How Much Does a Good Motorcycle Helmet Cost? [Buying Guide]

As a rule of thumb, a good motorcycle helmet costs about $200-$1,000 depending on the make and model. But what characterizes a good helmet? A safe, good quality motorcycle helmet always meets legal requirements and features a fixed chin guard (a.k.a. full-face helmet). Cheap half and open-face helmets are not safe, so they are definitely not recommended. If you want to compare helmet prices by category, this post is for you!

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled the average prices of motorcycle helmets under one roof.

What’s more, you can also find out why expensive helmets are safer than cheap ones!

Average Motorcycle Helmet Prices by Category

Which Motorcycle Helmet is the Cheapest?

The cheapest motorcycle helmets are known as half and open-face helmets. The prices of these helmets start as low as $30-$50! They are affordable, lightweight, easy to put on, and don’t cause claustrophobia. Many riders say that they feel they look much cooler in these helmets. However, these cheap helmets are not recommended as they don’t offer any protection to your face.

And protecting your face is more important than many riders think!

This is because in an accident there is a high risk that your face or chin will hit the ground.

Crash studies show that about three-quarters of the damage happens on the front of the helmet.

If you wear a full-face helmet, the chin guard is likely to save your face from injuries.

But wearing an open-face helmet leaves these areas completely unprotected.

If you have an accident when wearing an open-face helmet, the consequences can be extremely severe.

For more details, just check out this informative video!

Modular Motorcycle Helmet Prices

The prices of modular motorcycle helmets range from $100 up to $1,000. Modular helmets look like their full-face brothers, but they feature an openable chinbar. There is a hinge system integrated into the helmet that allows you to fold up the chinbar after pressing a button. Although it seems like these helmets offer the best of both worlds, but modular helmets also have their cons.

First, they are always heavier because of the hinges and can be slightly noisier than full-face helmets. What’s more, modular helmets are prone to becoming noisier and noisier over the years.

However, certain high-quality modular helmets offer great noise protection.

Sadly, they are not cheap.

But the biggest drawback of a modular helmet is that its chinbar is weaker due to the hinges.

Because of these weaknesses, modular helmets offer less protection compared to full-face helmets.

Since they are about the same price, many buyers are uncertain as to which helmet is the best choice.

If you too are hesitating between these two designs, it’s recommended that you invest in a full-face helmet.

Safety first!

How Much Should a Good Motorcycle Helmet Cost?

If you are looking for the safest option, a full-face helmet is the only way to go. The price of a good-quality full-face motorcycle helmet starts from about $200 and goes up to $4,000. In this category, entry-level helmets cost about $50-$200, while the prices of most models fall into the $200-$1,000 range.

If you’re in the market for a premium motorcycle helmet, you should take a look at the high-end models Arai, Shoei, AGV, Ruby, or Schuberth.

But beware that the prices of these helmets are in the ballpark of $500-$2,000.

How Much is a Bluetooth Helmet?

If you want to make calls or talk to your passenger while riding, you can choose among an endless number of Bluetooth communication systems.

The Bluetooth system can be purchased separately, while some systems are integrated into the helmet.

The price of a Bluetooth helmet goes from $150 up to $2,000. However, the majority of these special helmets are in the price range of $200-$700.

They are very convenient as most of these helmets feature a control button on the shell.

This button allows you to place, answer or even reject calls.

What’s more, besides calling options it can also be used for listening to music or to connect to the GPS navigation system.

If you have a regular helmet you can still use various Bluetooth motorcycle communication kits on it.

These systems typically cost about $30-$500 depending on their features and range.

What’s more, you can find many “Bluetooth-compatible” helmets on the market.

They are significantly cheaper as they don’t come with a communication system by default.

Instead, you have to purchase it separately and install it on the helmet.

This allows you to pick the helmet and the Bluetooth system separately based on your taste.

How Much is a Dual-Sport Helmet?

Dual-sport motorcycle helmets typically cost about $100-$800. These helmets are half-way between full-face and motocross helmets. At first glance, they look like a motocross helmet but they feature a face shield and expanded padding.

The key advantages of dual-sport helmets are as follows:

  • Higher comfort
  • More safety
  • Better airflow
  • Glasses are less prone to fogging in these helmets compared to regular MX goggles
  • Better view thanks to a bigger face shield
  • The peak offers some protection from the sun
  • More aggressive look
  • Goggles typically fit on them as well (you can use them with a face shield or MX goggles)

How Much is a Motocross Helmet?

Motocross helmet prices start anywhere from $100 and go up to $800. Keep in mind that motocross helmets don’t feature face shields! This is because they are typically used with a pair of MX goggles. The prices of these special motocross goggles range from $30 up to $200. Don’t forget to add this item to your budget.

Even if you don’t hit the road with your helmet, it’s recommended that you steer clear of cheap no-name and second-hand helmets.

Keeping safety in mind, you may want to invest in a good quality motocross helmet that meets legal requirements.

Which Motorcycle Helmet is the Most Expensive?

