What are the Uses of Cars? [Maybe More Than You Think!]

When you think about a car chances are you actually think about driving it from one place to another and getting to work, school, or wherever else you want to go. But there are plenty of different uses for a car that you may not even think about. But you should!

What are the Uses of Cars?

A car is not just about getting you from one place to another, though that is the primary purpose. It’s also about all kinds of other features and capabilities. You can use a car for things like hauling stuff, a status symbol, a hobby, a piece of art, something fun, a collectible or even just for entertainment purposes.

Let’s take a look at each of these different things!

It Can Haul Things

Cars are able to carry many things that motorcycles can’t carry and that you would have trouble running around on public transportation. The larger the car the larger the haul you can have. If you have a family or friends you drive around a lot a larger vehicle with more seats might be beneficial.

While cars and small vehicles are able to haul many of the items that you might need, you also want to take a look at larger vehicles like SUV’s, vans and even trucks that are able to haul even more. This is something to consider if you’re the type of person who needs to haul a lot of equipment or items on a regular basis.

Social Status Symbol

In some circles a car can be seen as a status symbol, especially if it’s a luxury vehicle. This usually happens when people from higher income circles get together or are enthusiasts. For instance, a Mercedes S-class or a Ferrari will draw eyes in some circles but in others a customized Truck or Chevy Camaro can get eyes as well.

You’ll want to think about the different types of vehicles that are out there and which one you might want to have for yourself. The fancier your vehicle the more people you’re going to get attention from and if you’re looking for a status symbol that might be exactly what you want. Higher end or luxury vehicles will definitely attract notice from people who see your vehicle.

Fun Hobby

People who purchase a car may use it as a hobby. This is generally with classic or customized cars. If you’re loyal to a brand or kind of vehicle and like to show it off you are likely to consider your car a hobby. When you work to clean it, do work on it, take it to shows it’s a hobby.

Many people even like to build their own vehicles and consider this a hobby or they take a car frame and put it together however they choose. They may or may not actually race the vehicle or do anything with it besides work on it in their own home but they consider it enjoyable to do work. They may also choose to restore old cars or take it to car shows where it can be shown to others.

Piece of Art

If you’re someone who’s a perfectionist who wants to keep their car in pristine condition you can consider your car a work of art. The clean car can be photographed, put on a pedestal, or glorified by others no matter if it’s a Cavalier or a Koenigsegg.

The key is finding something that you really like to look at because if you’re using it as a piece of art then chances are you’re not going to be driving the vehicle or letting anyone else drive it. You may want to look into ways that you can put it on display and keep it protected or even insured.

Something Fun

Do you like to go fast? Do you like to push your car to the extreme? Then your car can be considered something that can be fun. Push your car to the limit, install custom parts to increase performance, and take meticulous care of the engine to make it run hard.

When it comes to having fun there are plenty of different ways that people like to do it and cars are definitely a popular option. Not only that but you don’t need any specific type of car in order to have fun with it and enjoy driving (whether normally or as a race).


If you have extra space and extra cash, you don’t want to add miles to a collectible vehicle as it will drop the mileage. From the original parts and original miles, you do your best to keep the car clean and easy to look at.

Some people like to collect any car while others are specific to a brand or even a type of car within that brand. You can also choose to collect vehicles from a specific year or a style of vehicle. There’s no end to the reasons or ways that you can collect cars but generally you need a space you can store them safely.


Maybe if you don’t own a special car yet or you have a thing for seeing the latest and greatest car ownership can be entertainment. You can do new cars or used cars and look around and take pictures for what you see.

Just having a car can be a lot of fun, but if you really want to have fun with vehicles you may want to start going to car shows or even to races. There are amateur races and shows as well as larger ones and you can participate directly or be a spectator.


There are plenty of different ways that you can enjoy cars and it doesn’t have to be just about getting you from one place to another. Rather, it can be about spending time with something you like and having a lot of fun in many different ways.




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