What Do You Call a Person Who Drives a Car? [Explained]

When we talk about people driving vehicles there are actually a few different ways to think about it. People who drive cars for themselves, for example, are generally referred to differently than those who drive for someone else.

But just what should you know about people who drive cars? Well, there are several things that you can take a look at. And they depend on just what it means to you to be able to drive a vehicle for yourself.

What Do You Call a Person Who Drives a Car?

A person who drives a car for themselves, generally taking themselves back and forth to work or errands, is generally referred to as a driver or motorist. The more technical term is a motorist, though this isn’t actually a commonly used term for most.

If the person who is driving the car is actually driving it for someone else they may still be referred to as a driver or motorist, however, they’re often referred to as a chauffeur. This is someone who is responsible for driving the vehicle for someone else to get from one place to another.

A taxi driver is a type of chauffeur as well, though the term is more commonly used to refer to someone wearing a suit who drives people around in a limousine or other fancy vehicle. It could be used for anyone who drives other people, however.

Other terms include coachman or teamster or trucker. These are generally more specialized, with a coachman being an older term used to describe someone who ‘drove’ a carriage. Teamsters or truckers are generally those who drive trucks of some type.

What Does Motorist Mean?

The term motorist literally means someone who drives a car. The term originated back in 1896 and was actually originally used for someone who drove electric railway cars. There was no true term used for those who drove the earliest versions of the automobile.

The term refers to the fact that someone is operating a motor vehicle. Still, it’s a term that isn’t as commonly used by most people. Instead, ‘driver’ is the more common way of referring to someone who is operating a vehicle and has been for quite some time. That doesn’t mean that either of these options is more or less accurate and often they are used interchangeably in most places.

What Does a Car Driver Do?

A car driver is responsible for getting the car and any passengers from one location to another. They do this by steering, using the pedals, and gears and otherwise maintaining all of the functions of the vehicle throughout their trip.

When you’re referring to someone who is driving other people to get between locations and who is responsible for acting as ‘chauffeur’ this person is generally also responsible for some formalities. These include opening the door for guests to get in or out as well as assisting them in getting out.

They will generally pull up to the front door of a location to let out passengers and then park the car elsewhere, returning to pick up their passengers when they are done. They may have other duties such as picking up items for their passengers or having items ready and available in the vehicle.

Is Driving Skill or Ability?

Driving is considered a skill because someone must learn it in order to be able to actually do it. Abilities are generally traits that you already have while a skill is something you may need training or assistance in order to become proficient at.

With driving, anyone can develop the skills necessary if they have enough practice. They can also work with someone else, which is where driver’s training classes coming in and the requirement for an added driving time before someone is allowed to take their driving test to drive on their own. The key is making sure that you get enough of the training and assistance to make sure you’re ready to drive on your own. Abilities may be able to help you with driving and some people may have natural abilities that make it easier for them to learn some of the skills associated with driving.

What Are The 3 Types of Drivers?

In general, there are considered to be three types of drivers that are on the road. These are competent drivers, cautious drivers, and reckless drivers. While all three are generally present, that doesn’t mean that we want to have all three of them.

Competent drivers are the best ones to have on the road because they know how to drive and they keep the flow of traffic going. On the other hand, cautious drivers tend to slow down traffic because they are overly concerned about what’s happening around them and likely to act too cautiously rather than just cautious enough.

Finally, reckless drivers are the ones who are constantly weaving in and out of traffic and putting everyone at risk. These drivers can cause problems with the general flow of traffic as well.

In general, these types of drivers are more commonly considered on the freeway or driving in rush hour traffic specifically though most drivers on other roads and at different times of the day could also be referred to in the same way. Most drivers would be able to be classified in one of these three ways.


There are many things to consider when it comes to types of drivers and the way that people drive. Also, there are different ways that they can be referred to depending on who they are driving (themselves or others).

But the most important part is that these individuals are responsible for getting the vehicle and the passengers from one place to another. What they’re called is generally not as important as keeping that in mind.

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