What is a Jet Ski Boat? [6 Models Compared!]

Many people love to get out on the water – to have a good time and/or relax. Some people just enjoy the idea of relaxing in the middle of the water on a boat while others want a little more adventure and partake in the fun of jet skiing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do both?

Well, you can! It’s called a Jet Ski Boat!

What is a Jet Ski Boat?

The special jet ski boat, also called jet ski boat attachments or jet ski boat converters, receives its power from a jet ski instead of a typical outboard or inboard engine. It takes a matter of minutes to add or remove a jet ski from the boat, ensuring a flexible setup.

They are one of the most popular recreational vehicles on the market, as they are a cross between a boat and a jet ski. Rather than buying an individual boat and jet ski, which can be costly upfront, with continued maintenance and storage, a jet ski boat gives you the enjoyment of both in one. A jet ski boat is undoubtedly a water enthusiast’s dream come true. It works like a speedboat but uses the jet ski to give them their power.

How Much is a Jet Ski Boat?

A jet ski boat price will vary on the make and model but can range anywhere from $3,000 to $40,000. The less expensive models are the smaller RIB jet ski boats. If you were to buy a fiberglass jet ski boat, you could spend between $15,000 to $40,000. Again, size and capacity play a role in how much you pay for it.

Are you interested in buying a jet ski boat for yourself?

If so, then it’s time to research the different jet ski boat manufacturers and their offerings. The five best manufacturers are Sealver, DockitJet, SeaQuester, 2 Eazy Jet Ski Boats, Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos and Sani Jet Ski Boats. Which manufacturer should you purchase from?

Jet Ski Boat for Sale

Are you looking for a jet ski boat for sale?  If so, then it’s time to research the different jet ski boat manufacturers and their offerings.

The five best manufacturers are Sealver, DockitJet, SeaQuester, 2 Eazy Jet Ski Boats, Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos and Sani Jet Ski Boats.

Which manufacturer should you purchase from?

Sealver Wave Boats

Sealver, which is one of the most popular jet ski boat attachment manufacturers on the market and based in France, sells its products throughout the world, such as the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It takes just seconds to convert a jet ski into a speed boat with the Sealver Wave Boat. If you own a jet ski, you can quickly own a powerboat that allows you to entertain friends whenever you want. And if you want to ride the jet ski, just disconnect it from the boat and have your fun.

When the jet ski is detached from the boat, you can use the optional inflatable mattress or a board to stand or lay down on, making the space still useful.

Sealver has designed five models to meet an array of needs. Some models have fiberglass hulls, while others have a rigid inflatable hull. The 444 is the smallest model, which measures a little more than 14 feet in length and weighs more than 675 pounds. It’s a compact design.  The big brother to that model is the Sealver WB656, which measures 21 feet long and weighs more than 1,300 pounds.

Sealver also designs special-purposes boats for professionals.

The manufacturer has also created a plethora of accessories that can be added to their models. The most popular of all accessories is the Full Wake Pack. This includes a wakeboard tower, Bimini top for shade, table with cushion, navigation lights, gel-coated colored hull, etc.

Sealver offers many convenience packages to choose from, along with its sports packages, which may include a canopy, table, cooler, etc. It all depends on your preferred model. Sealver wave boats are compatible with many jet ski manufacturers, including Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha.

DockitJet Jet Ski Boats

DockitJet, in an effort to improve capacity and stability with PWC, has come up with a number of solutions such as the inflatable RIB boat hull. Another solution they designed is the “DockitJet RIB Kit Inflatable Collars,” which are easily and quickly added to the jet ski hull to improve safety and stability. The design can be used in any sea rescue operation attempt.

The RIB Kit Inflatable Sponsons increases the deck space by 33 percent, which you can use for jet ski fishing or working.  While this kit is locked to the jet ski, there’s no chance of turning over or sinking.

SeaQuester Jet Ski Boat Attachments

SeaQuester, located along the Gold Coast of Australia, was founded by second-generation shipbuilder Russ Weston. Weston has worked in the industry for over 30 years, developing and building luxury vessels for Australia and Europe. Before founding SeaQuester, he worked with two large Australian boat building companies on their Design & Development teams.

The experience enabled him to develop his own Jet Ski Boat Combo, such as the SeaQuester 530F and 530S. Both have the same specifications – a length of 208 inches with an 85-inch bean and weigh around 700 pounds. However, the difference is the carrying passenger count and features. One standard feature is the navigation lights and bilge pump.

SeaQuester allows for the customization of graphics and colors.

SeaQuester models will work with many of the PWC manufacturers, such as Sea-Doo and Yamaha.

2 Eazy Jet Ski Boats

Another highly-regarded Australian jet ski boat manufacturer is 2 Eazy. To date, they’ve only designed one model, but it’s compatible with nearly any jet ski equipped with a 160 to 310HP engine. 

2 Eazy will make the adjustment to the docking station to the jet ski, so you don’t have to. Its converters measure 5.15 meters long and 2.51 meters wide with a 450kg weight. Sitting is for six persons with a maximum weight capacity of 500kg. Other features that buyers can take advantage of include:

  • Cushy cushions
  • Glove box
  • Galvanized dual axle trailer
  • Large self-draining storage compartments
  • Navigational lights
  • Self-draining anchor locker
  • Wakeboard tower with Bimini

Sanj Jet Ski Boats

Sanijang Boats, based in China, has come up with two of its own models of jet ski boats:

SJFZ16 – This comprises of a fiberglass hull and has a measurement of 5.16m long and 2.51m wide. It weighs 460kg and can hold up to six people.  The larger model measures 6.4m long and 2.86m wide. It includes an inflatable RIB hull.

The primary business of Sanj is the development, manufacturing and sale of jet skis, yachts and aluminum speed boats. Their products are sold throughout the world, including China and 30+ other countries. The company also offers a complete after-sales’ service system.

Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos

For those who wonder if jet ski boat combos are a new phenomenon, be aware that they’re not. Case in point, Shuttle Craft began the development of these types of crafts more than 20 years ago.

This Canadian company, which quit manufacturing their models some time ago, offered some of the best models on the market. Today, you can find their products – used – at a reasonable price. The only problem is that their designs are ill-equipped with the current watercraft models on the market due to an increase in hull and size. 

If you come across a Shuttle Craft jet ski boat with a jet ski along with, it’s definitely worth considering and buying.


There are all kinds of ways in which to convert a jet ski into a boat, but the best way to do so is through jet ski boat attachments. This allows you to expand storage and passenger space. If you want to enjoy a day out with friends and family, a jet ski boat is a great way to do so.  

They offer a plethora of benefits, but the expense can be extravagantly high for some individuals (with prices that rival costlier PWC models). They are also heavier and larger than an alone jet ski, which may be problematic for people looking to store it in a garage or towing it with their vehicle.

Still, jet ski boat attachments are regarded as an extremely resourceful vessel that anybody with a passion for water should take a second gander at.

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