How Much HP Does a Polaris Snowmobile Have? [HP Chart]

As a rule of thumb, Polaris snowmobiles produce anywhere from 4-180+ HP depending on the model. The majority of Polaris sleds offer about 50-150 HP, whereas flagship turbocharged Polaris models can reach an amazing 170-180+ HP.

If you want to find out more about Polaris snowmobile horsepower ratings, this post is for you.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled the HP ratings of some of the most popular Polaris sleds into one chart!

How Much Horsepower Does a Polaris Snowmobile Have?

How Much HP Does a 120cc Polaris Snowmobile Have?

The tiny Polaris Indy 120 is engineered for children 6 years old and up. This lovely mini-sled is powered by a 121cc, 4-stroke single that features free-air cooling and a Mikuni BV-18 carb.

Although the official engine power is not listed, you can expect the performance of a stock Indy 120 to be in the ballpark of 4-8 HP depending on the year.

The engine features a basic speed governor, which restricts the speed of the machine to 8 mph. Bypassing this governor allows the sled to reach speeds of up to 13-15 mph.

How Much HP Does a 250cc Polaris Snowmobile Have?

It’s a lesser-known fact that certain vintage Polaris snowmobiles used 250cc engines in the ‘70s and ‘80s. These 2-stroke, fan-cooled engines generated about 18 HP.

One of the most well-known 250cc Polaris snowmobile engines was the Fuji 244cc. This 2-stroke, fan-cooled twin was rated at 18 HP and was used in several models including the 1988 Polaris Star Blue 250 and the Polaris TC 250.

The latter was a small compact sled designed to fit in a standard station wagon. It was available with two engine options, the Fuji 175cc single (10 HP) as well as the Fuji 244cc twin (18 HP).

How Much HP Does a Polaris 400 Snowmobile Have?

The horsepower ratings of vintage 350-400cc Polaris snowmobiles start at 35 HP and range up to 65 HP.

For example, the fan-cooled, 2-stroke, Fuji 339cc twin engine was used in many models including various Indy models like the Sport, GT, and Touring.

Later this engine configuration was carried over for many newer sleds including the Classic 340 and the LX 340.

For buyers looking for more engine power, Polaris marketed many great sleds with more powerful, 400cc engines.

The most popular models in this breed were arguably the Indy 400s powered by a liquid-cooled, 398cc twin engine rated at 62 HP. This power mill was much more powerful and faster than its 440 fanner counterparts.

Some popular sleds in this category were as follows:

  • 2004 Polaris Classic 340: 36 HP
  • 2007 Polaris LX 340: 36 HP
  • 1988-1992 Indy 400: 62 HP
  • 1991 Polaris XC 400: 62 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 440 Snowmobile Have?

Polaris 440 snowmobiles were marketed with both fan-cooled and liquid-cooled engine options. The 2-stroke, fan-cooled 440cc Polaris twin engine cranked out about 45-55 HP while their more advanced liquid-cooled counterparts offered 80-105 HP depending on the year.

In the early ‘90s, the liquid-cooled 440 Polaris sleds provided about 80 HP, but everything changed in 1997 when the manufacturer introduced its VES (Variable Exhaust System), which added about 6-10 HP to every engine.

By the end of the ’90, the majority of stock 440 Sno-Cross sleds could reach a whopping 95-105 HP!

Some of the best Polaris 440 snowmobiles were as follows:

  • 440 Fuji fanners: about 45-55 HP
  • 1995 Polaris XCR 440: 87 HP
  • 1997 Polaris XCR 440: 98 HP
  • 2005 Polaris 440 IQ Sno Pro: 105 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 500 Snowmobile Have?

The engine power of Polaris 500 snowmobiles ranges from 50 up to 110 HP.

Polaris 500 engines were available with triple and twin configurations depending on the model. However, the latter was more common in the domestic market.

The lesser-known Polaris 500 triple made its debut in the early ‘70s. One of the first commercially available models was the 1972 Polaris TX 500 LTD, powered by a free-air cooled, 502cc Fuji triple engine.

The features of this sled were carried over for the 1973 TX 500, which produced about 50 HP at 6500 RPM.