There’s no question that the most expensive motorcycle helmets are the custom-made models. Since they are specifically made to fit the customer’s needs, these helmets typically cost several thousand dollars. If you are looking for the most expensive off-the-shelf motorcycle helmet, it’s currently the Arai Corsair X RC with a price tag of $3,990!

Cheap vs. Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

The cheap vs. expensive motorcycle helmet debate is one of the biggest arguments among riders. Many claim that expensive helmets are safer, while others disagree.

So, what is the truth?

Are expensive helmets really safer or is this just an urban legend?

Here, we unveil the truth behind this myth!

Are Expensive Motorcycle Helmets Worth the Cost?

As a rule of thumb, expensive motorcycle helmets are worth buying as they are always much safer compared to cheap helmets. However, not in the way many people think! Expensive helmets are safer because they fit better and offer more comfort. This results in less fatigue and allows you to focus on riding, which finally reduces the chances of an accident.

Are you still in any doubt?

Just check out this video!

An expensive helmet has plenty of advantages over a cheap one.

Let’s see what the most important ones are!

The Advantages of Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

In a nutshell, the main advantages of an expensive motorcycle helmet are as follows:

  • Better fit
  • More comfortable
  • Better aerodynamics
  • Better waterproofing
  • Quieter
  • Lighter
  • Better Ventilation
  • Comes with extra features
  • Better (or even custom) design
  • Available in several sizes
  • They are accepted on track days

Let’s face it, every motorcycle helmet that meets legal requirements is considered to be a safe helmet according to the law.

However, there are safe and safer helmets on the market.

And an expensive helmet is typically safer.

As a vintage Bell advertisement said:

“If you have a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet.”

It was a great motto, and it is still true today.

While riding your bike, the last thing is you want is to get into an accident, right?

And to reduce your risk of an accident, your attention has to be focused on your ride.

That’s why you should to always wear comfortable protective clothing and a helmet.

This is when a good-quality helmet comes into play!

Thanks to its improved comfort and better fit, a higher quality helmet causes less fatigue and is less prone to distracting your attention.

Finally, this results in increased safety!

Related Questions

Which Motorcycle Helmets are Considered to be Good Quality?

The list of some of the best quality motorcycle helmet manufacturers are as follows:

  • Arai
  • AGV
  • Bell
  • Fly Racing
  • HJC
  • LS2
  • Ruby
  • Shoei
  • Schuberth

Why are Ruby Helmets So Expensive?

Ruby helmets are so expensive because of the materials and technology used to make them. The shell of these high-end helmets is made of carbon fiber. This makes these helmets very strong but lightweight as well! The linings are made of Nappa lambskin leather, giving you a luxurious feeling. On top of that, the noise reduction of these helmets is legendary. That’s why Ruby helmets are so expensive!

Why are Arai Helmets So Expensive?

Arai helmets are also very expensive, and they are among the top helmets available on the market. One of the main reasons why Arai helmets are so expensive is that they are made by hand. And as we know, hand-made products aren’t cheap! Besides, Arai helmets are made of durable materials and feature high-quality painting.

If you want to find out more about why Arai helmets come with such hefty price tags, don’t miss this factory-tour video!

Are Shoei Helmets Worth the Money?

Many riders say that Shoei helmets are definitely worth the money. The advanced manufacturing technology and the decades of experience make Shoei one of the best helmet manufacturers in the world. If you have doubts, just take a look at the list of features that Shoei helmets come with:

  • Superior quality
  • Made of multi-composite and high-performance fibre layers
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient noise-reduction
  • Top aerodynamics (which results in an improved head stability)
  • High-performance ventilation system with multiple vents
  • Q.R.S.A. System (quick release and self-adjusting shield)
  • Fully removable interiors
  • Perfect fit and comfortable
  • Exceeds international safety standards
  • Hand-made in Japan

Conclusion – How Much Does the Average Motorcycle Helmet Cost?

The average motorcycle helmet costs about $150-$500. The cheapest helmets start from as low as $50 while the most expensive models can reach a whopping $4,000. In general, a good quality motorcycle helmet costs somewhere between $200-$1,000.

If you are considering buying a motorcycle helmet, it’s recommended that you avoid the cheapest deals.

There are many low-quality helmets that don’t meet the required safety standards. These models are not only unsafe, but they are also illegal.

So, make sure you purchase a helmet that meets the standards that are required by your state.

Besides the standards, it’s highly recommended to go with a full-face helmet.

There is no question that full-face helmets are by far the safest options!

When it comes to the cheap vs. expensive motorcycle helmet debate, experts agree that an expensive helmet is always safer.

As Shoei says: “Safety needs comfort”

If your helmet is comfortable and fits perfectly, it allows you to focus on the road.

Finally, this can effectively reduce the chances of an accident!

On top of that, it makes your ride more enjoyable.

As a final word, if you are willing to pay the extra money for a more expensive helmet it will translate into comfort and safety.

And this is something you won’t regret!


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