How Much is a Tohatsu Outboard? [Price List]

The prices of Tohatsu outboard motors start at $1,000 and climb up to a whopping $30,000. To be more precise, average prices within each category are as follows (USD):

  • Portable (2.5-20 HP): $1,000-$4,100
  • Midrange (25-140 HP): $3,600-$14,000
  • High-performance (150-250 HP): $19,000-$30,000

If you want to find out more about the average Tohatsu outboard prices, this post is for you.

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(Please note that you can only find gas-powered, 4-stroke Tohatsu motors in this post.)

How Much Do Tohatsu Outboards Cost?

How Much Does a 2.5 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

The cheapest Tohatsu outboard motor in the 4-stroke class is arguably the Tohatsu MFS2.5 with a modest price tag of $1,000-$1,100.

As the name suggests, this portable Tohatsu motor features an 85.5cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine rated at 2.5 HP.

How Much Does a 3.5 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

The prices of Tohatsu MFS3.5 outboards vary between $1,100 and $1,200.

These motors share their 85.5cc, 4-stroke engine with their 2.5 HP brothers.

How Much Does a 4-6 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

4-stroke Tohatsu MFS4 (4 HP), MFS5 (5 HP), and MFS6 (6 HP) outboards share the same lower unit and 123cc, single-cylinder engine.

Prices of these motors average between $1,300-$1,400, $1,400-$1,700, and $1,600-$1,900, respectively.

How Much Does an 8 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

4-stroke Tohatsu MFS8 cost $2,100-$2,500 depending on the features.

This motor enjoys a 4-stroke, 209cc, twin-cylinder engine detuned for 8 HP.

How Much Does a 9.8-9.9 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

Prices of Tohatsu 9.8-9.9 HP outboard motors fall into the ballpark of $2,300-$3,500.

Although both of these motors produce almost 10 HP, they feature vastly different engines.

The smallest model, namely the MFS9.8 borrows its 209cc twin power mill from the MFS8 and costs $2,300-$2,800.

Its larger brother, the MFS9.9 comes with a 333cc twin engine and a slightly higher price tag of $2,700-$3,500.

How Much Does a 15-20 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

You can expect the price of the 4-stroke Tohatsu MFS15 outboard to be anywhere from $3,000-$3,800, while its 20 HP brother costs $3,200-$4,100.

These units share the same 333cc, twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, which is pretty much the same as you can find in the MFS9.9.

How Much Does a 25-30 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

Price tags of the Tohatsu MFS25 (25 HP) vary between $3,600 and $4,400. Its unrestricted counterpart, the MFS30 delivers 30 HP and costs from $4,500-$5,200.

These outboards house the same 4-stroke, 500cc, 2-cylinder engine.

How Much Does a 40-60 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

4-stroke Tohatsu 40, 50, and 50 HP outboards utilize an 866cc, inline-3 engine.

The average prices of these models are as follows:

  • Tohatsu MFS40 (40 HP): $6,000-$6,700
  • Tohatsu MFS50 (50 HP): $6,300-$7,300
  • Tohatsu MFS60 (60 HP): $7,000-$8,300

How Much Does a 75 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

The popular MFS75 is the smallest 4-cylinder Tohatsu outboard available.

This model is powered by a 4-stroke, 1995cc, inline-4 engine and is marketed for $8,500-$10,000.

How Much Does a 115 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

4-stroke 115 HP Tohatsu outboards are marketed for $13,000-$14,000.

Labeled as MFS115, this motor shares its 1995cc engine with the 115/150 HP categories.

How Much Does a 140 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

You can expect the prices of the 140-HP Tohatsu MFS40 to be anywhere from $13,000-$14,000.

How Much Does a 150 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

The Tohatsu BFT150D is the most powerful 4-cylinder Tohatsu outboard in the marketplace, and is offered for $19,000-$21,000.

This model in the fleet is designed with the 4-stroke, 2354cc, inline-4 engine option.

How Much Does a 200-250 HP Tohatsu Outboard Cost?

200-250 HP Tohatsu outboards cost anywhere from $22,000-$30,000.

To be more precise, the average prices in this breed are as follows:

  • Tohatsu BFT200D (200 HP): $22,000-$24,000
  • Tohatsu BFT225D (225 HP): $24,000-$26,000
  • Tohatsu BFT250D (250 HP): $27,000-$30,000

Tohatsu Outboard Price List

For your convenience, we’ve compiled these prices into one Tohatsu Outboard Price List:

HPAvg. Prices (USD)
2.5 HP$1,000-$1,100
3.5 HP$1,100-$1,200
4 HP$1,300-$1,400
5 HP$1,400-$1,700
6 HP$1,600-$1,900
8 HP$2,100-$2,500
9.8 HP$2,300-$2,800
9.9 HP$2,700-$3,500
15 HP$3,000-$3,800
20 HP$3,200-$4,100
25 HP$3,600-$4,400
30 HP$4,500-$5,200
40 HP$6,000-$6,700
50 HP$6,300-$7,300
60 HP$7,000-$8,300
75 HP$8,500-$10,000
90 HP$11,000-$11,500
115 HP$11,000-$12,000
140 HP$13,000-$14,000
150 HP$19,000-$21,000
200 HP$22,000-$24,000
225 HP$24,000-$26,000
250 HP$27,000-$30,000

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! For exact prices, please contact an authorized Tohatsu dealership.

Takeaway – FAQs About Tohatsu Outboard Prices

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on the topic!

How Much Does a Tohatsu Outboard Motor Cost?

A Tohatsu outboard can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000.

Prices vary widely depending on engine size, power, shaft length, fuel system, steering system, and other features.

Prices of portable Tohatsu outboards average between $1,000 and $4,100, while high-performance motors cost $13,000-$30,000.

Between the two ends of the spectrum, you can find midrange Tohatsu models that cost anywhere from $3,600-$12,000.

How Much is the Cheapest Tohatsu Outboard?

The cheapest Tohatsu outboard with a 4-stroke engine is the portable MFS2.5.

This entry-level Tohatsu features an 85.5cc, single-cylinder, 2.5 HP engine and only costs $1,000-$1,100.

How Much is the Most Expensive Tohatsu Outboard?

The most expensive Tohatsu outboard is the BFT250D with a hefty price tag of $27,000-$30,000.


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