Yamaha Outboard Fault Code List [DTC Chart]

Yamaha outboard fault codes (DTC codes) are three-digit numeric codes used to diagnose malfunctions in the motor. These codes can be read with a Yamaha YDS Marine Diagnostic kit, but sometimes they appear directly on the gauge.

If you want to find out more about the topic and read the official Yamaha outboard fault codes on one list, this post is for you.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What are Fault Codes on a Yamaha Outboard?

Just like vehicles and heavy machines, most Yamaha outboard motors feature an onboard computer, known as the ECM (Engine Control Module). This micro-computer is considered to be the “brain” of the motor.

In case of a malfunction, the ECM generates a code that describes the given problem. These codes are often accompanied by a flashing check engine light.

The latter alerts you about the issue while reading the code helps identify the malfunction.

Yamaha fault codes are known by many names including error codes, service codes, and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Note that this diagnostic system is only present in midrange and large-size outboards, 30 HP and up.

How do You Read Fault Codes on a Yamaha Outboard?

Simply put, the three ways to read fault codes on a Yamaha outboard are as follows:

  • Read them on the gauge
  • Extract them with a Yamaha YDS Marine Diagnostic tool
  • Take the boat to a Yamaha dealership or service shop

Let’s take a close look at each!

Read Fault Code on the Gauge

If you are lucky, you can read the fault code right on the gauge.

On many boats, the information station display or the tachometer is designed to display fault codes.

Some of these gauges can even display the meaning of the code, while others only show the alphanumeric fault code.

If you want to read the codes on your gauge you have to locate the service functions in the menu, which is intended to display the self-diagnostic result of the engine. If you can’t find this function, you may want to check your owner’s manual.

The simplest gauges don’t even display the code, they only have a check engine light, which only serves to alert you that there is a problem.

To check the error code on these boats, you have to attach a special diagnostic tool to the motor.

Let’s see how it’s done!

Yamaha YDS Marine Diagnostic Tool

If you can’t extract the fault code from the gauge, you will need a Yamaha YDS Marine Diagnostic tool to read it.

Also known as a Yamaha diagnostic scanner, the YDS kit contains software and a diagnostic cable.

The former has to be installed on a laptop while the diagnostic cable is for connecting the laptop to the outboard’s diagnostic port.

Where is the diagnostic port on a Yamaha outboard? On most models, you can find it under the cowling, mounted to the side of the engine.

Just connect the cable and install the software on your laptop, which will help you read and interpret the current fault code.

The key advantage of the Yamaha YDS Marine Diagnostic tool is that it can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Reading and resetting the fault code(s).
  • Reading the EMM module identification.
  • Reading sensors and actuators in real time.
  • Reading of technical parameters in real-time.
  • Tests operation of the electric fuel pump.
  • Tests sensors and actuators in real time.
  • Tests operation of the injectors and high voltage coils.
  • Generating the graphics of engine operation.
  • Reading the serial numbers of the injectors.
  • Replace the injector and injector data file.
  • Reading of temperature and voltage of the TPS.
  • Printing or export of diagnostic data to PDF files.
  • Other tests and analyzes.

Take Your Boat to a Dealer

If you don’t have a YDS Diagnostic Tool and don’t even want to invest in one, your last option is to take the boat to a Yamaha dealer or a professional service shop.

Although this involves some hassle and expense, a shop can not only read the code for you but can also help with repairs.

How do You Clear Fault Codes on a Yamaha Outboard?

You can not only read but also clear the fault codes on a Yamaha outboard with a YDS Marine Diagnostic tool.

Note that the error codes that are stored in the ECU can only be cleared with this tool.

Just make sure that the malfunction has been fixed before clearing the code. Fault codes are generated for a reason, so deleting them without inspecting the engine is definitely not recommended!

In some cases, a defective sensor can foul the system, generating an error code without the presence of an error.

If you can’t find any malfunctions but the error code keeps coming back, it’s time to take your motor to a professional.

How do You Reset the Check Engine Light on a Yamaha Outboard?

Once the repair or maintenance has been done, the check engine light should automatically disappear. If this does not happen, you can still reset the error code and the check engine light with a YDS scanner tool.

On certain boats, you can also reset the check engine light on a Yamaha outboard with the gauge.

