Best Snowmobile Trailer Brands [16 Brands Compared!]

No one snowmobile trailer manufacturer is the same as another, and some companies are far better than others. When it comes to looking for the best snowmobile trailer brands, there are only 16 that stand out among the rest. These brands are:

  • Aluma
  • Blizzard
  • Bravo
  • Charmac
  • Featherlite
  • Halumark
  • Legend
  • Look
  • Mirage
  • Mission
  • Pace American
  • Rance
  • Sport Haven
  • Sno Pro
  • Trails West
  • Triton

What should a person know about each of these manufacturers?

The Best Snowmobile Trailer Brands

Aluma Snowmobile Trailers

Aluma is considered as one of the best of snowmobile trailer brands in the industry. Aluma was founded in 1992. But, due to an increase in demand for Aluma trailers, the company moved into a 12,000-square foot building in 1995.  In 2000, Aluma was acquired by the KLM Acquisition Company.

Since the acquisition, the company has grown even more.

  • The first expansion was in 2012, with the purchase of an Emmetsburg, Iowa building, measuring at 105,000 square feet. This purchase provided the company with space for research, development, production and storage of its enclosed trailer line. 
  • A second expansion was made in 2017. The company built a 43,000-foot square expansion that allowed for indoor shipping.

There is little doubt how far Aluma has come since its inception. Today, the company can build more than 300 trailers a week, shipping them throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Guam.  The company built and sent out roughly 14,400 trailers in 2016. Every one of its products come with a five-year, all-inclusive warranty.

Aluma offers more than 60 models of both enclosed and open cargo trailers, all lightweight, rust-free and robust. The company prides itself on offering high-quality products that can be used for years.


What makes Blizzard Manufacturing different from most other companies is that it’s an all-aluminum trailer manufacturer. Based in upper New York, the company prides itself on offering only the best products to its customers.  The trailer has a heavy-frame design, with an entirely sealed exterior and roof, truss bow system – all of which are monikers of the Blizzard trailer brand. The company offers standard features such as Camlock latches, interior finished walls and diamond kick plate.

Blizzard will also work with its customers to create a customized Blizzard trailer; manufactured at its Boonville plant.

Bravo Trailers

Mitchell Bender is the brains by the Bravo Trailers company. His goal was to develop a trailer customers would be proud to buy and have. Bender has 25 years’ experience in the industry who had already founded and established the nation’s largest cargo trailer manufacturer. He established Bravo Trailers with the intent for something new in 2011

And, using the clean-sheet approach he had in mind, Bender hired professional engineers to comprise of Bravo’s team. The team tirelessly works at providing customers with high-quality trailers with outstanding customer service. The Bravo team, with Bender at the helm, have a combined total of 100 years of trailer building experience to ensure customers get exactly what they deserve.

Bravo is all about trailers, which means the passion turns out only the best products coming out of the Bravo factory at highly competitive prices.


Max and Charlene Casperson founded Charmac Trailers in 1977, with the intent to offer only the best trailers for consumers. It’s been over 40 years, and the company is still family-owned and operated. Its manufacturing plant can be found in Twin Falls, Idaho, and has grown significantly since the early days.

Charmac Trailers consumers can expect nothing but the best in their high-quality custom trailer. To help assist customers in getting what they need, Charmac employs a team of customer service professionals to make the process go smoother – from beginning to end.

The company’s tradition is to offer only quality products, from basic cargo trailers to customized horse trailers. The work that goes into the company’s is second-to-none when it comes to craftsmanship, and customers will be pleased with the superior choice of a Charmac trailer.

Featherlite Snowmobile Trailers

Another well-known, high-respected snowmobile trailer manufacturer is Featherlite, which has been in business for more than 40 years and first offered a stock trailer to its consumers. The company is a leader in producing all-aluminum car, horse, recreational, specialty, stock and utility trailers.  There are more than 180 Featherlite trailer dealers in the U.S., Canada and some international spots. 

Consumers can visit the inventory section or reach out to the company to create and build a customized trailer.

Haulmark Trailers

With Haulmark trailers, consumers get a lot for their money. The company is focused on customer-driven innovation, incorporating smart product designs and fuel-value. For that, as well as its reliability, dependability and quality, Haulmark Trailers has seen substantial growth in the snowmobile trailer market since its birth over 40 years ago.

The company is based on Elkhart, Ind., but has close to 500 dealers throughout the U.S. Haulmark trailers are currently made in plants in four states – Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Utah.


Legend was founded in the early 2000s and, since that time, has become one of the best snowmobile trailer manufacturers on the market.

The company is dedicated to giving its consumer only the best products with outstanding craftsmanship. Legend is proud to offer unparalleled design and quality, backed by a warranty that demonstrates the pride the company has.

Best of all, Legend is family-owned and operated, selling its products only through a network of North American snowmobile trailer dealers.