Later, a liquid-cooled configuration of this engine appeared in some other models like the 1979 Centurion, and became the predecessor of Polaris 600 and 650 triple engines.

The deservedly popular Indy 500 was also available with various twin-engine options, including the fan-cooled 488 (56 HP), 500 EFI, or the liquid-cooled and carbed 500. The latter was used in the Indy Classic.

The engine power of these models ranges from 56 HP up to 80 HP.

It’s safe to say that the Indy 500 was one of the most popular snowmobiles in history, as it was marketed for 18 years from 1988 through 2006.

Besides the Indy 500, some other well-known Polaris 500 sleds were as follows:

  • 1973 Polaris TX 500: 50 HP
  • 1979 Polaris Centurion: 100 HP
  • 1991 Polaris Indy 500: 72 HP
  • 1999 Polaris Indy 500: 78 HP
  • 2007 Polaris 500 XC SP 500: 105 HP

How Much HP Does a 550cc Polaris Snowmobile Have?

Interestingly, Polaris 550 snowmobiles only produce about 55-60 HP, since they typically utilize fan-cooled, 550cc twin engines.

You can still find 550 models in the latest Polaris lineup, like the Indy 550 and Indy Evo 550.

Other vintage Polaris sleds in this category include:

  • 2004 Polaris Super Sport 550: 60 HP
  • 2006 Polaris Edge Touring 550: 60 HP
  • 2007 Polaris LX 550: 60 HP
  • 2007 Polaris Touring Trail Deluxe 550: 60 HP
  • 2009 Polaris 550 IQ Shift: 60 HP
  • 2014 Polaris 550 Indy Adventure 550: 55 HP
  • 2021 Polaris Indy Evo 550: 55 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 600 Snowmobile Have?

You can expect the performance of a Polaris 600 snowmobile to be in the ballpark of 88-125 HP.

Some of the early sleds in this class were the XC, XCR, as well as XLT (Xtra Lite Triple) models.

The majority of these produced 88-100 HP except for the 1996-1998 XCR 600. Thanks to its factory-installed “triple-piped” exhaust configuration, this machine delivered a whopping 116 HP.

A lot of later 600 models utilized the popular and reliable Polaris Liberty 600 engine, which debuted in the late ‘90s. This liquid-cooled power source produced about 115-125 HP depending on the year.

In the mid-2000s, the manufacturer offered two different 600 engine options. The carbureted Polaris 600 HO was rated at 120 HP while the fuel-injected 600 HO CFI (CleanFire Injection) delivered 125 HP.

Some of the best Polaris 600 sleds are as follows:

  • 1993-94 Polaris XLT and XLT-SP: 88 HP
  • 1995-97 Polaris XLT 600: 90 HP
  • 1996-98 Polaris XCR 600: 116 HP
  • 2002 Polaris XC SP 600: 115 HP
  • 2007 Polaris IQ LX 600 HO CFI: 125 HP
  • 2007 Polaris IQ 600 HO: 120 HP
  • 2009 Polaris 600 Dragon SP 600: 125 HP
  • 2009 Polaris 600 IQ Shift: 120 HP
  • 2009 Polaris RMK 600 Shift: 120 HP
  • 2014 Polaris 600 Pro-RMK 600: 125 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 650 Snowmobile Have?

Polaris introduced its 2-stroke Patriot 650 twin-engine in 2020, which generates about 130-135 HP.

This power source is considered a smaller sibling of the Patriot 850 since these engines share the same block and many other features.

The Patriot 650 engine is used in many great Polaris sleds, including:

  • 2022 Polaris Indy XC 650: 135 HP
  • 2021 Polaris Indy VR1 650: 135 HP
  • 2022 Polaris Indy XCR 650: 135 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 700 Snowmobile Have?

Generally speaking, Polaris 700 snowmobiles produce about 120-140 HP depending on their engine configuration.

The legendary Liberty 700 engine was produced in two different versions.

The pre-’97 units are commonly known as “non-VES” Liberty engines since they lacked the exhaust power valves. These early Liberty 700 engines produced about 118-120 HP while their more advanced successors with VES valves had a remarkable 128-130 HP.