The check engine light often appears due to a scheduled maintenance reminder. Unfortunately, in many cases, the light gets stuck even if the maintenance has been done.

When this happens, resetting the maintenance interval time should fix the issue.

Based on our research, the exact procedure is as follows:

Check engine reset on Command Link gauges:

  1. Turn the engine OFF and the engine start switch ON.
  2. Press MODE button for 4 seconds to activate the custom mode.
  3. Press SET button to switch to the resetting display.
  4. Press SET + MODE button at the same time for 1 second to reset the elapsed time to “0 h.”
  5. Press SET Button for 1 second to return to the normal display.

Press the Set button for 1 second from step 3 to cancel the resetting of the elapsed time and return to the custom mode selection.

In contrast, on newer (non-Command Link) gauges the reset procedure for the check engine light is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the MODE button down for 5 seconds.
  2. Then select CAL1, which is calibration 1.
  3. Then hold the MODE and SET buttons down TOGETHER for 1 SECOND.
  4. This will reset the gauge and clear the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT off the display.
  5. This will reset the display if it’s a service reminder.

Note: These processes are not necessarily applicable to all Yamaha outboards. The exact process may vary by model, but it’s always described in the owner’s manual.

Yamaha Outboard Fault Code List

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the official Yamaha outboard fault codes under one roof:

1 – Normal (No Faults)

 13 – Incorrect Pulsar Coil Signal

 14 – Incorrect Crank Position Sensor Signal

 15 – Incorrect Engine Temperature Sensor Signal

 17 – Knock Sensor

 18 – Incorrect Throttle Position Sensor Signal

 19 – Incorrect Battery Voltage

 22 – Incorrect Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Signal

 23 – Incorrect Intake Air Temperature Signal

 24 – EX CAM Position Sensor

 25 – Incorrect Fuel Pressure Signal

 26 – Incorrect Injector Signal

 27 – Incorrect Water in Fuel Signal

 28 – Incorrect Shift Position Switch Signal

 29 – Incorrect Intake Air Pressure Sensor

 31 – No Tach Signal Output From ECU (OX66)

 33 – Ignition Timing Slightly Corrected due to

 Starting a Cold Engine

 35 – ECU Processing Information (OX66)

 36 – ECU Processing Information (OX66)

 37 – Intake Air Passage (Electronic Throttle Valve)

 or ECU Processing Information (OX66)

 38 – ECU Processing Information (OX66)

 39 – Oil Pressure Sensor

 40 – ECU Processing Information (OX66)

 41 – Overrev Control During Ignition Cutoff Operation (OX66)

 42 – Overheat Control or No Oil Control (OX66)

 43 – Buzzer Sounding (OX66)

 44 – Incorrect Engine Stop Lanyard Switch Signal

 45 – Shift Cut Off

 46 – Overheat Switch

 49 – Over Cooling

 59 – ECM Memory (For Trouble Record Only)

 62 – 98 Low Fuel Pressure

 68 – VCT (S Bank) Starboard Valve Pulley Abnormal Advance

 69 – VCT (P Bank) Port Valve  Pulley Abnormal Advance

71 – S bank IN Starboard IN CAM Position Sensor

 72 – P bank IN Port IN CAM Position Sensor

 73 – OCV (S Bank) Starboard Oil Control Valve

 74 – OCV (P Bank Port Oil Control Valve

 75 – RCS

 76 – RCS

 77 – RCS

 78 – RCS

 79 – RCS

 80 – RCS

 81 – RCS

 82 – RCS

 83 – Tirm/Tilt Angle Sensor

 84 – RCS

 85 – IDM Ioncurrent Detection Module

 86 – Y-COP Immobilizer, Theft Deterrent.

