Popular Snow Bike Rental Shops To Check Out In The U.S.

Snow bikes are a combination of dirt bikes and snowmobiles. However, their cost tends to put off some from purchasing a snow bike conversion kit for their dirt bike.  In fact, the kit is just as expensive as a brand new snowmobile. Thus, leading to the popularity of snow bike rentals.

If a snow bike is your cup of tea, but the price is off-putting, you may be able to find a snow bike rental shop near you to get your fun in. Here are some of the following places to check out!

Snow Bike Rental Shops Near Me: California

Tahoe’s Best Adventure Rental
Truckee, Ca.
530 386 2952

Tahoe Dirt Bikes offers rentals of all types, from dirt bikes to street bikes to UTVs to side-by-sides and more.  The Truckee ranger district in the Tahoe National Forest helps run Tahoe Dirt Bikes and outfits with special use permits to offer customers a safe and fun off-road excursion.

Whether you are new to the venture or an expert, there are rentals and tours available to all. Rentals are supplied with goggles, helmets, gloves, boots, chest guards, knee/shin guards and elbow guards. Consumers bring the clothing.

Tahoe Timbersled Rentals
Truckee, Ca.

The Tahoe Timbersled Rentals shop has multiple Timbersleds to rent out that are outfitted with fuel-injected Yamaha 450s with Mountain Raw 120 kits. You can also rent snowmobiles if you’re going to enjoy the winter season.

Snow Bike Rental Shops Near Me: Oregon

Cascade Snow Bike
Bend, Or.

The leading source of snow bike rentals, conversions and guiding of the Pacific Northwest can be found in Bend at Cascade Snow Bike.  Among their snow bike rental fleet are the Timberseld snow bike and Yeti Snow MX kits that can be attached to the Husqvarna and KTM motorcycles.

With Cascade Snow Bike, you can rent machines and gear that have been properly outfitted and have a guide who knows the area to show you around the backcountry. They also have special use permits that allow visitors to get a unique look at the winter background safely while maintaining the respect for it.  Ask a guide to come along with you to explore the Cascade Mountains while you ride a snow bike.

Snow Bike Rental Shops In Montana

SnowBike Nation
Kalispell, Mt.

SnowBike Nation, located outside Glacier National Park, has a love and respect for the SnowBiking sport. Its team of professionals are very passionate and want to share their love with other enthusiasts. At SnowBike Nation, the staff can personalize a tour for your SnowBike trip needs.  You can take advantage of its single-day or multi-day tours.

The rental shop also offers a great deal of warm and comfortable gear to keep you safe while on your excursion. The tour may also include food and lodging at the 5-Star House (it comes with a hot tub).

Check out the following YouTube video to learn more.

Other Rental Shops:

Action Rentals Montana
Whitefish, Mt.

Snow Bike Rentals In Utah

TRAX PowerSports
Provo . Morgan . Bountiful. Bear River Lodge, Ut.

There are a plethora of machines offered to snow lovers at TRAX PowerSports. The shop offers snow bikes and snowmobiles for anyone who wants to have fun in the winter season. What fun you can have by powering through an open field filled with snow or taking a slow ride to see what the backcountry scenery is like.

TRAX PowerSports uses the most up-to-date snow bike and snowmobile machines. Most snow bikes have the Yamaha YZ450 attached. The snow kits can turn the dirt machine into a snow carver within no time.

Other Rental Shops:

Ride Rentals
Salt Lake City, Ut.
(801) 671-4687

Utah Enduro Adventures
Salt Lake City, Ut.

The Cabins at Bear River Lodge
Kamas, Ut.

Snow Bike Rentals In Colorado

Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals
3 locations: Buena Vista, Vail / Minturn, Red Cliff, Co.

Two brothers were the brains behind the start of Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals. Since its establishment, it’s become one of Colorado’s leading outdoor recreational shops. The shop is focused on offering education and safety to its customers and using sustainable practices. The highly knowledgeable experts at RMAR are a reputable source of information regarding the area while also ensuring only the best machines to drive.

The staff at RMAR look at themselves as being “custodians of the public land.” It is why they provide in-depth training to all riders on how to be safe and maintain the land.

