Are Yamaha Outboards any Good? [Video]

Are Yamaha outboards any good? – we get this question frequently, and the short answer is: yes! Yamaha outboards have built a reputation for outstanding durability and reliability.

If you want to find out more about Yamaha outboards, you’ve come to the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know into this post!

Are Yamaha Outboards Any Good?

Yamaha products are known for their legendary reliability, and their outboards are no exception.

The Japanese manufacturer has been in the outboard business since the ‘60s, when the first commercial Yamaha outboard, the P-7 hit the marketplace.

It’s been a long time since then, but Yamaha is still one of the largest outboard engine manufacturers.

The company offers a wide range of outboard motors for both commercial and recreational use with  engine power ranging from 2.5-450 HP.

These motors feature high-quality parts and the latest technologies, which make them popular among buyers.

How Reliable are Yamaha Outboard Motors?

There’s no question that Yamaha outboards are among the most reliable outboard motors in the marketplace.

They are specifically engineered to tolerate harsh marine environments and heavy loads.

Therefore, they can be used on many different types of boats including pontoons, bass boats, offshore boats, and even houseboats.

What’s more, Yamaha outboards tolerate special loads, so they can be used for towing, troll-fishing, and high-speed cruising.

The manufacturer is not shy about promoting the durability of Yamaha motors:

“With over 60 years of marine engineering excellence, Yamaha has built a legendary reputation for producing the world’s most reliable, durable and premium outboard engines. (…)

A firmly imbedded spirit of craftsmanship can be found at the manufacturing and production facilities of Yamaha Motor.

This craftsmanship is about adding on extra touches in each stage of the production process by calling on the sensitivities unique to our brand, the traditions of our manufacturing worksites, and the pride and special sense of each specialist at work.

With Yamaha outboards, everything we do is to ensure we continue to deliver on our legendary reputation for producing the world’s most reliable outboard engines.”


Conclusion: Does Yamaha Make Good Outboards?

Yamaha is one of the most popular outboard motor manufacturers, and with good reason.

Their products are known for their high quality and outstanding reliability.

Which models are currently in the fleet?

In a nutshell, Yamaha outboards come in three different categories. The portable models have 2.5-25 HP twin engines and only weigh 37-146 pounds.

In contrast, midrange Yamaha outboards have 30-115 HP, and their weight averages between 215 and 384 pounds.

You can expect the power of high-performance Yamaha outboards to be 150-450 HP, while their weight ranges from 480 up to 1010 pounds.

Thanks to this wide selection of engines, any customer can find the right model to suit their boat.


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