 87 – Remote Control System

 98 – 62 Low Fuel Pressure

112 – ETV ETS (ECM-sub)

113 – ETV ETS (ECM-System)

114 – ETV ETS (ECM-Main)

115 – ETV ETS (Throttle Valve Open)

116 – ETV ETS (Throttle Valve Closed)

117 – ETV ETS (Driving Motor P Short)

118 – ETV ETS (Driving Motor N Short)

119 – ETV ETS (Driving Motor Connector Open)

121 – ETV ETS (Communication Error)

122 – ETV ETS (Driving Motor Heat)

123 – ETV ETS (Driving Motor Relay)

124 – TPS MTPS Open

125 – TPS MTPS Short

126 – TPS Throttle Position Sensor Character Fail

127 – TPS Sub Throttle Position Sensor Open

128 – TPS Sub Throttle Position Sensor Short

129 – ETV MTPS

131 – APS/ETV

132 – APS/ETV

133 – APS/ETV

134 – APS/ETV

135 – APS/ETV

136 – ETV ETS Comm. Error Main

137 – ETV ETS Communication Error Sub

138 – ETV ETS (ECM Main)

139 – ETV ETS (ECM Sub)

140 – ETV

141 – ETV ETS Throttle Position Sensor Voltage

142 – ETV ETS Return Spring

143 – ETV ETS Comm. Error

144 – ETV ETS Low Voltage Mode

145 – ETV ETS Throttle Valve

146 – SPS Main SSS Power Short / Ground Open

147 – SPS Main SSS Power Open / Ground Short

148 – SPS Sub SSS Power Short / Ground Open

149 – SPS Sub SSS Power Open / Ground Short

150 – SPS SSS Character Fail

151 – SPS

152 – SPS

153 – SPS Shift Motor Over Current

154 – SPS Shift Motor Deadlock While Stopping

155 – SPS Shift Motor Deadlock While Operating

156 – Comm. Error 1 Channel Engine remote Connector

157 – Comm. Error 2 Channel Engine remote Connector

160 – MSLPS 1 Main Power Short / Ground Open

161 – MSLPS 1 Main Power Open / Ground Short

162 – MSLPS 1 Sub Power Short/Ground Open

163 – MSLPS 1 Sub Power Open / Ground Short

164 – MSLPS 1 Watching Fail

165 – MSLPS Character Fail

166 – MSLPS 2 Main Power Short / Ground Open

167 – MSLPS 2 Main Power Open / Ground Short

168 – MSLPS 2 Sub Power Short / Ground Open

169 – MSLPS 2 Sub Power Open / Ground Short

170 – MSLPS 2 Character Fail

171 – SSLPS 1 Main Power Short /  Ground Open

172 – SSLPS 1 Main Power Open / Ground Short

173 – SSLPS 1 Sub Power Short / Ground Open

174 – SSLPS 1 Sub Power Open / Ground Short

175 – SSLPS 1 Watching Fail

176 – SSLPS 1 Character Fail

177 – SSLPS 2 Main Power Short / Ground Open

178 – SSLPS 2 Main Power Open / Ground Short

179 – SSLPS 2 Sub Power Short / Ground Open

180 – SSLPS 2 Sub Power Open / Ground Short

181 – SSLPS 2 Character Fail

183 – Station Selector System Fail

184 – Lever Selector System Fail

186 – Sub Station Communication Error

187 – Lever Pickup Abnormal

252 – FC Invalid Code – Engine Overheat


  • ETS: Electronic Throttle System
  • ETV: Electronic Throttle Valve
  • OCV: Oil Control Valve
  • MSLPS: Main Station Lever Position Sensor
  • MTPS: Main Throttle Position Sensor
  • RCS: Remote Control System
  • SPS: Shift Position Sensor
  • SSLPS: Sub Station Lever Position Sensor
  • SSS: Shift Position Sensor
  • TPS: Throttle Position Sensor

Disclaimer: This list is for informational purposes only! For more information, please check the official factory manuals.

Takeaways – FAQs About Yamaha Outboard DTC Codes

What are fault codes on a Yamaha outboard?

Fault codes (a.k.a. error codes or DTC codes) are 1-3 digit diagnostic codes that identify specific malfunctions.

How do you read fault codes on a Yamaha Outboard?

On many boats, the outboard fault codes can be read on the gauge. If this function is not available, the code can be extracted with a Yamaha Marine Diagnostic tool.

What is error code 23 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Incorrect Intake Air Temperature Signal”

What is error code 25 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Incorrect Fuel Pressure Signal”

What is error code 26 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Incorrect Injector Signal”

What is error code 28 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Incorrect Shift Position Switch Signal”

What is error code 58 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Failed to Reach Operating Temperature”

What is error code 86 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Y-COP Immobilizer, Theft Deterrent”

What is error code 87 on a Yamaha outboard?

“Remote Control System”



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