By 2007, Polaris had introduced its new Liberty 700 engine in the Dragon. This liquid-cooled, 700cc twin produced a remarkable 140 HP.

These 700cc Polaris snowmobile engines already had a good reputation for their excellent reliability and durability.

For example, you can find these engines in the following models:

  • 2003 Polaris 700 Pro X: 120 HP
  • 2002 Polaris Edge X 700: 130 HP
  • 2004 Polaris 700 Switchback 130 HP
  • 2004 Polaris 700 XC 130 HP
  • 2001-05 Polaris Edge XC 700: 130 HP
  • 2002-05 Polaris RMK 700: 130 HP
  • 2003 Polaris SKS 700: 130 HP
  • 2004 Switchback 700: 130 HP
  • 2007 Polaris IQ Dragon 700: 140 HP
  • 2009 Polaris RMK 700: 140 HP

How Much HP Does a Polaris 750 Snowmobile Have?

Polaris offered several 750cc snowmobile models over the years that were typically rated at 80-140 HP.

The first 750cc Polaris snowmobile engine was the liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Fuji 744cc triple that debuted in the 1993 Polaris Indy Storm.

This lively sled was the first stock triple-piped Polaris snowmobile, meaning that it featured three tuned pipes as well as reed valve induction. Thanks to these advanced features, the Fuji 744 cranked out about 137 HP.

The main idea behind this new engine was to keep up with the increasing performance of Yamaha’s Vmax4 and Arctic Cat’s Thundercats.

The 2-stroke Polaris 750 engines made a comeback in 2006 with the introduction of the “Fusion 700” engine. Contrary to its name, this engine was a 755cc 2-stroke twin rated at 138 HP.

It shared its block with the Fusion 900 (866cc) engine but featured smaller cylinders.

This engine was nestled in many 2006 Polaris sleds including the RMK 700 (755), and the Edge Touring 2-up 700 (755).

Unfortunately, this power mill had a bad reputation for its frequent overheating and vibrating issues. What’s more, due to its large block it was quite heavy as well.

Therefore, the Fusion 700 never became popular, so Polaris dropped it after only one year of production.

Besides their 2-stroke counterparts, 4-stroke Polaris 750 snowmobile engines also appeared in the 2000s.

The all-new parallel-twin 749cc power source was manufactured in Germany by Weber. As reported by, this unit was originally engineered as a microcar engine.

Polaris offered this engine in two variations, the 2006 Polaris FS Classic came with a naturally-aspirated, 80 HP engine configuration.

In contrast, the 2006 FST Switchback and FST Classic housed a turbocharged engine option rated at 140 HP. The latter was positioned as a luxury trail sled equipped with several convenience features.

The new 4-stroke Polaris 750 engine instantly became popular among riders, due to its low emissions and smooth, fuel-efficient operation.

Some of the best Polaris 750 sleds were as follows:

  • 1993 Polaris Indy Storm 750: 137 HP
  • 2006 Polaris RMK 700 (755cc): 138 HP
  • 2006 Polaris Edge Touring 2-UP: 138 HP
  • 2006 Polaris Classic FS IQ Touring 750: 80 HP
  • 2006 Polaris Classic FST 750: 140 HP
  • 2007 Polaris FST IQ LX 750: 140 HP
  • 2009 Polaris FST Switchback 750: 140 HP

How Much HP Does an 800cc Polaris Snowmobile Have?

Polaris has been offering snowmobiles with 800cc since the ‘90s. Whereas the vintage Polaris 800 sleds produced about 110-150+ HP, you can expect 150-160+ HP on their modern brothers.

The early Polaris 800 engines proved to be less reliable than their small-bore siblings, as they suffered from various factory defects.

Later many of these bugs were worked out, and the VES exhaust valves pushed the performance of these power mills into a range of 130-150 HP.

In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, Polaris 800 twin engines were capable of 120-140 HP, while the triples could even reach a whopping 150 HP.

The last 2-stroke Polaris 800 triple engine was used in the sports XCR 800, manufactured from 1999 to 2003.