When you visit RMAR for equipment rental, you can rest assured that you only get the best machines that arrive from Polaris Motorsports. Each piece of equipment is professionally cared for after every rental. Check out the YouTube link to learn more.

Vali Extreme Rentals
Vali, Co.

The experts at Vali Extreme Rentals permit its customers to choose their next excursion on whatever schedule they want to abide by. It doesn’t offer any guided tours, which means you can ride at the speed you feel comfortable at.  You can go however fast or slow you want. All you need to do is tell Vali Extreme Rentals what you want out of your experience. They can offer you options with area descriptions and maps.

Vali Extreme Rentals has many machines to choose from, including but not limited to: timbersleds (snow bikes), dirt bikes, snowmobiles, scooters, e-bikes. Check out the different snow bile rentals they have to offer at http://vailsnowmobilerentals.com/product-category/winter-rentals/snow-bike-rentals/.

Throttle Therapy Rentals
Arvada, Co.
(720) 224-3122

Get some outdoor therapy at Throttle Therapy Rentals, using any of their snow bikes to enjoy the snowy countryside that makes up the Rocky Mountains. If you don’t want to go it alone, and you don’t have to, take a group of friends or your family and go riding together.

Throttle Therapy Rentals offers unguided timbersled and Jet Ski rentals. When you need a little downtime from the busy life in Denver, this is the place to check out for your winter and summer fun.

Durango Adventure Rentals
Bayfield, Co

Timbersled Snow Bikes are the latest winter recreation fun to enjoy regardless of you’re an avid fan of dirt bikes or snowmobiles. If you’re uneasy driving a snowmobile, the Timerbland is less cumbersome to handle and is very comfortable on the body.  Within a couple of hours of driving or riding one, you’re going to wish you had your own.

A Timbersled rental may be the best choice you make on your next winter excursion.

It’s a lightweight machine with lots of load power, and when combined with a plethora of snow, it’s not hard to understand why everyone is talking about it. Go places that snowmobiles can get to – tight spaces between trees, jumping off cliffs or steep sidehills. You can conquer even the most extreme terrain.

Check out Durango Adventure Rentals line of products and have fun in the Rocky Mountains driving a snowbike rental. There are no guided tours, allowing you to go at the pace you feel comfortable at.  When you go back home, you’ll have the memories to remember and stores to share.

Snow Bike Rentals In Wyoming

Togwotee Mountain Lodge
Moran, Wyo.
866 278 4245

Near the Jackson Hole in Wyoming is the Togwotee Mountain Lodge, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Here, you can enjoy the wintertime scenery snowmobiling or snow biking. In the summer, do a little hiking around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. There is much to see and do in this part of Wyoming; you’ll never be bored. Check out the following YouTube video to learn more.

Bucky’s Outdoors
Pinedale, Wyo.
(307) 367-4561

Since 1961, Bucky’s Outdoors has been helping people enjoy the great outdoors.  The shop became a Polaris dealer in 1975 and is also now a Husqvarna Motorcycle dealer (2014). The company sells all kinds of sports machines, from snowmobiles to motorcycles to ATVs and more. It also offers accessories, parts, clothing and other gear. 

Bucky’s Outdoors will also provide tune-ups and specializes in high-altitude set-ups and more.  Check out this video to learn more about Bucky’s Outdoors.

Snow Bike Rentals In Idaho

CM Backcountry Rentals & Adventure
McCall, Idaho

There are many wide-open spaces in the backcountry of McCall that can be enjoyed all winter long.  Snow bikers can start their snow adventures in November, riding along the forest roads and into May.  The area of McCall is regarded as a snow lover’s winter utopia.  In fact, the town takes part in the Winter Carnival’s National Snow Bike Race Series, which happens at the end of January or the first part of February. 


The U.S. has many places to enjoy the winter fun when the winter season is upon it. If you enjoy the fun times that snowmobiling has to offer, consider taking advantage of snow bikes. If you don’t have a snow bike rental near you, just go to Google and type in “snow bike rental near me” to locate the one closest to you.

And, if you like the idea of snow bikes, you can also create your own out of dirt bike with the help of a snow bike kit. Check out the fun you have with a dirt bike in the winter! You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner!

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