What Color Are Outboards? Which One Comes in White?

As a rule of thumb, the majority of outboard motors come standard in black, dark blue, or grey/silver color schemes. However, the largest outboard manufacturers offer their models in an optional white paint job. While Suzuki markets white outboards in the portable and midrange categories, competitor brands reserve this option for their high-performance models. 

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Yamaha Outboard Colors

What Colors do Yamaha Outboards Come in?

As a rule of thumb, each portable and midrange Yamaha outboard is exclusively available in a grey dress featuring white Yamaha logos and black/grey/blue decals.

In contrast, standard high-performance (150 HP and above) Yamaha outboards are marketed with both grey and white color schemes.

The only exception is the SHO MAX family, which is available with distinctive grey paint on the mid-section, and metallic dark blue paint on the top cowl.

The latter is completed with VMAX and SHO logos in a red and metallic grey/gold composition.

Yamaha outboard colors by class:

  • Portable and midrange 4-stroke (2.5-115 HP): Grey
  • High-performance 4-stroke (150-300 HP): Grey or White
  • XTO Offshore family: Grey or White
  • Vmax SHO families: Dark Metallic Blue/Grey

Do Yamaha Outboards Come in White?

Yamaha outboards with 150-450 HP engines are available with both grey and white color schemes, except for the Vmax SHO family.

Mercury Outboard Colors

What Colors do Mercury Outboards Come in?

It’s safe to say that the majority of Mercury outboards come in black. This dark paint job is typically dressed with a white or grey Mercury logo and grey/red or grey/blue decals depending on the model.

However, some high-end Mercury motors are available in both white and black paint jobs. These models include the 4-stroke 175-300 and the Verado 250-600 series.

The heavy-duty SeaPro family is also easily recognizable from the blue stickers and large SeaPro logo on the top cowl.

The high-performance ProXS and Racing motors have the most advanced designs and color schemes.

Besides their unique shape and makeup, they come with extreme performance and hefty price tags.

Do Mercury Outboards Come in White?

Mercury offers many outboard motors in white, including:

  • Mercury4-stroke 175-300 series
  • Mercury Verado 250-600 series
  • Certain Mercury Racing models

Honda Outboard Colors

What Colors do Honda Outboards Come in?

The most common color design of Honda outboards is a silver paint job with black logos and decals.

This configuration is standard on any portable and midrange Honda outboard from 2.3 to 100 HP.

In contrast, high-performance Honda outboards are available in both silver and white.

The silver coloration is officially called “Aquamarine Silver,” while the white design is labeled “Grand Prix White” by the manufacturer.

Do Honda Outboards Come in White?

As a rule of thumb, only high-performance Honda outboards come in white, including the BF115, BF140, BF150, BF200, BF225, and the flagship BF250.

Suzuki Outboard Colors

What Colors do Suzuki Outboards Come in?

Unlike competitor manufacturers, Suzuki offers their outboard motors in black and white in all categories.

Entry-level DF2.5, DF4, DF5, and DF8 models are the only exceptions, and these are exclusively available with a black paint job.

Aside from these models, all other Suzuki outboards are available with either a black or white color scheme. Both of these designs feature light grey Suzuki logos and decals.

Suzuki outboards are also known for great reliability and an affordable price tag.

Do Suzuki Outboards Come in White?

Yes, each Suzuki outboard motor is available with both white and black dresses, including portable and midrange models. The only exceptions are DF2.5, DF4, DF5, and DF8.

Tohatsu Outboard Colors

What Colors do Tohatsu Outboards Come in?

Contrary to popular belief, the latest Tohatsu outboards don’t feature a black paint job. Instead, standard Tohatsu motors are painted in dark blue, labeled as Aqua Marine Blue.

Another color option for Tohatsu outboards is the Baluga White, which is available on certain portable and midrange models.

Do Tohatsu Outboards Come in White?

Many Tohatsu outboards are available in white, including the MFS5LPG, MFS5LPG Sail Pro, MFS6, MFS20, MFS30-60, MFS115, and MFS140 models.

All other Tohatsu outboard comes with a dark blue color scheme.

Who Makes a White Outboard Motor?

Based on our research, each major outboard manufacturer offers white outboard motors, including Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Tohatsu, and Suzuki.

While the latter markets its portable and midrange models in white, its competitors only offer white models in the high-performance class.

To be more precise, the available white outboard models from each manufacturer are as follows:

  • Suzuki: All models, except DF2.5, DF4, DF5, and DF8
  • Yamaha: High-performance 4-stroke 150-300 series
  • Yamaha: XTO Offshore 425-450 series
  • Mercury: 4-stroke 175-300 series
  • Mercury: Verado 250-600 series
  • Mercury: Certain Racing models
  • Honda: BF115-250 series
  • Tohatsu: (portable) MFS5LPG, MFS5LPG Sail Pro, MFS6, MFS20
  • Tohatsu: (midrange) MFS30-60, MFS115, MFS140

Takeaways – Outboard Color Chart

As a takeaway, we’ve listed the available color options of the most popular outboard motor brands in one chart:

BrandPortableMidrangeHigh – Performance
YamahaGreyGreyGrey / White / Dark Blue
MercuryBlackBlackBlack / White
HondaSilverSilverSilver / White
SuzukiBlack / White*Black / White*Black / White
TohatsuDark Blue / White*Dark Blue / White*Dark Blue

* A white color scheme is only available on certain models


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