What are Good Names for Boats? [100 Great Boat Name Examples!]

Picking out a name for your boat is meant to be fun and it’s definitely meant to be unique as well. After all, you want to have a name that other people haven’t thought of before and that’s going to require you to use your imagination. But maybe you need a little bit of help to get you started in the right direction and to make sure you’re picking out something really fun.

What are Good Names for Boats?

 Many people like to name their boats after gods and goddesses. Others like something that sounds strong and tough or something that sounds funny or unique. You can choose to name your boat just about anything you want, like:

August Moon
Black Pearl
Breaking Bass
Carpe Diem
Dream Weaver
Island Time
Knot On Call
Knot Working
Luna Sea
Ocean Suite
Plus one
Pura Vida
Quick Tide
Rum Runner
Sea Quest
Sea Spirit
Seas The Day
Seas the Moment
Second Wind
The Good Life
Tide Pool
Ultra Violet
Wave Runner
Yin & Yang

You can also check out a boat name generator to get more assistance with naming your boat, whether you use these sources or not, you’ll find some interesting options!

What are Funny Names for a Boat?

We’ve also done the research and gathered some funny boat name ideas under one roof:

Baby Got Bass 
Beach Leech
Best of Times
Buoys and Gills
Current Sea
Decked Out
Endless Summer
Error 404 Fish Not Found
Fish Magnet
Fish Tales
Fore Sail
Full of Ship
Hakuna Matata
High Time
In a Meeting
Just a Splash
Kids Inheritance
Knot on Call
Last Dingy I’ll Own
License to Chill
Liquid Limo 
Marlin Monroe
My 2nd Option
Now Who’s The Loser
Principal Interest
Rum Runner
Sea Biscuit
Sea Ya
She Got The House
Ship Happens
Tax Refund
Thanks Dad
The Codfather
Wave Rider
Whatever Floats Your Boat

Can Two Boats Have the Same Name?

Yes, much like kids or pets, boats can have separate names. The big thing is to ensure that they are all registered properly, getting different identification numbers from the proper regulatory bodies, it’s perfectly ok to have boats with the same name.

Keep in mind that if you have the same name for your boat as someone else in your area it could be confusing or difficult to keep them straight. This could cause some trouble if there’s ever a problem with one of the boats or it could be annoying if you’re trying to register for different events. You need to make sure that you have the proper regulations and identification numbers for your boat so you can always confirm the correct boat whenever there’s a need. 

Is it OK to Rename a Boat?

There are no rules that keep you from renaming a boat. You can just strip the name off the boat and put a new name on. Personal boats aren’t commissioned like Naval ships so there is no reason to delay renaming a boat if you feel the need to do so.

Make sure that if you do rename your boat you register the boat with the new name. You will need to contact the registration organization and make sure that you change the name of the boat on all of your paperwork. Make sure you do this at your marina or anywhere that your boat is affiliated as well so you don’t lose out on your access. You want to get all of these things done right away to reduce your chances of problems.

How Do You Name a Boat After Someone?

This is another easy one to do. All you need is to pick somebody that you admire and emblazon them on your boat. Yes, it really is that easy. While it may raise questions as to why you chose a person it could lead to some good conversations.

You get to choose what you name your boat and that goes for more than just giving it a funny or unique name. If you want to name it after someone important to you (or someone who isn’t) that’s also entirely up to you. Your boat can have just about any name you want (though some names that are considered offensive may not be able to get through the registration process). 

Why Do Boats Get Female Names?

Boats have always been considered feminine as a boat is considered a way to protect their crew on their journey across the seas. As mothers are traditionally ones that watch over their children this analogy has been applied to boats and other transportation vessels.

What this means is that you will often hear a boat referred to as ‘she’ or ‘her’ rather than as an ‘it’ or even ‘he.’ That’s not to say that you can’t name a boat after a male or that there is no other recourse but to refer to your boat as feminine. It’s truly up to you as the owner of your boat to do what you want when it comes to naming and referring to your boat. Just understand that not everyone will understand you.

Can You Name a Boat After a Man?

While this isn’t something that is traditional there are no actual rules as to who you name your boat after. Naval vessels do have men’s names attached, usually admirals or presidents, but you could always choose another famous man to name your boat after.

As with just about anything else, you get the right to name your boat how you want. If you want to give it a funny or unique name that’s fine. If you give it a feminine name that’s fine too. So why couldn’t you give your boat a masculine name if you want to? You can choose whatever fits your preference and get your boat registered. 


When it comes down to it, there are plenty of different ways to name your boat. And you don’t have to get too creative if you want to (or you can choose to get really creative). The best thing that you can do is try some of the different boat name generators out there and see what names you come up with and start from there. One of those names might strike your fancy or you might get an idea after looking at some of them. 

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