How Much Does a Harley-Davidson Weigh? [Chart]

As reported by the manufacturer, the average curb weight of Harley-Davidson motorcycles by category is as follows:

  • Sport: 480-500 pounds
  • Adventure: 540-570 pounds
  • Cruiser: 550-730 pounds
  • Touring: 800-960 pounds
  • Trike: 1,100-1270 pounds

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How Much Does a Harley-Davidson Weigh?

As a rule of thumb, the curb weight of Harley motorcycles varies between 480-960 pounds, while Harley trikes weigh anywhere from 1,100-1,270 pounds.

What is the curb weight of a Harley?

The curb (or kerb) weight of a Harley-Davidson refers to the mass of the bike in running order. In other words, curb weight is the total unladen weight of the bike including the lubricants like engine oil, coolant, a full tank of gas, and standard equipment.

Harley releases both the net and curb weight of their models, the latter of which is usually 20-30 pounds heavier.

For example, the net weight of the lightest Harley-Davidson, the Nightster is 462 pounds, while its curb weight is 481 pounds. Another model in this sport category is the Sportster S with a curb weight of 502 pounds.

Besides the sport line, you can also find some “lightweight” Harleys in the adventure family, as the curb weight of these bikes is 540 or 569 depending on the model.

In contrast, the curb weight of cruiser Harleys starts at 556 pounds and goes up to 728 pounds.

The heaviest 2-wheeled Harley motorcycles are arguably the full dress touring models with a curb weight of 820-963 pounds.

As one may expect, the heaviest models in Harley’s fleet are the trikes with a curb weight of 1,118-1,269 pounds.

Don’t forget that accessories like bags, engine guards, and windshields can also add a few pounds to the overall weight of the bike.

Harley-Davidson Weight Chart

ModelNet weight (lbs)Weight, in running order (lbs)Category
2022 Nighster462481Sport
2022 Sportster S487502Sport
2022 Pan America 1250505540Adv.
2022 Pan America 1250 Special534569Adv.
2022 Pan America 1250 Special (G.I.)534569Adv.
2022 Forty-Eight545556Cruiser
2022 Iron 883545564Cruiser
2022 Street Bob 114631655Cruiser
2022 Softail Standard642655Cruiser
2022 Low Rider S650679Cruiser
2022 Fat Bob 114653675Cruiser
2022 Fat Boy 114671699Cruiser
2022 Low Rider ST694721Cruiser
2022 Heritage Classic697728Cruiser
2022 Road King Special774807Touring
2022 Street Glide ST778814Touring
2022 Electra Glide Standard781820Touring
2022 Street Glide Special792827Touring
2022 Road King794828Touring
2022 Street Glide796829Touring
2022 Road Glide ST806842Touring
2022 Road Glide Special818853Touring
2022 Road Glide820855Touring
2022 CVO Street Glide831866Touring
2022 CVO Road Glide860893Touring
2022 Ultra Limited880917Touring
2022 Road Glide Limited897932Touring
2022 CVO Road Glide Limited927963Touring
2022 Freewheeler1,0851,118Trike
2022 Tri Glide Ultra1,2041,243Trike
2022 Tri Glide Ultra (G.I.)1,2041,243Trike
2022 CVO Tri Glide1,2391,269Trike

The numbers are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications visit the manufacturer’s website.


As takeaways, we’ve answered the most frequent questions on the topic.

How much does a typical Harley-Davidson weigh?

Based on our research, the average weight of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is 736 pounds. Harley cruisers weigh about 600-700 pounds while an average full-dress touring model weighs about 800-900 pounds.

Which Harley is the lightest?

The lightest Harley-Davidson is the Nightster (481 pounds), closely followed by the Sportster S (502 pounds).

Which Harley is the heaviest?

The heaviest Harley motorcycle is the CVO Road Glide Limited with a curb weight of 963 pounds, while among the trikes the heaviest model is the CVO Tri Glide with a curb weight of 1,269 pounds.

How much does a full-size Harley weigh?

You can expect the weight of a full-size Harley to be in the ballpark of 700-963 pounds.

How much does a full-dress Harley weigh?

As the name suggests, full-dress Harleys are the largest touring models equipped with fairings and storage boxes. The curb weight of these iconic bikes ranges from 820-963 pounds.

How much does a 1200cc Harley weigh?

As a rule of thumb, a 1200cc Harley weighs about 500-600 pounds depending on the year and model.

Why are Harley-Davidsons so heavy?

Harley-Davidsons are fairly heavy due to their heavy-duty frames, large transmissions, and big-twin engines. Many of them feature large fairings, storage boxes, and long exhaust pipes, which also contribute to their massive weight.

But let’s face it, Harley-Davidsons are engineered for comfort and unique style rather than the best power-to-weight ratios!


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