Average Snow Bike Dimensions and Weights [Chart]

As a rule of thumb, the average snow bike is 10-11 feet long, 32-33 inches wide, and weighs about 280-320 pounds. The most common snow bike track sizes are 120”, 129”, 137”, and 141”. The conversion kits weigh about 110-140 pounds depending on the dimensions of the track.

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Average snow bike dimensions

Snow Bike Track Dimensions

Snow Bike Track Length

Just like snowmobile tracks, snow bike tracks also come in different dimensions. As a rule of thumb, the most common snow bike track sizes are 120”, 129”, 137”, and 141”. If your kids are also interested in riding, the good news is that kid snow bike tracks are also available for the smallest 110cc dirt bikes. These tracks like the Timbersled Ripple are only 90-100” long.

The 120” track length is considered to be the shortest snow bike track, which is recommended for trails and other hard-packed surfaces.

In contrast, the more popular long snow bike tracks are typically 137-141” long. These tracks are designed for riding in powder and on steep hills. That’s why bikes with these tracks are often referred to as “mountain snow bikes” as well.

Between these two sizes, you can find the 129” track, which can turn your dirt bike into a crossover snow bike.

Just like crossover sleds, these snow bikes do a good job on trails and in deep snow as well.

It’s safe to say that the 137” track size is the most popular among riders, and with good reason.

As Timbersled’s slogan (“Anywhere You Want to Go”) suggests, snow bikes are primarily designed for backcountry riders. These machines are pretty lightweight and easy-to-handle, which is why they work well in deep-snow conditions.

What’s more, it’s good to know that snow bikes are not allowed on all snowmobile trails. This is another reason why most snow bike riders are heading to the backcountry!

How Wide is a Snow Bike Track?

The majority of snow bike tracks are about 10-12.5” wide. The short (120”) tracks are typically 10” while the width of long tracks (137” and 141”) is about 11.5-12.5”. The smallest snow bike tracks for kid bikes are usually only 7” wide.

Snow Bike Track Lug Sizes

When it comes to track dimensions, the sizes of the lugs are no less important. The general rule is a long snow bike track typically comes with 2.5-3” lugs while the short tracks feature 2.25-2.5” lugs. The smallest tracks for kid bikes are usually designed with 1-1.25” lugs.

Keep in mind that the dimensions of the lugs can significantly influence the riding experience.

Long lugs do a good job in powder but cause a rough ride on a hard-packed surface.

Let’s move on and take a closer look at the average snow bike dimensions!

Average Snow Bike Dimensions

How Long is a Snow Bike?

As a general rule, the overall length of a snow bike is in the ballpark of 10-11 feet. The overall length of the machine is strictly dependent on the dimensions of the dirt bike as well as the size of the track. Some approximate examples of the overall length of snow bikes:

  • Husqvarna 510 + short track (120”):  cca. 10.5 feet
  • Honda CR500 + long track (137”): cca. 11 feet
  • KTM 530 + long track (137”): cca. 11 feet
  • Suzuki RMZ 450 + long track (137”): cca. 10 feet 2 inches

If you want to measure your bike, keep in mind that the overall length of a 120” snow bike track is about 65-66” while a 137” track is about 72-73”.

The shortest snow bike tracks for the 110cc kid bikes are about 46” long.

How Wide is a Snow Bike?

Since the tracks aren’t wider than the base dirt bike, the width of a snow bike is always equal to the width of the original bike. Therefore, an average 450-550cc snow bike is about 32-33” wide.

How High is a Snow Bike?

To the greatest regret of short riders, snow bikes are very high. First, most dirt bikes used for this conversion have a seat height of 37-40”. On top of that, with the track installation the seat of the bike rises slightly higher. Because of this, the seat height of a snow bike is typically around 40”.

But don’t worry, as these machines balance themselves very well at standstill. The track is wide enough to offer reasonable support for the entire bike and keep it balanced.

This means you can sit on the seat with both of your feet on the foot pegs, even if the machine is not in motion. Unlike a regular motorcycle, it doesn’t tip over!

However, it requires some learning and practice until you get used to it.

But if you feel snow bikes are too tall for you, don’t worry.

You can still lower the seat on a snow bike with some tweaking like adjusting the limiter strap or replacing the shims in the suspension.

