What Size Snowmobile Trailer Do You Need? [Trailer Dimension Chart]

If you want to transport one snowmobile, you need a trailer measuring 4 feet wide and 12-16 feet long. The exact size always depends on the length of your sled, but even the longest models don’t reach 15 feet. For two snowmobiles you need a trailer that is 12-14 feet long and 7-9 feet wide. The length of 3-5 place snowmobile trailers span 16-30 feet.

If you want to learn more about the different types of snowmobile trailer and their dimensions, keep reading.

We’ve collected all the basics under one roof, as well as an informative snowmobile trailer dimension chart.

No fluffing or affiliate links, just the specs, and the info you need to find out which trailer would fit your snowmobile!

Types of Snowmobile Trailers

Before we drill into the dimensions of the average snowmobile trailer, it is worth getting familiar with the different types of trailers.

It’s safe to say that there are three main types of snowmobile trailers; open trailers, hybrid trailers, and the biggest v-nose enclosed trailers.

What are the differences?

Open Snowmobile Trailers

As their name implies these trailers are completely open. This means your snowmobile(s) are completely exposed to the elements on these trailers. It’s always risky as snow, ice, or salt, can damage them in many ways. But on the other hand, they do have many advantages, which are:

  • Cheaper
  • Lighter
  • Offer lower center of gravity
  • Easier to pull (wind, view, etc.)
  • Less fuel consumption for the tow vehicle

Some of the open trailers are “tilt trailers,” which means you can simply tilt the trailer bed and drive your snowmobile directly onto it. No loading ramp is needed!

You can find open snowmobile trailers with shields installed on the front for better protection.

Hybrid Snowmobile Trailers

Simply put, a hybrid snowmobile trailer is an open trailer with a closed top on it. The horizontal dimensions of hybrid snowmobile trailers are very close to their open brothers, but they are much higher of course.

Most of them can be used with or without the cover, which offers great flexibility. The top of these hybrid trailers is made of aluminum and fiberglass; thus, they are quite lightweight.

Moreover, you can find snowmobile trailer cover kits, which can turn an open trailer into a closed one. This is arguably the cheapest and lightest closed snowmobile trailer idea!

Drawbacks? They don’t offer as much space and flexibility as the bigger v-nose snowmobile trailers.

Enclosed Trailers

Snowmobiles have become more and more expensive over the years, just like their services and parts. Therefore, owners want to protect them as much as they can.

That’s why enclosed snowmobile trailers are becoming more popular. These trailers are completely covered with a hard cover, which is usually made of aluminum.

The best ones are arguably the “v-nose” or “in-line” trailers as you can simply drive in and out of them. If you are considering a bigger enclosed trailer, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

The size of these snowmobile trailers varies widely depending on the make and model. The biggest trailers can accommodate up to 4-5 sleds with a lot of gear!

Their main advantage is that they are roomy and offer the best protection for both your sleds and gear. Many of them are high enough that you can walk into them. That’s why these models have become so popular.


  • Hefty price tags
  • Heavy weights
  • Towing issues
  • Harder to store
  • Need a bigger tow vehicle

Be careful when you are shopping around for these types of trailers as some manufacturers include the “v-nose” in the length, while others do not.

After this brief overview let’s move on and see which size snowmobile trailer you need!

Snowmobile Trailer Dimension Chart

For your convenience, we’ve collected the average snowmobile trailer dimensions and compiled them into one chart. Beware that these numbers represent the “bed size” or “deck size,” which refer to the platform where the sleds are placed.

The overall length of a snowmobile trailer is usually 6-7 feet longer than the bed.

TypeDeck Width (ft.)Deck Length (ft.)Overall Length (in)No. Of Snowmobiles

This chart is just for informational purposes! For exact measurements we can recommend that you visit the website of the respective trailer manufacturer.

What Size Snowmobile Trailer Do I Need?

What size snowmobile trailer do I need? We frequently get this question.

If you plan on transporting your snowmobile frequently, you will probably need a trailer. However, it’s good to know that snowmobiles can be transported on truck beds as well.

If you want a trailer, you may want to know which one would be best for you. The appropriate size snowmobile trailer for you depends on six main factors:

– How many snowmobiles you have
– The sizes of your snowmobiles (track sizes are also important)
– Whether you need an open or an enclosed trailer
– How much gear you want to take with you
– Your vehicle’s towing capacity
– The space where you are planning to store the trailer during the off-season

How Big is a Single Snowmobile Trailer?

What size snowmobile trailer do you need for one snowmobile? You need at least a 4×12-, or 4×14-foot open trailer for one sled. Enclosed single snowmobile trailers all come in the same length and they are typically about 6 feet wide.

If you are hesitating about which one to choose, it’s recommended that you buy one that is at least 14 feet long. Although snowmobile sizes vary by model, most of them will fit on these trailers. 10- and 12-foot trailers are slightly cheaper, but they often prove to be too short.

Moreover, the length of some freeride sleds can reach 14-15 feet, so these models will only fit on a 16-foot trailer.

That’s why it’s important to know the exact length of your sled before you make your purchase!

Beyond the dimensions of the trailers you’re considering, their weights and loading capacities are also important.  Make sure not to exceed the trailer and the towing vehicle’s capacities, so you can stay safe and be legal!

Will a Snowmobile Fit on a 4×8-Foot Trailer?

As a rule of thumb, snowmobiles won’t fit on a 4×8-foot trailer. As the average length of a snowmobile ranges from 10-12 feet, if you place one on a 4×8-foot trailer it will overhang. This could not only be dangerous but also against the law in many cases, thus it’s not recommended.

What Size Trailer is Needed for Two Snowmobiles?

