Average Cost of Snowmobile Rentals [By the Hour and Day]

Based on our research the average cost for snowmobile rentals for one hour ranges from $60 to $110, and for 8 hours it can cost up to $180-$380. Rental costs vary widely depending on many factors. These are typically the location, the features of the sled, and the availablility of additional services. If you want to learn more about snowmobile rental rates and discover some of the most helpful services, you are in the right place!

You can also learn what to look for in order to avoid scams and hidden fees!

Now, without further ado, let’s check what the rental costs depend on.

What Snowmobile Rental Prices Depend On

There are several factors that affect the rates of snowmobile rentals. However, the most important are probably as follows:

  • Location of the rental
  • The duration of the rental
  • Features of the sled
  • Guided tour or not
  • What’s included in the price (gas, accessories, taxes, fees, etc.)

These factors vary from one rental to the next and leads to big differences in price.

Also, keep in mind that the advertised hourly rate is not the only cost you have to pay. This is because you must always be prepared for some hidden costs! To find out about these in advance, you may want to read the rental’s policy statement or call customer service for further details.

The price of renting a snowmobile can be very confusing because many services don’t provide a price sheet! Instead, you have to calculate the total cost of the rental using calculators on their websites.

Another common practice is asking customers to send an email if they want the exact price.

From small family businesses to large franchises, there are many different snowmobile rental shops. But when it comes to costs, what determines the price is relatively uniform. Now let’s line up what the factors are!


It’s safe to say that one of the main factors that affects snowmobile rental costs is the location of the rental shop. As you can assume, the more popular the location, the higher the rental prices.

The most expensive snowmobile rentals can usually be found around ski resorts and national parks. Also, to enter the parks you have to pay an extra fee, which will further increase your costs.


First, like most rental services, snowmobiles can be rented only for a pre-determined period. Most often you can rent the vehicle for two, three, or four hours.

Some shops even offer their sleds for a full day, which usually means from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or as long as they are open. If you need more time, some rentals offer overnight rental packages. They come in handy if you are considering a longer tour.

And as a general rule the longer you rent for, the greater discount you can expect. The average hourly cost of a snowmobile rental range between $60 to $110, and a full-day rental can cost up to $180-$380 on average.

Features of the Sled

The features on the sled also greatly affects the rental rate.

You can find some family businesses that offer a single vintage sled for rent. On the other end of the spectrum, there are huge franchise companies that have the newest snowmobiles in their fleet.

In larger rental shops, you can often choose from snowmobiles with different engines and features. Your choice, of course, dictates the price.

It’s also good to know that you usually have to pay an extra fee if you want to take a passenger with you.

Most rental shops offer many other services as well. These are typically guided trips, riding lessons for all age and activity levels, whether you are beginners or experienced riders.

Guided Tours

Many rental shops offer guided tours as well, at higher prices, of course.

A guided tour means that professional snowmobile guides lead a small group of customers. Additionally, they explain the basics of riding. This is always a great help for every beginner!

It’s not only a safe way to start this exciting sport, but also the only way to reach certain areas.

This is because in national parks especially, you can’t ride a snowmobile alone (or only with severe restrictions). Guided tours are always more expensive since you have to pay for the guide of course. However, these tours provide a better and safer experience.

The fee of the guide can be included in the rate. In this case, be prepared to pay about 20-40% more than the base price. In other cases you will have to directly pay an extra $70-$100 fee to the guide.

Some rental companies also provide exclusive rides, where you can ride with a private guide.

What the Price Includes

When it comes to the snowmobile rental prices, is it always a question of what is included in the advertised price?

It’s a common trick that the rentals advertise their services at attractive prices. But after you are at the location to pick up the sled, you realize that they intend to charge you many other fees!

Are you wondering what these fees generally are?

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Trail fees
  • Maintenance or service fees
  • Cleaning fees
  • Pass for national parks
  • Extra fees for passengers
  • Extra fees for head sock, helmet, jacket, gloves, and so on
  • Taxes
  • And who knows what else!

It’s always wise to be familiar with these fees before booking!

This is because some unethical rental shops try to charge these fees after your ride. Be careful and don’t be ripped off!

Best practice is to call the rental shop for specific pricing as your first step.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowmobile in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, especially its northern part, is one of the most popular destinations for riders.

Eagle River is referred to as the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.” Thanks to its more than 20,000 miles of maintained trails many rental shops have appeared here in recent years. Because they are relatively close together, their prices do not vary much.

How much does it cost to rent a snowmobile in Wisconsin?

The rates for a full day snowmobile rental range from $140 to $230 and the average price is $190. As you can assume, almost every rental shop makes a distinction between weekday rates and weekend rates.

For example in St. Germain Sport Marine you pay $155 for a full day snowmobile rental on weekdays while it costs $175 on the weekend.

At Land O’ Lakes Recreation Company you can rent a sled for $185 weekdays and $225 at the weekend.

The rental costs in Track Side rental starts from $135 on weekdays while be prepared to pay around $195 on the weekends for a whole day rental.

Most rentals offer clothing, boots, and other accessories for an extra fee, but the helmet is often included in the rent.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowmobile in Michigan?

