How Much Weight Can a Jet Ski Hold? [Weight Limit Chart]

Generally speaking, a jet ski can hold about 350-600 pounds depending on its hull design and seat capacity. The smallest, 2-seater jet skis offer a weight limit of about 350-400 pounds, while the “average” jet ski can carry 400-500 pounds. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find 3-seater Luxury and Performance models with a weight capacity of 500-600 pounds.

If you want to find out more about jet ski weight capacities, you are in the right place.

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How Much Weight Can a Jet Ski Hold?

It’s safe to say that nearly every stock jet ski model has a specific weight capacity, and for good reason. Exceeding this limit makes the jet ski unstable, which can lead to handling issues. In a worst-case scenario the jet ski can roll over as you can see in this video:

Low weight limits were common problems on many vintage jet skis. Although many of them were sold as a 2-seater jet ski, in reality many of them were too tipsy when two adult riders were onboard.

But over the years the hull of jet skis has started to grow, and now many of them can reach the length of 10-12 feet.

Along with their dimensions and performance, their weight capacities have also increased.

Today the majority of the newest jet skis can carry a lot of gear and two or even three adult passengers without causing any issues.

Jet Ski Weight Limit Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the official weight limits of production jet skis into one chart.

CategoryWeigh Limit (lbs)
Stand-Up jet ski1 rider
2-seater jet skis350-400
3-seater jet skis450-600

For informational purposes only! The exact weight limit of each jet ski is clearly stated in its manual.

Also, keep in mind that the weight limit of a jet ski always refers to the total load including passengers as well as the fuel and the cargo in storage compartments!

Let’s drill into the details and take a closer look at these numbers by category.

How Much Weight Can a Stand-Up Jet Ski Hold?

As a rule of thumb, the weight limit of a Stand-Up jet ski is typically specified as “one person.” This is because riding these machines is always a solo activity. So, manufacturers usually limit the number of riders instead of identifying specific weight limits. However, Kawasaki has provided the official weight limit for the SX-R 1500 Stand-Up jet ski, which is 165 pounds including the cargo and the rider.

How Much Weight Can a 2-Person Jet Ski Hold?

Surprisingly, you can find only a few 2-person jet skis on the market. The weight capacity of these 2-seater models is typically 350-400 pounds depending on the make and model. Keep in mind that Rec-Lite 2-seater jet skis like the Sea-Doo Spark is only comfortable for an adult and one child.

Although these tiny crafts are legal to ridden by two adults, if the riders are large the small hull can easily become unbalanced.

For more details, don’t miss this great Sea-Doo Spark weight capacity test:

How Much Weight Can a 3-Person Jet Ski Hold?

The weight limits of 3-person jet skis range from 450 up to 600 pounds. Except for the Rec-Lite category, all stock 3-seater jet skis can carry a lot of weight including 3 adult passengers. Although many Rec-Lite jet skis (like the Sea-Doo Spark or Yamaha EX series) also have a reasonable weight capacity, these models can actually carry 2 adult riders and a child.

But based on real-life experiences, in many cases two large adults means too much weight on a 3-seater Rec-Lite jet ski.

This is why you never see these small jet skis in ads with 3 adults onboard!

These small and playful crafts are primarily designed for playing around alone. Just like vintage 2-stroke models, Rec-Lite jet skis have a smaller and nimbler hull. They are more of a “personal” watercraft rather than a family jet ski.

If you are looking for a real 3-seater model, you may want to take a look at the Recreation, Luxury, or Performance categories. All of these jet skis can carry a lot of weight as well as 3 adult riders with ease.


The average jet ski has a weight capacity of 400-500 pounds. However, the weight limit of jet skis varies from one model to the next, and depends on many factors. The smallest 2-seater models can carry about 350-400 pounds. In contrast, the biggest Luxury jet skis can even handle 500-600 pounds.

It very important to note that these limits always refer to the total load of the jet ski including the fuel, your gear, as well as the passengers!

If you are looking for bigger capacities, you should take a look at jet ski boat converters or even vintage 4-seater jet skis.

Jet skis’ weight limits are always clearly stated in their manuals. Always make sure you check these limits and don’t exceed them if you want to stay safe and legal.

An overloaded jet ski can easily become tipsy or even roll over in the water. What’s more, too much weight may result in loss of control or a longer stopping distance.

As a final word, keeping safety in mind, never exceed the weight limit of a jet ski!


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