8 Lesser-Known Facts About Yachts [Video]

Anyone who is interested in yachts can tell you that there’s a whole lot to know about them. In fact, there are plenty of things that you likely already know and some that you probably don’t. That’s why we’re going to take a look at 8 facts that you may not know about yachts (but might want to).

What Are the Parts of a Yacht Called?

There are actually several different parts of a yacht, which are each referred to by specific names. In fact, you don’t refer to the front or back of any type of boat. There are seaworthy terms for everything.

What is the front part of a yacht called?

The front of a boat or yacht is referred to as the bow. This is pronounced like ‘taking a bow’ rather than ‘bow and arrows.’

What is the back of a yacht called?

The back of a yacht is referred to as the aft. This is pronounced as in ‘shaft.’ To refer to the back of the hull itself you would call it a ‘stern.’

What is the inside of a yacht called?

The inside of the yacht is made up of several different sections. These include the berth or sleeping area, the bridge where all of the controls are located, and the cabin, where there are private living areas. There is also the galley or kitchen and the head or bathroom.

What is a bunny pad on a yacht?

A bunny pad is not an official part of a yacht, but it is what some consider the area on the deck for sunbathing and relaxing.

There are a number of additional parts on a yacht, such as a deck, the hull, which is the part of the yacht framework that sits on the water, and the keel, which is a portion of the yacht from front to back on the hull. It is the foundation of the yacht. Port and starboard are used to refer to the left and right sides of the yacht respectively.

What is the Draft on a Yacht?

The draft of your yacht is the amount of distance between the waterline and the deepest portion of the yacht. It means the minimum amount of water that can be used in order for the yacht to actually float without hitting the bottom.

A yacht that is 40 feet in length will generally have a draft of 3-4 feet, which means it must be in the water at least that deep in order to float. You may also hear that a yacht ‘draws 24 inches’ which means it needs at least 24 inches in order to float.

How Many Bedrooms Are on a Yacht?

The total number of bedrooms on a yacht will depend on the overall size of the yacht. Some are much larger than others and the configuration of the yacht will vary as well. In general, there are enough cabins for up to 12 guests and for similar numbers of crew members.

What this means is that there may not be individual cabins for a total of 12 guests and 12 crew, but there will be enough sleeping quarters for them all to have a bed or place to sleep. The number of individual rooms will depend on the configuration of the yacht in question.

Why Are Yachts Limited to 12 Guests?

A yacht is not necessarily restricted to 12 people, however the rules governing its use change once they hold over 12 people. At that point, the yacht is considered a passenger ship, which means that they are required to follow additional regulations by the SOLAS convention.

If a yacht of any type has over 12 passengers it will be considered as a passenger ship. This does not matter if it is being used as a private yacht or one for rent or even who the individuals are that are on the yacht at the time. There will be many additional rules to follow in order to operate with a larger quantity of passengers and most yacht owners do not want to be bound by them.

Can You Drive a Yacht by Yourself?

You are able to drive a yacht yourself, however, it will depend on where you are and what you are doing with the yacht for whether you will need any type of license. If you are expecting to be paid to drive the yacht you will need a captain’s license.

If you’re looking to operate your yacht without a crew it’s generally acceptable under 75 feet. Once your yacht is longer than this it has a great deal more work and needs to it. At that point, it is advised that you have a full crew available to assist in driving the yacht where you want to go.

How Many Crew Are Needed for a Yacht?

You do not necessarily need a crew for a yacht if you have a smaller one. In fact, yachts that are under 75 feet may not require a crew at all or you may be able to handle everything necessary by yourself or with family and friends who are sailing with you.

If your yacht is larger than 75 feet you will generally need a more experienced crew, though you may be able to manage with family and friends if they are more experienced.

Why Don’t You Wear Shoes on a Yacht?

A yacht generally has specialized floors which means your outdoor shoes can be damaging to the deck of the yacht. Even if your yacht does not have teak floors regular outdoor shoes can leave scuff marks that definitely do not look good on the yacht floor!

Is Yacht an English Word?

The word ‘yacht’ is actually a Dutch word and comes from ‘jacht’ or ‘hunt.’ This is because the original yachts were actually quick and light and were used to pursue pirates by the Dutch Republic navy.


If you’re looking to start sailing a yacht or even sailing on one, there are plenty of things that you should know about it. Hopefully, now you feel a little more comfortable with everything that a yacht is and what it can do.





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