19 Best Snowmobile Movies and Movie Scenes Ever [Video]

If you love snowmobile movies and scenes then you’re absolutely going to love these. They’re some of the best scenes and movies that you’ll find because they’re not just Hollywood scripted content. These are actual scenes from real snowmobile riders. And that makes all the difference in the realism!

12 Best Snowmobile Movies

But first, let’s start with some dedicated snowmobile movies!

You’ll be able to see a whole lot of great content and some awesome tricks to go along with them in these movies. The professional riders who create all of this content are most definitely going to help you see what they’ve got and why you want to check out snowmobiling for yourself.

Here is our list of the 12 best snowmobile movies created by professionals:

  1. Boondockers
  2. 2SCS (2-Stroke Cold Smoke)
  3. Thunderstruck 
  4. Slednecks
  5. Braaap Films
  6. Schooled
  7. Fresh
  8. Fourcast
  9. 509 Films
  10. Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure
  11. Alticity 7
  12. Sled’diction

Let’s check the trailers of these amazing snowmobile movies!



This video series actually comes out of Newfoundland, which may come as no surprise when you see some of the awesome talents that come from the snowmobiling here. Not to mention some of the awesome mountain and backcountry scenes you won’t want to miss.

2SCS (2-Stroke Cold Smoke)

If you want to see some of the really extreme stuff then you’ll want to check out these videos. You’ll find some of the best snowmobilers in the world showing off jumps and flips as well as a whole lot of new stuff that you’ve never seen before.


You can find some really crazy stuff going on with this channel, which actually started over 15 years ago. Located in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find normal snowmobiling as well as plenty of crazy students and more.


You won’t find new content here but you can absolutely check out their old content to see what’s available. You’ll see a whole lot of interesting things and some really cool stunts to go along with it all.

Braaap Films


Some of the best snowmobile movies are created by Braap Films. What’s more, this group has more than just films! They actually have a whole bunch of merchandise available so if you’re a fan of their videos you may want to take a closer look at some of the other stuff that you can find. Don’t miss their channel filled with content.



If you’re interested in learning more about snowmobiling for yourself you can check out this site, which will give you some great quality instruction. Plus you can explore the backcountry from the comfort of your own home.


You can check out all of the best content on riding as well as some great students with this series. Plus, you’ll get to know some great riders and see all of their best action.


For those who want to know all about snowmobiling, you can find out from this movie. It’s got some great people on the cast and you’re going to get the best behind-the-scenes action that you’ll find anywhere else.

509 Films


For those who are interested in snowmobiling and everything related to it, you can find out quite a bit with this series. In fact, it breaks down a lot of the latest and greatest things that are going on within the field.

Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure

This is a short series, but you will find a lot of great things that happened during 2019 including techniques, tips, travel, and a whole lot more, with some of the best of the best from the industry to take you along.

Alticity 7

Check out some great snowmobilers as they take on some great locations, which is definitely going to give you some insight into the best places to travel. You’ll see lots of great tricks and even tips on how to make the most of your own adventures.


You’ll find even more from some of the best snowmobilers around as well as plenty of great tricks and riding that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

7 Best Snowmobile Movie Scenes

Of course, there are plenty of great scenes from other movies that include snowmobile scenes and you may want to take a closer look at each of these for yourself.

Wind River


This is actually an exciting thriller that will definitely keep you guessing. It’s all about trying to find a criminal on an Indian Reservation, but you’ll definitely love the snowmobile scenes thrown in.

D i e Hard 2

Who hasn’t heard of the D i e Hard movies? And in this one, you’re going to get snowmobile scenes that will definitely pull you in and leave you wanting a whole lot more.

Snow Day

This movie is a comedy and one that’s designed for all ages, and that’s definitely apparent. You’ll love the snowmobile scenes that are a lot of fun and feature some cool tricks as well.

Babylon A.D.

This film is actually science fiction and action, which is where you’re going to get a little bit of everything in the movie. Plus you’ll love that Vin Diesel is in it, and that turns those snowmobile scenes up even more.

007 – The World is Not Enough

Another top movie that you’ve likely seen or at least heard about, this James Bond movie features some great action on a snowmobile. And it features Bond, which is enough to get you searching for it anyway.

The Fate and The Furious

Who could forget the Fast and the Furious franchise when it comes to action and adventure? And when it comes to snowmobile tricks and action you won’t want to miss the ninth movie in the franchise, which really gets lively.


Another movie you may have missed the great snowmobile scene in is inception, which waits until close to the end to give you all of the great features and really pull you into the scene.


You can find several great snowmobile movies and even more awesome snowmobile scenes if you know where to look. And you will absolutely want to take a closer look at all the ones above (and keep looking for your own).

This is our small collection of the best snowmobile movies ever made. We hope you like it!

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