What is a Personal Driver Called? How Much They Make?

Have you ever thought about hiring a personal driver? Or maybe being a personal driver. Either way, you would likely want to know more about the profession and just what it means so you can make the right decision about whether this is something that you actually want to do or something that you could do without.

What is a Personal Driver Called?

A personal driver can be called simply a ‘driver’. They may also be referred to as a chauffeur, which is generally just a more formal term. In fact, these two words are generally used interchangeably, referring to some as ‘my driver’ or ‘my chauffeur.’

If you’re looking for the more formal title, being called a chauffeur or saying that you have a chauffeur tends to sound a little higher class. That’s not necessarily the case, however, and some believe that saying they have ‘driver’ is a more understated way of making the same claim. When you look at the technical definitions of the terms, however, a chauffeur may have more responsibilities than a driver.

What is the Difference Between a Driver and a Chauffeur?

In general, a driver or a chauffeur are two terms that can be used interchangeably, but they aren’t always. A driver is also used to refer to someone who simply drives a vehicle, even if only for themselves. A chauffeur will usually have additional responsibilities associated with driving.

A chauffeur will usually be a professional who is hired specifically for that purpose. They serve their customers or employers and they provide a specific service. They drive the vehicles but they also pick up and drop off their passengers at the door.

They open doors for passengers to get in and out and they may also help the passenger to get in or out. A driver, in general, is not responsible for all these things. Though there are many occasions where the term driver is used to refer to the same thing as ‘chauffeur.’

What is a Female Chauffeur Called?

The chauffeur is technically a French term and it is a masculine word in French. This means it’s meant to refer only to male drivers, while chauffeuse is used to refer to female professional drivers. However, this word is not commonly used outside of France, with chauffeur being adopted to refer to either gender.

What Are the Duties of a Chauffeur?

In general, a chauffeur is responsible for a number of different tasks. These include driving their passengers to and from different locations, assisting with loading and unloading of items, opening doors, and keeping the vehicle in proper shape so that it always looks its best.

How Does a Chauffeur Dress?

A chauffeur is expected to dress in a specific style because they are meant to be professional and formal. They will generally wear a dark suit or even a tux with a dress shirt and dress shoes. They will wear a tie and either black or white gloves to complete the look. When the weather is cold they may add a hat and an overcoat that match the suit.

Why Do Chauffeurs Wear Gloves?

Driving gloves are believed to give someone better control of their vehicle while driving, but this is not the only reason a chauffeur will wear them. In fact, they tend to wear gloves for the purposes of formal dress. In the past, formal dress for men included not only a tux but also a pair of white dress gloves. This tradition is carried on with chauffeurs as well.

How Much is a Personal Driver for a Year?

A full-time personal driver will generally make approximately $41,630 per year. This will depend on where you live and whether the individual is actually full-time or not. It averages out to approximately $20 per hour, though again, this will vary based on location and just how much the driver is going to be working.

To hire a personal driver for individual occasions will generally run between $75 and $250 per hour, sometimes with a minimum total rate. There may be additional options for those who wish to rent larger vehicles or even party buses, which can run up to $1,800 for a period of a couple of hours. For individual rental services for the short term, the fee may be adjustable depending on the additional features that you are looking for.

What Are the Best Paying Driving Jobs?

Being a professional driver is not actually the highest-paid driving job you will find. It actually comes in quite far down the list behind jobs like ice road trucking, oversized truckloads, and auto hauling. Other companies including over-the-road trucking, tanker hauls, and hazmat hauls will also make more than the typical professional driver.

How Do You Become a Personal Chauffeur?

There are no specific requirements in most cases to become a chauffeur. The only thing you need to have is a clean driving record and the ability to drive well, usually proven through some type of driving test. You’ll need to have a valid license and then, you just need to apply to a company that hires out personal chauffeurs.


When it comes to becoming a personal chauffeur or hiring one for yourself or your family, it can be an interesting experience, but it’s something you’ll want to pay attention to. There are a lot of things that a chauffeur can be responsible for, even though there’s not a lot of requirements for someone to get to this position. Keeping it and becoming highly skilled in this field will definitely require you to learn more than just how to drive well and get from one place to another.




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