What size trailer do you need for two snowmobiles? The average double snowmobile trailer is 12-16 feet long and 7-8 feet wide. If you want to place two sleds side-by-side, you will need a trailer that is at least 8.5 feet wide. These longer models offer extra space for your gear as well.

How Wide Should a Trailer be for 2 Snowmobiles?

For two snowmobiles, you will need a trailer that is at least 8.5 feet wide, if you want to load your sleds comfortably. This is because snowmobiles are typically 4-feet wide, so it’s hard to place them on a trailer that is narrower than 8.5 feet. However, it is possible to load two sleds on a 7-foot trailer if you load one of the sleds forward and the other backward.

Will Two Snowmobiles Fit on a 6×12-Foot Trailer?

No, two snowmobiles won’t fit on a 6×12-foot trailer, because of the aforementioned reasons. Additionally, many sleds are longer than 12 feet, that’s why it is recommended that you purchase a trailer that is at least 14 feet long. Two snowmobiles can only fit on a 6-12-foot trailer if they are kid-sized sleds.

Will Two Snowmobiles Fit on a 7×14-Foot Trailer?

Although two snowmobiles can fit on a 7×14-foot trailer, as we’ve discussed it’s not a convenient trailer size for 2 sleds. Why? Because you have to place one of the sleds forward while the other backward on the trailer. Even if you can place both of them on the trailer, it could be quite tight. However, if you have a v-nose trailer this might be better as the nose provides some extra space.

But why not buy a comfortable 8.5-foot-wide trailer and load the sleds side-by-side?

What Size Trailer is Needed for Three Snowmobiles?

If you want to transport more than two snowmobiles you will have to consider getting a larger trailer.

In general, you will need at least a 7×16-foot v-nose trailer for three snowmobiles with short tracks. This means 21 feet of overall length including the nose. If you have longer sleds, or want or bring a lot of gear, we can recommend that you choose a bigger trailer, around 20-24 feet, not counting the v-nose.

How Long is a 3-Place Snowmobile Trailer?

3-place snowmobile trailers are typically around 15-20 feet long. Many owners prefer 8.5-foot wide trailers in this category, since this is the only way to store two sleds side-by-side.

What’s the Minimum Size Trailer to Fit 3 Long Track Sleds?

The minimum size trailer to fit 3 long track snowmobiles is around 8×20-8×24. As an example: 3 long track sleds (160-165) fit comfortably in a 24-foot v-nose enclosed trailer.

What Size Trailer is Needed for Four Snowmobiles?

The average 4-place snowmobile trailers are 8-9 feet wide and 22-24 feet long. It’s safe to say that the majority of 4-place trailers are enclosed models. Purchasing 4 sleds is not a cheap investment, therefore, they deserve the best protection available.

What Size Trailer is Needed for Five Snowmobiles?

For five snowmobiles you will need a v-nose trailer 26-30-feet long (+ the nose)! These trailers are all pretty huge and quite heavy. So, don’t forget to calculate their overall weight and check your vehicle’s towing capacity before you make your final decision!

Again, the size of the trailer strictly depends on the length of your sleds. If you have five long track sleds, you will need a significantly longer trailer. For this many snowmobiles, you must do the math carefully!

Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask a reputable trailer dealership for advice. They can help you figure out which size snowmobile trailer you need.

Snowmobile Trailer FAQs

How long is a snowmobile trailer? Snowmobile trailers are around 10-30 feet long depending on the make and model. Open single and double trailers are around 10-16 feet long, while the enclosed models are significantly longer. Don’t forget that this measurement is just the length of the deck, and the overall length of the trailer is usually 6 feet more.

How wide is a snowmobile trailer?
Snowmobile trailers are typically 4-8.5 feet wide. Single trailers are just 4-5 feet wide, while double trailers range from 7 feet up to 8.5 feet. If you want to place 2 sleds side-by-side comfortably, the width of the trailer should be at least 8.5-feet.

Which snowmobile trailers are the smallest?
The smallest snowmobile trailers are single open trailers, as these are just 4 feet wide and 10-16 feet long.

Which snowmobile trailers are the biggest?
The biggest snowmobile trailers are the enclosed “v-nose” trailers. They can reach a width of 9 feet and an overall length of 36 feet!

How heavy is a snowmobile trailer?
The weight of the snowmobile trailer depends on their material and capacity. Here are some examples of the average weight of snowmobile trailers:
Open single trailers: 350-400 pounds
Open double trailers: 400-600 pounds
Open 3-4 place trailers: 1000-1500 pounds
Enclosed snowmobile trailers: 1200-3000 pounds

How many snowmobiles fit on a 7×19-foot trailer? You can transport up to three snowmobiles on a 7×19-foot trailer, but ultimately it always depends on the length of your sleds and the design of the trailer.

How many snowmobiles fit on a 7×23-foot trailer? In most cases, three or even four snowmobiles can fit on a 7×23-foot trailer.

Conclusion – What Size Trailer Do You Need for Your Snowmobile?

As you already know, the size trailer needed for your snowmobile is dependent on many factors. For your convenience, we’ve listed some vital buying tips, so you can make an informed decision:

  • Always double check your snowmobile(s) dimensions, and do the math upfront.
  • Beyond the sizes, their weight also matters.
  • Ask dealers/manufacturers for advice.
  • If you have doubts, put your sled in your truck and take it to the dealer.
  • Consider an enclosed trailer for better protection.
  • V-nose trailers are more popular and offer more space.
  • Don’t overlook the towing capacity of your car/truck.
  • Buy a good quality product, as you get what you pay for.

As a final word, if you are hesitating about the dimensions, go with the bigger one. It’s really cheap to add a couple of feet when you’re buying the trailer. But if it proves to be too small it’s a big hassle to have to sell and buy another one.

This is our shot summary of the average snowmobile trailer dimensions. We hope you find it useful!







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