How Much Are Snowmobile Skis? [Buying and Fixing Guide]

Snowmobile skis cost around $50 to $250 depending on the make and model. However, this price applies to one ski only, so be prepared to pay around $100-$500 for a pair of snowmobile skis!

If you are considering buying new skis for your sled, this post is for you. You can learn how to remove the old skis from your sled, and how to select new skis and carbides.

Without further ado, let’s go deeper into this snowmobile ski guide!

How Much Are Snowmobile Skis?

Snowmobile ski prices vary widely depending on many factors like their brand, material, size, and design. As a rule of thumb, the price of a pair of new snowmobile skis ranges from $100 up to $500.

One of the cheapest pairs of snowmobile skis is the Kimpex Rush as they cost as low as $100, while the Kimpex Arrow II is available for around $140 a pair. These skis not only have a great quality/price ratio, they are very lightweight as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive snowmobile skis are C&A Pro’s professional skis. Be prepared to pay around $400-$500 for these high-quality products!

Keep in mind that aftermarket skis usually don’t come with carbides, so you have to purchase them separately.

What Are the Best Aftermarket Snowmobile Skis?

The best aftermarket snowmobile ski manufacturers are Kimpex, C&A Pro, Curve Industries, Slydog, SLP, Raider, and Camoplast. The main advantage of aftermarket snowmobile skis is that you can change your sled’s characteristics based on your riding style and the riding conditions. Additionally, they offer better stability and handling compared to OEM skis.

Another benefit is that they minimize snowmobile darting.

If you are you wondering how to choose the best skis for your sled, keep reading!

Average Snowmobile Ski Dimensions

Regarding the average dimensions of snowmobile skis, it’s safe to say that the majority of skis are 42”-45” long and 6”-8” wide. Beyond these main dimensions, the center keel height is no less important, which usually ranges from .75” up to 1.5”. The dimensions and designs of snowmobile skis vary widely, as different riding styles and conditions always require different ski designs.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the most commonly used ski sizes into this snowmobile ski dimension chart.

Snowmobile Ski Dimension Chart

Width (“)6 – 6.256.757.257 – 8
Length (“)43 – 444543 – 4542 – 45
Center Keel Height (“)0.75-111-1.51
Weight (Per Ski, lbs)5 – 787 – 87

Are Snowmobile Skis Interchangeable?

Although many snowmobile skis are interchangeable between brands, you can still find some that are not. Usually, it’s not worth the effort to force skis onto your sled that don’t fit perfectly. You can find original OEM snowmobile skis for your sled, or choose from an endless selection of aftermarket skis.

What are Snowmobile Skis Made of?

The majority of snowmobile skis are made of plastic, but you can still find some metal snowmobile skis on the market. The most commonly used plastic material for these is called UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). Skis made of this material are extremely durable, lightweight, and flexible.

Surprisingly, the first snowmobile skis were made of wood. After that metal and aluminum skis became popular. They also worked well but added significant weight to the sleds.

Due to this, in the last decades plastic snowmobile skis have become more prevalent on the market.

How do You Remove Snowmobile Skis?

To remove snowmobile skis, you have to lift your sled off the ground, so the skis are in the air. Then remove the cotter pins and the bolts, which can be tricky as they are prone to rust. Spray them with WD-40 or another penetrating oil spray to help loosen them up. Finally, slide the bolts out from the bushing to remove the skis.

It’s a typical problem that the bolts are hard to remove as they can easily get stuck to the bushings.

To remove the bolts, you may want to gently hammer them. Before doing this, make sure you’ve loosened the nut but haven’t removed it from the end of the bolt. Why?

It’s because if you start hammering the bolt without the nut on it, you risk damaging the threads on the end of the bolt! To avoid this, always put the nut back on a couple of threads to save the bolt from being damaged!

It’s also not recommended that you use heat on these parts, as spindles are usually made of aluminum.

How do You Change Snowmobile Skis?

To change snowmobile skis, you need to first get the right replacement skis and carbides. Then lift the sled off the ground and remove the old skis. Once the skis are off you can consider shimming them at this point for better handling. Put the carbides on the new skis and finally install the whole setup on your sled.

What Are Ski Skins for Snowmobiles?

Snowmobile ski skins are big plastic extensions that can improve the floatation of your sled. Simply put, they look like a pair of big skis that should be installed between your skis and the carbides. If you regularly ride your sled in powder, you can make good use of them! They make the turns easier and your sled won’t dig so often into deep snow.

Ski skins are a great alternative to wider skis, as they offer even more floatation. That’s why this is a popular modification for off-trail sleds. If you want to learn more about snowmobile ski skins, don’t miss this video:

What Are Snowmobile Ski Protectors?

Snowmobile ski protectors are known as snowmobile ski boots as well. They are similar to ski skins, but they are used temporarily to protect garage floors, driveways, and trailers from scratches. Once you put these protectors on the skis you don’t have to worry about scratches anymore!

The price of snowmobile ski protectors is typically around $100.


First, installing and removing these protectors is always a big hassle. Another drawback is that they are very slippery, so you can’t expect too much control on the floor or when you run off the ramp.

That’s why many owners prefer placing sliders on the floor over of using ski protectors. Besides sliders, dollies can also be used to move your sled around.


As the takeaway, we’ve summarized the most common questions and answers related to snowmobile skis:

How much are snowmobile skis? $100-$500 (USD, a pair)

What are the best aftermarket snowmobile skis?  Kimpex, C&A Pro, Curve Industries, Slydog, SLP, Raider, and Camoplast

What are snowmobile skis made of? A special plastic known as UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Are snowmobile skis interchangeable? Most are, but not all of them

What are ski skins for snowmobiles? Large extenders on the skis for better flotation and handling in deep snow

What are snowmobile ski protectors? Plastic “boots” for the skis to protect floors and driveways from being scratched

This is our short snowmobile ski guide. We hope you find it useful!


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