With these simple tricks you can drop the seat a couple of inches. But if you want to lower the seat even more, it’s recommended that you consult with a professional.

There are rumors that it’s possible to go as low as 30” or even lower. However, it definitely requires some expertise.

A lower saddle on a snow bike may come in handy especially if you want to ride in powder.

This is because if you jump off the saddle into deep snow, getting back onto the bike can be difficult.

Snow Bike Dimension Chart

For your convenience, we’ve listed the average snow bike dimensions in one chart:

SpecsAverage Snow Bike Dimensions
Overall length (‘)10 – 12
Overall width (“)32 – 33
Seat height (“)38 – 40
Track length (“)120, 129, 137, 141
Track width (“)10 – 12.5
Lug length (“)2.25 – 3
Rear assembly weight (lbs)95 -120
Front ski weight (lbs)15 – 16
conversion kit weight (lbs)110 – 136
Overall weight (lbs)280-320

The chart is for informational purposes only! For exact specifications please contact a snow bike kit manufacturer.

How Much Does a Snow Bike Weigh?

Let’s move on and take a closer look at the average weight of a snow bike!

Snow Bike Kit Weight

To calculate the weight of the entire machine you need to beware of the weight of the kits. The overall weight of a snow bike kit ranges from 110 pounds up to 140 pounds. The weight of the ski is only 15-16 pounds, while the entire rear assembly weighs about 95-120 pounds depending on the track dimensions.

The majority of long snow bike tracks weigh 130-140 pounds with the skid. In contrast, short tracks are slightly lighter, as they weigh only 95-100 pounds.

Overall Snow Bike Weight

The most popular snow bikes are built on 450-550cc 2-stroke dirt bikes, which typically weigh about 240-250 pounds. As a general rule, to calculate the weight of a snow bike, you have to add 40-70 pounds to the weight of the bike. Therefore, you can expect the overall weight of a snow bike to be in the ballpark of 280-320 pounds.

To be more precise, here’s the formula for calculating a snow bike’s weight:

Snow bike weight = dirt bike (240-250 lbs.) – rear assembly and wheels (cca. 70 lbs.) + conversion kit (110-140 lbs.)

Based on this formula, a short track means an additional weight of 40 pounds, while a long track is about 70 pounds.

Since most of these machines are equipped with long tracks, it’s safe to say that the majority of snow bikes weigh 300-320 pounds.

In contrast, the weight of the lightest mountain snowmobiles starts at 408 pounds.

Sure, 4-stroke snow bikes are always significantly heavier. For instance, a KTM 690R snow bike weighs about 350-360 pounds.

Dimensions of Timbersled Tracks

Timbersleds are arguably among the most popular snow bike conversion kits on the market. Let’s check the dimensions of these kits!

Timbersled Track Length

Timbersled tracks are available in the following lengths: 120”, 129”, 137”, and 93” (for kid snow bikes).

How Wide is a Timbersled Track?

Nearly all full-sized Timbersled tracks are 11.5” wide, except for the Timbersled 120 SX, which is only 10” wide. The kid-size Timbersled track is only 7“ wide.

Timbersled Kit Weight

The weight of Timbersled kits ranges from 72 up to 138 pounds. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the weight of these kits into one list:

  • Timbersled Riot 3 weight: 138 lbs (front 16 lbs, rear: 122 lbs)
  • Timbersled Aro 3 weight: 136 lbs (front: 16 lbs + rear: 120 lbs)
  • Timbersled Aro 137 weight: 133 lbs (front 16 lbs, rear: 117 lbs)
  • Timbersled Aro 129 weight: 129 lbs (front 16 lbs, rear: 113 lbs)
  • Timbersled Riot weight: 126 lbs (front 16 lbs, rear: 110 lbs)
  • Timbersled 120 SX weight: 110.5 lbs (front 16.5 lbs, rear: 94 lbs)
  • Timbersled Ripper weight: 72 lbs (front 13 lbs, rear: 59 lbs)


Depending on the dimensions of the dirt bike and the track, you can expect the overall length of a snow bike to be in the range of 10-11 feet.

The main advantage of these bikes is arguably their light weight, as they are only 280-320 pounds. In contrast, regular snowmobiles are as heavy as 400-650 pounds!

Snow bikes are smaller and lighter compared to snowmobiles, which results in easier handling.

That’s why these amazing machines are gaining in popularity!



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