Can You Ride a Snowmobile While Pregnant? [Safety Video]

If you are wondering if you can go snowmobiling while pregnant, the answer is simply NO! This is because snowmobiling during pregnancy can be dangerous in many ways! While doctors advise pregnant women to enjoy safe activities like yoga, they don’t encourage them to engage in dangerous sports such as snowmobiling, horseback riding, etc.

If you want to know what are the potential risks of snowmobiling when you are pregnant, this post is for you!

Can You Ride a Snowmobile While Pregnant?

There is little doubt how much fun snowmobiling can be; but, not knowing how to do it safely can be deadly. 

  • If you’ve never gone snowmobiling before, it’s imperative to know what the dangers are associated with the activity.  
  • If you’re an avid snowmobiler but learn you are pregnant, you must learn these risks to alleviate any potential harm to your unborn child.

Most women understand that becoming pregnant means they need to be a bit more cautious about what activities they do or do not participate in. After all, their life and body are not just their own anymore. That doesn’t mean that pregnant women cannot enjoy some of the activities they did previously before becoming pregnant – walking, running, etc. And, doctors do suggest pregnant women continue to exercise.

They just suggest they don’t partake in any extreme sports.

For those women who love winter sports like snowmobiling, snowboarding and others, finding out you are pregnant may keep you from enjoying them for a bit of time. Of course, if you choose to go snowmobile, snowboard or enjoy any extreme sport while pregnant, it’s imperative to know what the dangers are and what the advice is from medical professionals.

Remember, you are pregnant, which means you should take things a little easier – for both you and your unborn child’s health. Don’t partake in any extreme activity that could be dangerous.

Special Note: Bear in mind that most snowmobile rental companies will not let women who are pregnant to rent or ride on a snowmobile.

5 Risks Associated With Snowmobiling While Pregnant

If you choose to go snowmobiling or partake in any extreme winter activity, what risks should you be mindful of while pregnant?


A vehicle accident is hard on the body, especially a pregnant woman. It’s why any woman in a traffic accident and pregnant are advised to go to a hospital afterward. A snowmobile accident can lead to even more injuries than a small fender-bender in a car or truck. There is no protection on a snowmobile, unlike a car, SUV or truck.

Even if you are the best snowmobiler on the trail and don’t have to worry about you doing something, there are other drivers out there. There is always a chance for them to make a mistake and cause an accident.

Adrenaline Increase, Dexterity Decrease

Pregnant women suffer from decreased mobility and agility; even athletic women see a change in their coordination. They tend to suffer more balance problems, keeping them from running, snowmobiling or lifting weights effectively.

Now, you may be wondering how pregnancy can affect you riding a snowmobile. Fair enough! When riding a snowmobile, you must maintain your balance while making a bunch of movements simultaneously.

Extreme activities also cause an increase in adrenaline, which can harm your unborn child.

Bumps, Scrapes and Falls

Pregnant women on snowmobiles don’t have to just worry about the vibration, judders and adrenaline-pumping putting their unborn child at risk.

Snowmobiles operate at a high rate of speed, which is why it’s so important to learn proper operation of these vehicles. There is a misconception that slow snowmobile speeds are safe for pregnant women to ride. However, it’s not safe, and the reason is that snowmobiles are continually riding on different types of terrain. Any terrain can accelerate or decelerate the vehicle and increase the chance of falling on your stomach.

Consider when the movements you make when operating the vehicle. You have to grab the handlebars and continuously move with the saddle. If there is any high-impact contact, complications could arise for you or your baby.  There’s even the possibility of falling down the saddle.

If there were ever a reason NOT to go snowmobiling while pregnant, this would be the case.

Judders and Jolts

Snowmobiles, as well as other extreme-sport vehicles, can cause the body to jot or judder unexpectedly. Unborn babies do not respond while to sudden, unexpected movements. In fact, it and engine vibrations on the pelvis can cause pregnant women to go into pre-term labor or miscarry.

Severe Weather, Extreme Cold

People tend to go snowmobiling in the late fall and winter seasons. Besides the increased chance of accidents, jolts and bumps, the harsh weather and extreme cold can be dangerous for a pregnant woman.  Since pregnant women tend to tire more quickly, the added cold and harsh weather could lead to a potential medical problem.

Should You or Should You Not Go Snowmobiling While Pregnant?

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Some pregnant women continue doing what they were doing before, and their babies are perfectly fine.

However, doctors highly recommend that pregnant women do not participate in extreme sports such as snowmobiling because of the associated risks that come from it. Snowmobiling, while pregnant, is not the best thing for an expectant mother or her unborn child.

If you want to participate in any sport or exercise, it would be wise to talk to your doctor before doing so. No matter what your experience level is, in most cases, your doctor will suggest you cease your extreme sports activities until you have had your baby and recovered from childbirth.

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