Who Invented the Car? What Was the First Car Called?

For most of us, cars have been around for our entire lives, but they’ve actually been around for a relatively short time in our existence. That’s probably why people are so intrigued by them. And that’s why you may be wondering about some of the things that went into making cars and how they got started.

Who Invented the Car?

The first inventor of the automobile was Carl Benz in 1886 when he created what he called the Benz Patent Motor Car. He got a patent for the vehicle that referred to a ‘vehicle powered by a gas engine’ and the entire process was begun.

The patent, number 37435, was applied for on January 29, 1886. And it was in motion for approximately eleven years before Henry Ford first created his own version of the automobile. However, Benz had actually created a gasoline engine back in 1879, but it took a little more time to get an upgraded version and build his first vehicle.

Did Henry Ford Invent the Car?

Henry Ford is often credited with inventing the car but that’s not actually the case. Carl Benz, from Germany, had actually created a gas-powered vehicle back in 1885 and patented it a year later. Henry Ford did not create his first car until 1896.

While Henry Ford did make the car more mainstream and is well known for his product lines and Model T, he was not the first one to make a gasoline-powered vehicle. That honor goes to the Germans and specifically Carl Benz.

What Was the First Car Called?

The first car was the Benz Patent Motor Car. It was a three-wheeled vehicle that ran on a gasoline-powered engine. Vehicles at that time were commonly referred to as automobiles rather than ‘cars’ but this first one was likely referred to by its specific name.

This first vehicle may not be one that you’ve heard of, since very few people actually have. Many believe that Henry Ford’s Model T was the first gasoline-powered car, but while it may have been one of the most well-known in America, it definitely wasn’t the first overall.

How Did the First Car Work?

These first cars were actually remarkably similar to the concept of what we have today. However the car was actually more of a carriage with three wheels and a seat that mimicked that of a standard carriage, but with a smaller overall size.

Benz chose to create the engine of his vehicle as to the primary component of the car and then to build the rest of the vehicle around it, compared to others who had attempted to build a cart and insert an engine into it.

How Much Horsepower Did the First Car Have?

The very first vehicle, created by Carl Benz, was not considered very powerful, especially by today’s standards. Rather, it had a total of 0.75 hp. This allowed it to move at approximately 10 miles per hour on the top speed.

Still, this vehicle was faster than most horse and buggy travel or other carriages. It also was a step in the right direction toward completely new and far more advanced vehicle development and travel, eventually getting to where we are today.

How Fast Was the Benz Patent Motorwagen?

As he continued to improve his motor vehicle, Benz created what was known as the Motorwagen. This vehicle was able to move at approximately 16 km/h or 10 mph. It was not fast, but it was still a significant change from older carriages.

How Much Did the First Car Cost?

When it was first produced in 1885, Carl Benz sold his automobile for $1,000. This would still be considered a relatively cheap car, since even in today’s money that would around $27,000. With the minimal features, however, perhaps it would be considered a fair price.

Who Built the First Car in America?

The first car in America was also not built by Henry Ford. In fact, it was built by a man named Charles Edgar Duryea and his brother Frank back in 1893. This was several years after Benz had created his and several years before Ford would create the Model T.

This vehicle was a gas-powered vehicle with 4 HP and a two-stroke motor and these brothers were the ones to start the very first car manufacturing company in America. They would eventually be overshadowed by Ford, but they were well ahead of his time.

When Was the First Production Car Made?

Carl Benz’ Motorcar is considered the first production car and it was created in 1885. In fact, Benz made several of this vehicle, which is why it falls within this distinction. It was powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

This automobile would go on to be the start of everything else that we have seen since and all of the more advanced options available today. Without Benz, there wouldn’t be the automobile that we are familiar with today because he paved the way for so many others.


There’s a lot more to know about automobiles than what we’ve been told throughout school and history. In fact, the world of cars is a fascinating one and there’s a great deal to learn from the very first vehicles all the way to more modern versions that are capable of going at speeds that Benz and even many of the later inventors would have imagined. Not to mention advancements in hybrid and electric vehicles that never could have been dreamed of at a time when electricity was still extremely new.

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