A lesser-known 4-stroke Polaris 800cc snowmobile was the Polaris Frontier Classic 700. Contrary to its name, this sled was powered by a 784cc, 4-stroke engine rated at 48 HP.

This horizontal in-line twin had a similar design as that of Polaris ATV engines, but it came with electronic fuel injection.

Polaris’ new 800cc engine, the Liberty 800 was revealed in 2008. Although the claimed power of this engine was 154 HP, it could only reach about 145+ HP on the dyno.

As you can imagine, it led to many misunderstandings and unpleasant moments for the manufacturer.

The Liberty 800 was redesigned in 2014 when it got a semi-direct injection (SDI) and was rebranded as the Liberty 800 Cleanfire H.O.

By the late 2010s, this power source saw some updates, and its performance was increased up to 160+ HP.

As a reference, here is a list of some of the best Polaris 800 snowmobiles:

  • 2004 Polaris Frontier Classic 700: 48 HP
  • 1993 Polaris Indy Storm 800: 130 HP
  • 1994 Polaris Indy Storm 800: 140 HP
  • 2002 Polaris XC 800: 140 HP
  • 2004 Polaris 800 ProX: 140 HP
  • 2009 Polaris Dragon SP 800: 150 HP
  • 2014 Polaris 800 Pro-RMK: 150 HP
  • 2016 Polaris SKS 800: 150 HP
  • 2016 Polaris Rush 800 PRO-S: 150 HP
  • 2018 Polaris Titan 800: 160+ HP

How Much Horsepower does a Polaris 850 Snowmobile Have?

The most powerful Polaris snowmobiles are arguably the high-performance 850 models, as these machines pack about 165-181 HP depending on their engine configuration.

The first Polaris 850 snowmobile engine, the Patriot 850 was unveiled for the 2019 model year. This liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, naturally-aspirated 840cc twin produced about 165 HP.

For 2022, the manufacturer released a turbocharged version of this engine. The Patriot Boost debuted as Polaris’ first factory turbocharged 2-stroke snowmobile engine.

Although the official HP numbers have not been released for this engine, according to Snowgoer, it could be in the ballpark of 180-185 HP.

This amazing, turbocharged engine was unveiled in the RMK Khaos and Pro RMK platforms, but it’s already available in the trail-intended VR1 and the crossover Switchback Assault platforms.

Examples of Polaris 850 snowmobiles:

  • 2019 Polaris 850 Pro-RMK: 165 HP
  • 2021 Polaris Switchback Assault: 165 HP
  • 2021 Polaris INDY VR1: 165 HP
  • 2023 Polaris RMK Khaos Slash: 180+ HP

How Much Horsepower does a Polaris 900 Snowmobile Have?

Polaris 900 snowmobiles typically generate about 150-180 HP.

The first Polaris 900 snowmobile engine was the Liberty 900. This all-new power source was introduced in 2004 for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Polaris snowmobiles.

The Liberty 900 engine was revealed in the all-new Polaris Fusion sled. This horizontal in-line, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, 866cc twin cranked out about 150 HP and was designed with the stricter environmental restrictions in mind.

Polaris 900 snowmobiles have now made a comeback in 2023 with the all-new Patriot 9R engine. Although Polaris doesn’t advertise the engine power of this liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, 899cc twin, it’s claimed to produce 12 percent more torque and 7 percent more HP than the Patriot 850, Snowest reports.

Since the naturally-aspirated 850 produces about 186 HP, we can expect the engine power of the Patriot 9R to be in the ballpark of 175-180 HP.

As a reference, here are some popular Polaris sleds with 900 engines:

  • 2005 Polaris Fusion 900: 150 HP
  • 2005 Polaris RMK 900: 150 HP
  • 2023 Patriot 9R PRO RMK Slash: 175+ HP
  • 2023 Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash: 175+ HP

How Much HP Does a 1000cc Polaris Snowmobile Have?

1000cc, 4-stroke Polaris snowmobiles just hit the market for the 2023 season. Although the official performance numbers haven’t been released, you can expect the engine power of the oncoming 4-stroke 1000cc Polaris snowmobiles to be around 90 HP, Supertraxmag reports.

