How Much Oil Does a Yamaha Outboard Take? [Chart]

As a rule of thumb, 4-stroke Yamaha outboards take 0.37-8.5 US quarts of engine oil depending on the model. To be more precise, the oil capacity in each class is as follows:

  • 2.5- 25 HP (Portable): 0.37-1.7 quarts
  • 30-115 HP (Midrange): 1.8-3.4 quarts
  • 150-450 HP (High-Performance): 4.8-8.5 quarts

If you want to find out more about the oil capacity of each Yamaha outboard model, this post is for you.

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How Much Oil Does a 4-Stroke Yamaha Outboard Take?

How Much Oil Does a 2.5 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

The smallest Yamaha outboard, the F2.5, features a 72cc, single-cylinder engine that only takes 0.37 US quarts (0.35L) of engine oil.

How Much Oil Does a 4-6 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

Tiny portable 4-6 HP Yamaha outboards share the same 139cc, 2-cylinder engine that holds 0.63 US quarts (0.6L) of oil.

How Much Oil Does an 8-9.9 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

Yamaha 8 and 9.9 HP outboards enjoy a 212cc, SOHC, twin engine. The oil capacity of this tiny power mill is 0.85 US quarts, which is equal to 0.8 liters.

How Much Oil Does a 15 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

15 HP portable Yamaha outboards utilize a 362cc, 4-valve, SOHC, twin engine that requires 1.69 US quarts (1.6L) of engine oil if you don’t change the filter.

If you want to change the filter at the same time, you will need 1.9 quarts (1.8L) of engine oil.

How Much Oil Does a 20-25 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

The latest 4-stroke 20-25 HP Yamaha outboards are powered by a 432cc, SOHC, twin engine that takes 1.2 US quarts of oil with filter replacement and 1.0 quarts without it.

Note that certain 25 HP Yamaha outboards house a larger 498cc, twin engine. The oil capacity of this unit is 1.69 quarts (1.6L) with filter replacement and 1.48 quarts (1.4L) without it.

How Much Oil Does a 30-40 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

4-stroke 30-40 HP Yamaha outboards share a 747cc 3-cylinder engine.

You can expect the oil capacity of this lively triple to be 1.59 US quarts (1.5L) without filter replacement. Replacing the filter means you will need an extra 2 quarts (0.2L) of oil.

How Much Oil Does a 50-70 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

50, 60, and 70 HP Yamaha outboards are all designed with the same 996cc, inline-4, SOHC, EFI engine.

This innovative 4-cylinder power source takes 2.22 US quarts (2.1L) with a filter and 2.01 US quarts (1.9L) without one.

How Much Oil Does a 75-115 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

Surprisingly, all 75-115 HP Yamaha outboards utilize the same 1832cc, inline-4, 16-valve, DOHC, EFI engine.

These midrange models include the F75, F90, F130, and the entire 115 HP family housing the F115, LF115, and VF115.

The 1.8L Yamaha engine of these motors takes 3.38 US quarts (3.2L) with a filter and 3.17 US quarts (3.0L) without one.

How Much Oil Does a 150-200 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

As a rule of thumb, each 4-cylinder 150-200 HP Yamaha outboard is powered by a 2670cc or a 2785cc, inline-4 engine.

The oil capacity of these power mills is uniformly 4.76 US quarts (4.5L) with a filter and 4.55 US quarts (4.3L) without one.

The only exception in this powerband is the 200 HP category, which is also available with a de-tuned 4169cc, V6 engine. This model belongs to the 200-250 HP family, which takes 7.08/6.76 quarts of engine oil.

200 HP Yamaha outboards were also marketed with a 3352cc, V6, 24-valve engine that takes 4.97/4.76 quarts (4.7/4.5L) of engine oil.

How Much Oil Does a 225-300 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

225-300 Yamaha outboards, (as well as the V6 200 HP) share the same 4-stroke, 4169cc, DOHC, 24-valve, V6 engine.

This high-performance Yamaha V6 engine takes 6.66-7.08 US quarts (6.3 – 6.7L) with filter and 6.34-6.76 US quarts (6.0-6.4L) without one.

The oil capacity may slightly vary by model and year, but most likely falls into these ballparks.

How Much Oil Does a 350 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

350 HP Yamaha outboards house a 5330cc, DOHC, 32-valve, V8 power house.

This big-block Yamaha engine takes 6.87 US quarts (6.5L) with a filter and 6.66 US quarts (6.3L) without one.

How Much Oil Does a 425-450 HP Yamaha Outboard Take?

The heart of the most powerful Yamaha outboards is a 4-stroke, 5559cc, 32-valve, DOHC, V8 engine rated at 425-450 HP.

The oil capacity of this engine is a whopping 8.24 US quarts (7.8L) with a filter and 7.93 US quarts (7.5L) without one.

Yamaha Outboard Oil Charts

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the oil capacities of the most popular Yamaha outboards into one chart:

Yamaha Outboard Engine Oil Chart

ModelEngine Oil w/o Filter (US qt)Engine Oil w/ Filter (US qt)Displacement (Liter)

Yamaha Outboard Gear Oil Chart

Recommended gear oil for Yamaha outboards: Yamalube Marine Gearcase Lube or Hypoid gear oil (SAE 90 API GL-4).

ModelGear Oil Quantity (US qt)
F2.50.08 qt.
F40.11 qt.
F60.11 qt.
F80.16 qt.
F9.90.16 qt.
T9.90.39 qt.
F150.26 qt.
F200.26-0.39 qt.
F250.34-0.39 qt.
T250.46 qt.
F300.46 qt.
F400.46 qt.
F500.46 qt.
T500.71 qt.
F600.45 qt.
T600.71 qt.
F700.71 qt.
F750.80 qt.
F900.80 qt.
F1150.80 qt.
VF1150.80 qt.
LF1501.04 qt.
F1501.04 qt.
F1751.04 qt.
F2001.04 qt.
F200A1.22 qt.
VF2501.1 qt.
LF2251.1 qt.
F2251.1 qt.
VF2001.1 qt.
VF2251.1 qt.
F2501.1 qt.
LF2501.1 qt.
F3001.1 qt.
LF3001.1 qt.
LF3501.39 qt.
F3501.61 qt.
X3751.31-1.72 qt.
XF4251.31-1.72 qt.
XF4501.31-1.72 qt.

Disclaimer: These charts are for informational purposes only! For more information, please check the official factory manuals.

How Often Should You Change Oil in a Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboard?

The general rule is that you should change the engine oil in your Yamaha outboard every 50-100 hours, or at least once a year.

If your motor is brand new, you should change the oil after the first 20 hours of operation.

For your motor’s exact interval requirements please refer to the owner’s manual.


The engines of Yamaha outboard motors hold 0.37-8.5 quarts of oil depending on their displacement and architecture.

You can find the smallest single and twin engines in the portable 2.5-25 HP Yamaha outboards, these motors hold only 0.37-1.7 quarts of oil.

The midrange models with 30-115 HP engines require 1.8-3.4 quarts of oil, while the high-performance 150-450 HP models take 4.8-8.5 quarts.

(Disclaimer: This post is only for informational purposes, since the oil capacity may vary depending on the model year. For more specific information please refer to your owner’s manual.)


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