Look Trailers

Consumers in the market for something lightweight for a snowmobile trailer or something much bigger and heavier should consider the Look Trailers products. Look offers snowmobile trailers that can be used for other means, such as an ATV trailer. The company ensures that its products are made of high-quality materials and offer people a plethora of room for their sleds.

Look leads the way in the snowmobile trailer industry, focusing on innovation and design, making sure that all products are strong, functional and dependable.  The company offers an array of designs, colors, options, weights and sizes, which means snowmobilers are going to find the right trailer for them.

The company is dedicated to only offering and bringing the best snowmobile trailers to the market.

Mirage Snowmobile Trailers

At inception in 2003, Mirage Trailers LLC went by the name Mirage Enterprises. Although the company is based in Nampa, Idaho, the company grew. With the growth, so has its capability to manufacture and distribute its products. It has become one of the nation’s leaders in snowmobile trailers.

Mirage goes by other names but is the leader for the construction of towable RVs, enclosed trailers and utility trailers. It’s also made waves with the introduction of new models in some trailer categories, making it stay as competitive as it once was in the continually growing market.


Mission Trailers is a leading aluminum trailer manufacturer in the U.S and Canada with its line of recreational trailers. No matter if a customer needs a small utility trailer or a larger enclosed gooseneck, Mission Trailers has it.  Consumers who need a lightweight trailer – be it enclosed or open – may want to consider an aluminum model. 

Mission has developed over 120 different open and enclosed aluminum trailer models and will build a customized trailer based on their customers’ needs. For that, the aluminum trailer line of ALCOM LLC (or Aluminum Company of Maine) is continually growing.

Pace American

Pace American understands what it is snowmobilers want because they share the same enthusiasm with their customers. Pace American helps its customers protect their snowmobile investment with a snowmobile trailer with its strong designs, durable construction and various features that make it a top contender in the industry. 

The company works tirelessly to ensure its customers have a trailer they can hit the road with even in the worst of winter weather.


Rance Aluminum was established in 1988, working its way to becoming a leader in the All-Aluminum trailer industry. At the very beginning, its founder, Rod Rance, wanted to create a product that wasn’t like any others on the market.  However, there wasn’t much available at the time to make this happen, which is why he went above and beyond to engineer products that met customers’ expectations. 

This led to the birth of the first enclosed trailer, unlike any other – “Renegade by Rance.”

Rance made sure not to spare no expense with its powerful aluminum chassis and walls, smooth handling, stainless steel hardware and unique sloping v-nose design for improved aerodynamics. All this to set itself apart from other snowmobile trailer contenders on the market.

Sno Pro

Sno Pro wants to make sure that its consumers get the style, performance and quality they demand in products. Regardless of what a consumer wants to haul – be it a snowmobile, TV or regular cargo – the company is dedicated to offering aluminum trailers to meet their needs.

Sport Haven Snowmobile Trailers

SH Distributing, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of recreational and marine products and is also the proud owner of Sport Haven. Since 2011, the company has produced an array of recreational trailers to meet its customers’ needs. 

Its trailers come with a three-year warranty and are manufactured with only the best parts offered on the market.

Sport Haven offers a massive line of trailers from Aluminum Enclosed Trailers, Aluminum Open Trailers and Aluminum Hybrid Trailers.

Trails West

Trails West has been offering its best enclosed snowmobile trailer products since 2009. Although the company was first established in 1987 to produce trailers, it embarked on this new business pathway.  The company’s goal was, and continues to be, to give its customers only the best and stand by its products and core values.  This is what it has done for 30+ years.

Trails West trailers are designed with an exterior corrosion-resistant aluminum, steel frame and an industry-first “vacuum-bonded doors and ramps.” This allows the company to provide enclosed snowmobile trailers at reasonable prices.

Triton Snowmobile Trailers

For more than 40 years, Triton Trailers has provided the market and consumers with only the best snowmobile trailer models. It’s the oldest North American aluminum trailer manufacturer, priding itself on continued quality, safety, innovation and customer service.

The goal behind Triton Trailers is to create and produce a complete line of high-quality aluminum trailers and commercial products for consumers around the world.

With consistent quality, exceptional customer service and a considerable line of unique products, the company is regarded as the best of the best in the snowmobile trailer industry. Triton Trailers team members work hard to meet customer demands in a safe and fun manner, improving products as they go along as well.

Conlusion – Who Makes the Best Snowmobile Trailer?

Many say that the best snowmobile trailers are made by Aluma, Featherlite, Legend, Mission and Triton. However, there are many other popular snowmobile trailer brands in the industry. For that reason, consumers are advised to do some research into the different manufacturers, including the models offered, the features and accessories that come with the models, etc.

A word of advice for consumers unsure of which two sizes of trailers to choose from: it’s always best to go with a bigger size. If the wrong size is purchased, it would mean the extra step of selling the smaller size and buying a bigger one.

This is our short compilation of the best snowmobile trailer brands. We hope you find it useful!

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