Polaris Snowmobile Horsepower Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the HP ratings of some of the most popular models into this Polaris snowmobile HP chart:

ModelEngine Power (HP)Displ. (cc)
1975 Polaris TC 17510 HP175 cc
1975 Polaris TC 25018 HP244 cc
1988 Polaris Star Blue 25018 HP244 cc
2004 Polaris Classic 34036 HP339 cc
2007 Polaris LX 34036 HP339 cc
2004 Polaris Frontier Classic 70048 HP748 cc
1973 Polaris TX 50050 HP502 cc
2014 Polaris 550 Indy Adventure 55055 HP544 cc
2021 Polaris Indy Evo 55055 HP544 cc
2004 Polaris Super Sport 55060 HP544 cc
2006 Polaris Edge Touring 55060 HP544 cc
2007 Polaris LX 55060 HP544 cc
2007 Polaris Touring Trail Deluxe 55060 HP544 cc
2009 Polaris 550 IQ Shift60 HP544 cc
1988-1992 Indy 40062 HP398 cc
1991 Polaris XC 40062 HP398 cc
1991 Polaris Indy 50072 HP488 cc
1999 Polaris Indy 50078 HP488 cc
2006 Polaris Classic FS IQ Touring 75080 HP749 cc
1993-94 Polaris XLT and XLT-SP88 HP580 cc
1995-97 Polaris XLT 60090 HP597 cc
1995 Polaris XLT-SP 60090 HP597 cc
1997-98 Polaris XLT-LTD 60090 HP597 cc
1995 Polaris XCR 60092 HP597 cc
1996 Polaris XLT-SP 60092 HP597 cc
1997-98 Polaris XLT-SP 60097 HP597 cc
1997 Polaris XLT-LTD-SP 60097 HP597 cc
1997 Polaris XC 60097 HP597 cc
1997 Polaris XCR 55098 HP439 cc
1979 Polaris Centurion100 HP502 cc
1999 Polaris XLT-SP 600100 HP597 cc
2000 Polaris Triumph100 HP597 cc
2005 Polaris 440 IQ Sno Pro105 HP439 cc
2007 Polaris 500 XC SP 500105 HP500 cc
2002 Polaris XC SP 600115 HP599 cc
1996 Polaris XCR-SP 600116 HP600 cc
1997-98 Polaris XCR 600116 HP600 cc
2007 Polaris IQ 600 HO120 HP599 cc
2009 Polaris 600 IQ Shift120 HP599 cc
2009 Polaris RMK 600 Shift120 HP599 cc
2003 Polaris 700 Pro X120 HP700 cc
2007 Polaris IQ LX 600 HO CFI125 HP599 cc
2009 Polaris 600 Dragon SP 600125 HP599 cc
2014 Polaris 600 Pro-RMK 600125 HP599 cc
2002 Polaris Edge X 700130 HP700 cc
2004 Polaris 700 Switchback 130130 HP700 cc
2004 Polaris 700 XC130 HP700 cc
2001-05 Polaris Edge XC 700130 HP700 cc
2002-05 Polaris RMK 700130 HP700 cc
2003 Polaris SKS 700130 HP700 cc
1993 Polaris Indy Storm 800130 HP794 cc
2022 Polaris Indy XC 650135 HP650 cc
2021 Polaris Indy VR1 650135 HP650 cc
2022 Polaris Indy XCR 650135 HP650 cc
1993 Polaris Indy Storm 750137 HP744 cc
2006 Polaris RMK 700138 HP755 cc
2006 Polaris Edge Touring 2-UP138 HP755 cc
2007 Polaris IQ Dragon 700140 HP700 cc
2009 Polaris RMK 700140 HP700 cc
2006 Polaris Classic FST 750140 HP749 cc
2007 Polaris FST IQ LX 750140 HP749 cc
2009 Polaris FST Switchback140 HP749 cc
1994 Polaris Indy Storm 800:140 HP794 cc
2002 Polaris XC 800140 HP794 cc
2004 Polaris 800 Pro X140 HP794 cc
2009 Polaris Dragon SP 800150 HP795 cc
2014 Polaris 800 Pro-RMK150 HP795 cc
2016 Polaris SKS 800150 HP795 cc
2016 Polaris Rush 800 PRO-S150 HP795 cc
2005 Polaris Fusion 900150 HP866 cc
2005 Polaris RMK 900150 HP866 cc
2018 Polaris Titan 800160 HP795 cc
2019 Polaris 850 Pro-RMK165 HP840 cc
2021 Polaris Switchback Assault165 HP840 cc
2021 Polaris INDY VR1165 HP840 cc
2023 Patriot 9R PRO RMK Slash175+ HP899 cc
2023 Patriot 9R RMK Khaos Slash175+ HP899 cc
2023 Polaris RMK Khaos Slash180+ HP840 cc

