sleds that typically have more advanced features and provide more engine power.

What does Polaris RXL stand for?

Simply put, Polaris RXL stands for “Racing X-perimental Liquid.” The 1977 Polaris RXL was the first Polaris factory-made racing sled that utilized independent front suspension (IFS).

What does XLT mean on a Polaris snowmobile?

Polaris XLT means “Xtra Lite Triple,” which was one of the first mountain sleds from Polaris. These vintage sleds were powered by 3-cylinder engines and marketed from the early ‘90s.

What does SKS mean on a Polaris snowmobile?

Like the XLT series, the Polaris SKS (for “Snow King Special”) line was also designed to satisfy the fast-growing off-trail snowmobile market.

What does Polaris RMK stand for?

Polaris RMK (for “Rocky Mountain King”) is a mountain snowmobile line that hit the market in 1996. The manufacturer claims the RMKs to be the “world’s best mountain sleds.”

What does PRO RMK stand for?

The PRO RMK sleds are members of the famous Polaris RMK family. This mountain line was rounded up with the PRO RMK in 2011.

What is the difference between RMK and PRO RMK?

The main difference between a Polaris RMK and a PRO RMK is that the latter comes with more advanced features and different front-end geometry. These result in a lower weight and better overall performance. You can compare these models on the manufacturer’s official website.

What does Polaris CFI mean?

Polaris CFI, known as “CleanFire Fuel Injection was a kind of semi-direct injection (SDI) system. It was very similar to Ski-Doo’s SDI system, although the latter did a better job. Like the more advanced EFI systems, the CFI was also designed to adjust the fuel supply for changes in elevation and temperature.

What does SP stand for on Polaris snowmobiles?

SP simply stands for “Special” on Polaris snowmobiles. These “SP” Polaris sleds are considered the higher-end models, which usually come with more advanced features like upgraded shocks, different graphics, and other smaller upgrades. In contrast, on Arctic Cat snowmobiles, the SP refers to “Sno Pro.”

What does PVT stand for on Polaris snowmobiles?

Polaris PVT stands forPolaris Variable Transmission” system, which is simply the CVT clutch on Polaris sleds.

What does IQ stand for Polaris?

The Polaris IQ was a unique snowmobile chassis with an A-arm front suspension system engineered and manufactured by Polaris. At that time, the IQ was considered the most innovative chassis and suspension system on the market.

When did the Polaris IQ Chassis come out?

The Polaris IQ chassis came out in 2005 and remained in production through 2012.

What does IQR stand for Polaris?

The Polaris IQR was the race version of the proven IQ platform.

What is the Polaris AXYS?

The Polaris AXIS was an innovative snowmobile chassis specially designed for mountain riding. Its design had some DNA from the popular RUSH Pro-Ride platform. The AXYS’ increased clearance, reduced drag, and offered excellent floatation in powder. Also, the AXYS platform is also known for its decent climbing and sidehilling abilities.

What year did the Polaris AXIS chassis come out?

The Polaris AXIS platform was introduced in 2014 and was marketed from the 2015 season. The all-new AXIS chassis was just one of the numerous innovations released for the 60th Anniversary of Polaris snowmobiles.

What is the Polaris MATRYX?

Polaris MATRYX is a new snowmobile chassis released for the 2021 season. The MATRYX has a lot in common with the AXYS platform, as they share major components and the front and rear suspension systems. Therefore, many riders say that the MATRYX is nothing more than an AXYS platform with some tweaks and good marketing.

What is the Polaris Launch Edition?

The Launch Edition is a variation of the famous performance Polaris Indy XC snowmobile introduced in 2021. The Polaris INDY XC Launch Edition is available with the 650 and 850cc Patriot engines and 129” / 137” tracks.

What is the Polaris SnowCheck?

The Polaris SnowCheck is the manufacturer’s spring pre-order program. Riders can customize their new sleds with unique features and additions that are offered exclusively during this program.

What is the Polaris QuickDrive?

The Polaris QuickDrive is a unique system on mountain snowmobiles designed to produce a faster response when the rider hits the throttle lever. In other words, with a QuickDrive system, the power can reach the track faster through the drivetrain. This can be a game-changer in challenging riding situations!

What does VR1 stand for Polaris?

Polaris VR1 stands for “Velocity Rider First,” meaning that Polaris’ engineers designed these models around riders. From great comfort to outstanding handling and performance on Polaris VR1 sleds, everything is for the best possible riding experience.

Does Polaris use Rotax engines?

No, Rotax belongs to the Canadian BRP family, which is why Rotax engines are used in Ski-Doo snwomobiles.

Who makes engines for Polaris?

Although in the past Polaris purchased engines from outside suppliers like the Robin/Fuji industries, today’s Polaris engines are engineered and manufactured in-house.


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