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has an extensive snowmobile trail network. The snow supply is also excellent for a significant part of the year. That’s why these trails are so popular!

But how much can you rent a snowmobile for in Michigan? Based on our research, the average daily rental fee is around $240 in this state!

As an example, at Cloverland Motorsports the rental service costs $195 for a full day (8 hours) from Monday through Thursday, and $220 from Friday through Sunday.

At Timberline Sports the cost of a daily snowmobile rental starts from $215 but at Sno-Shu Inn it costs $260.

Headwaters Polaris has a larger fleet of snowmobiles. Moreover, the company is an authorized Polaris dealership. Their daily rental prices vary from $135 to $195 (+tax) depending on the sled you choose.

At Meyer Yamaha Inc., a snowmobile rental is available for $299 per day for either model.

Snowmobile Rental Rates in Utah

The State of Utah is famous for its mountains near Salt Lake City, where more than 500 inches of snow falls each year. This is why its ski slopes and snowmobile trails are so popular!

How much does it cost to rent a snowmobile in Utah?

Snowmobiling in Utah costs about as much as in neighboring states. The average snowmobile rental cost in Utah is about $250 for a day, and $160 for 2 hours. Each additional passenger costs an average of $40.

For example, Lofty Peaks Adventures offers guided and unguided snowmobile rental options. The unguided rental prices range from $200 to $260 for a day. When it comes to the guided tours, be prepared to pay around $340-$370 for the day.

You can also find several nice sleds in Club Rec. North’s fleet. Rates?

An 800cc-850cc snowmobile rental costs $169 for 2 hours and $299 for a full day while a 600cc snowmobile is $129 for 2 hours, and $229 for a full day.

The daily rates at TRAX PowerSports range from $225 to $295 depending on the sled’s performance.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowmobile in Montana?

Montana’s natural endowments are also excellent for snowmobiling. There’s no other place quite as beautiful as Yellowstone National Park in winter!

A guided snowmobile tour in Yellowstone Park is arguably one of the most thrilling things to do here! Although an additional National Forest Usage Fee is charged here per snowmobile, the experience is worth every penny! The average snowmobile rental price in Montana is about $250.

At All Yellowstone Rental shops, daily rentals are available from $129 to $229, while West Yellowstone Snowmobile Rental offers their sleds for $149-$265 a day.If you are looking for a guided tour, keep in mind that the fee for the guide is no less than $350 per day!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowmobile in Minnesota?

There are miles and miles of groomed trails in the northern Minnesota region and there are great rental places everywhere across the state. Here in Minnesota, the average daily price of a snowmobile rental is $290, which is a bit higher than in the other states.

Brainerd Snowmobiling offers its services at moderate prices compared to its competitors. For a full day rental, they ask only $205 on weekdays and $245 on the weekend or holidays.

Chase on the Lake Resort & Spa offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including snowmobile rentals. A full day rental is available for $280 at this company.

Snowmobile Rental Costs in Maine

The average snowmobile rental cost in Maine is $290 for a day. For a high-performance model you are expected to pay around $300-$350!

Northern Outdoors offers Polaris sleds, which are available for around $290-$350 depending on the model. The price includes clothes and complete riding equipment!

For half-day tours, the guide fee for a group of 1-6 riders costs $175 while for 7-12 riders the cost is $350.

For full-day tours the guide fee is $275 for a group of 1-6 riders, and $550 for a group of 7-12 riders.

How Much is it to Rent a Snowmobile at Breckenridge in Colorado?  

Breckenridge is one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Colorado. Breckenridge is famous for its ski slopes, but it’s also an excellent destination for snowmobile lovers. Countless miles of beautiful trails provide real winter recreation for the whole family.

How much does it cost to rent a snowmobile in Breckenridge, Colorado?

The prices are not as unrealistic as you’d think at first! A 2-hour guided tour is available for $200, while self-guided tours are available for $175 for 2 hours, and $250 for 4 hours.

Snowmobile Rental Prices in Aspen, Colorado

Every year in winter the magic of Aspen attracts thousands of people to the slopes. Besides skiing of course, the other favorite things to do in Aspen is snowmobiling.

How much does it cost to rent a snowmobile in Aspen, Colorado?

T-Lazy-7 advertises itself as „Aspen’s Premier Snowmobile Tour Operator” and with good reason. If you choose their guided tours you will not miss anything, but the professionalism comes at a price.

The prices of guided snowmobile tours in Aspen are as follows:

  • 3 hours: $270 for a single rider and $390 for two people on one snowmobile.
  • 2 hours: $250 for a single rider and $370 for two 


As you can see, snowmobile rental costs vary widely depending on many factors. These are typically the location, the features of the sled, and available accessories and clothing. Based on our research the average snowmobile rental cost is about $60- $110 for an hour, and $180-$380 for eight hours.

Are you wondering which are the best snowmobile rental shops in your area? Don’t miss our list of the best snowmobile rental shops by state!

As the last word, don’t forget to call the rental shop before booking. This is because besides the advertised rates, you will probably be charged some extra fees. These are typically taxes, insurance, fees to enter the national park, guide fees, and so on.

It’s always wise to be familiar with these fees upfront!

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