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, refer to the factory manual.

FAQs About Polaris Snowmobile Engines

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on the topic!

How Much HP does a Polaris snowmobile have?

The majority of Polaris snowmobiles offer about 50-150 HP, while flagship models can hit an amazing 180+ HP.

How Much HP does a 4-stroke Polaris snowmobile have?

The HP ratings of 4-stroke Polaris snowmobiles range from 50 up to 140+ HP.

How Much HP does a turbocharged Polaris snowmobile have?

4-stroke turbocharged Polaris snowmobiles produce about 140 HP, while their 2-stroke siblings can hit a whopping 170-180+ HP.

Which Polaris snowmobile has the most HP?

The most powerful Polaris snowmobile models are powered by the turbocharged Patriot Boost engine. This power source can crank out more than 180 HP! You can find this engine on the following platforms:

  • RMK Khaos
  • Pro RMK
  • VR1
  • Switchback Assault

What is a Polaris Liberty 550 engine?

Polaris Liberty 550 is a fan-cooled, carbureted, 544cc twin-cylinder engine.

How much HP does the Polaris Liberty 550 have?

The Polaris Liberty 550 engine is rated at 55 HP.

What is a Polaris 600 Cleanfire engine?

The 600 Cleanfire is a liquid-cooled, semi-direct injected (SDI), 600cc engine, specifically engineered for the Limited Edition 600R Race Sled. This power source is considered part of the Liberty engine family.

What is the Patriot 850 engine?

The Patriot 850 engine is a liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, naturally-aspirated 840cc twin Polaris engine.

When did the Patriot 850 come out?

Polaris introduced the Patriot 850 engine for the 2019 model year.

How much HP does the Patriot 850 have?

The naturally-aspirated Patriot 850 is rated at 165 HP.

Is the Polaris 850 Patriot a 4-stroke engine?

No, the Polaris 850 Patriot is a 2-stroke engine.

What is the Patriot Boost engine?

The Polaris Patriot Boost engine is a turbocharged version of the Patriot 850 engine.

When did the Patriot Boost come out?

The Patriot Boost engine was introduced for the 2022 season, as the first factory-built 2-stroke Polaris snowmobile engine.

How much HP does the Patriot Boost have?

The performance of the Patriot Boost is about 180-185 HP.

What is the Patriot 650 engine?

The Patriot 650 is the smaller brother of the big-bore Patriot 850. These engines share the same block and many features, but the 650 has smaller pistons and cylinders. Regarding specifications, the Patriot 650 is a liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, 650cc twin featuring the advanced Cleanfire fuel injection system.

When did the Patriot 650 come out?

The Patriot 650 engine was unveiled for the 2020 model year.

How much HP does the 650 Patriot have?

The Polaris Patriot 650 engine generates about 130-135 HP.

Is the Polaris 650 Patriot A 4-stroke?

No, the Patriot 650 is a 2-stroke twin engine.

What is the Patriot 9R engine?

The Patriot 9R engine is a big-bore 2-stroke Polaris snowmobile engine. This liquid-cooled 899cc twin utilizes the architecture of the smaller Patriot engines, but it comes with larger cylinders.

When did the Patriot 9R come out?

Polaris released the Patriot 9R engine for the 2023 season.

How much HP does the Patriot 9R have?

You can expect the performance of the Polaris Patriot 9R in the ballpark of 180-185 HP.

Is the Polaris Patriot 9R a 4-stroke engine?

No, the Patriot 9R is a 2-stroke twin engine.


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