12 Best Places to Buy a Boat [To Find the Best Deals!]

If you’re in the market to buy a boat you want to make sure that you know where to go and how to get started. You want to know exactly where you’re going to get the best options and the best prices on that next boat. And that’s where you need to have this list of the 12 best places to buy a boat.

In general, you’ll want to take a look at private parties, brokerages, and dealerships, but there are other places that you can check out as well.

We at PowerSportsGuide have gathered everything under one roof.

What are the best used boat websites?

Are you looking for a used boat but don’t know where to start? There are some great websites out there, like the ones listed below, which will give you plenty of options for boats and more.

This is a great way to find out more about the current boats available, the price ranges for different types of boats, and what the market actually looks like. You’ll be able to find a lot of information by checking out any of these websites.

1. Online Classifieds Site

You’ve likely checked out classifieds sites before, but if you’re looking for a boat you definitely need to take a closer look. That’s because these sites are some of the best to find what you’re looking for.

  • eBay
  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • Classifieds in online newspapers

You’ll find a whole bunch of different options when it comes to shopping in any of these locations. And you’re going to be working with private people, which means you may be able to get a better deal than going through other avenues.

2. Boat Magazine classifieds

Many boat magazines will offer a classifieds section at the back (or somewhere in the middle). That’s where you can list your own boat for sale and find out more about others. These could be located anywhere in the country though so it’s important to consider that before you decide to make an offer or call someone about any of them.

Sometimes you can find information on the magazine website as well and often there will be even more choices that way. There’s only so much space available online, after all. Besides the above-mentioned websites, don’t forget to check the classifieds of boat magazines.

3. Online Forums and FaceBook Groups

When it comes to finding more information you can’t go wrong with online forums and definitely the various Facebook groups out there. You’ll find some that are dedicated to specific types of boats or even just for selling while others are about everything you may want to know about your boat. There are many threads on online forums dedicated to purchasing a boat.

You can find the best boating forums here.

4. Yacht Brokers

If you’re looking for new or used boats you can check with a yacht broker. These places have plenty of great options for you as well and people may post exclusively on these websites so you’ll want to check it out. Also, remember that boat brokers will generally have a list of people who they know are looking for something in particular so you may not even get a chance to see what’s available if you don’t talk to someone first.

5. Dealerships

Once again, you can find both new and used boats here. All you have to do is call them up or drive by and you can see what they have available. Some also have websites where you can get even more information before you even go to the dealership. Plus, they usually have a warranty or guarantee, even when you’re considering a used boat.

6. Boat Shows

Generally, the best place to find out about new boats that are coming onto the market is at a boat show. You don’t necessarily have to buy it there but you can at least see a lot of the new options and check out what you like and don’t like. You may not get as great of deals here, but you will still get to see a whole lot more than you would anywhere else.

7. Marinas

Marinas don’t always have boats available for sale, but you will still want to take a look at what’s there. You might find something that you’re really interested in and then you know what to look for. Or you might want to make an offer on a boat that’s not for sale.

Some marinas also have boards where owners can post their boat for sale and then you could find more information. Or you could post your own notice letting others at the marina know that you’re in the market and what you’re looking for. In the end, you’ll get a lot of information and have a good time too.

8. Boat Clubs

Local boat clubs are going to be similar to going to a marina where you’ll get to talk with owners and find out more about their boats and what might be for sale. You can also check out some of the popular options and decide if there’s something, in particular, you’re interested in. Joining a group of people who like similar boats to what you want is a great way to go.

9. Rental Services

Rental services are great because they only want to keep their boats around for a set amount of time. After a while, they want newer boats or they need upgraded features and then they might be interested in selling the old boats that they have. So, talk to them and see what might be available.

10. Auctions

If you have a little more time on your hands checking out an auction might be a good way to go. Sometimes you can get a great boat for a low price at auction, but make sure you’re aware of what a great price is so you don’t end up caught up in the moment and spending more than you should.

You might even be able to find charity boat auctions that will give proceeds to different charities that might be important to you.






11. Boatyards

You might not think about a boatyard but these are a great place to go. You’ll find several that are abandoned and the yard doesn’t want them. As a result, they’re willing to sell those boats to you for a low price just to get them out. They might need a bit of work, but you’ll be able to get a great price and a great boat.

12. Bonus Tip: Just Google for Boats for Sale Near Me

Finally, you can always check out the internet. Get on Google and type in ’boats for sale near me’ or include your city and state. You might be surprised at what you find.




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