Outboard Motor Weight Comparison Chart [List]

As a rule of thumb, the weight of outboard motors ranges from 22 pounds up to 1260 pounds. The average weight within each outboard category is as follows:

  • Portable (2.3-20 HP): 29-130 pounds
  • Midrange (25-100 HP): 130-400 pounds
  • High-performance (115-600+ HP): 370-1260 pounds

If you want to find out more about different outboard motor categories and compare their weight figures in one chart, this post is for you.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

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4 Factors That Affect the Weight of an Outboard Motor

The weight of an outboard motor involves a lot of variables, including:

  1. Type
  2. Shaft length
  3. Displacement
  4. Age

Let’s talk about each in detail!


Due to their simpler design, 2-stroke outboards are lighter than their 4-stroke brothers.

As an example, a 2-stroke Yamaha 15 HP outboard weighs about 80-84 pounds while you can expect the weight of a 4-stroke model to be in the ballpark of 111-132 pounds.

Unfortunately, 2-stroke outboards are not marketed in the US due to EPA regulations.

But if you are concerned about the weight of 4-strokes don’t worry, as the latest models are much lighter than their outdated predecessors.

Aside from “base” outboards there are special models designed for certain conditions like saltwater or heavy-duty use.

These purpose-built outboards can be slightly heavier than their standard equivalents.

Also, high-performance outboards are designed with dual props, which also increases the overall weight.

Shaft Length

Outboards are typically available with different shaft lengths, including short (15”), long (20”), and extra-long (25”).

As one may expect, a longer shaft makes the motor slightly heavier.

For example:

  • 2023 Mercury 5 HP 5MH (Short Shaft): 55 lbs.
  • 2023 Mercury 5 HP 5MXLH (Extra-Long Shaft: 59 lbs.


When it comes to outboard motors, the general rule is that the larger the displacement the greater its total weight.

The lightest outboards are portable (2-20 HP) models with 50-360cc power sources. They weigh anywhere from 22-130 pounds depending on the make and model.

In contrast, outboards in the high-performance class displace between 2000-7500cc. These units generate a whopping 115-600+ HP and weigh anywhere from 370-1070 pounds.

Between the two extremes, you can find midrange (25-100 HP) outboards with 400-2100cc engines. You can expect their dry weight to be in the ballpark of 340-1260 pounds.


Thanks to the development of technology, outboard motors have become lighter and lighter over the years.


  • 2002 Honda BF90: 384 lbs
  • 2023 Honda BF90: 359 lbs

Don’t forget about the differences between an outboard’s dry and wet (or running) weight.

The running weight is 105% of the dry weight, including the engine oil and the heaviest recommended prop.

Let’s drill into the details and talk about the weight of outboard motors in each of the major categories!

How Much Do Outboard Motors Weigh?

How Much Does a 2.5 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

The lightest gas-powered outboard motors are arguably the 2.3-2.5 HP units, weighing from 29-61 pounds.

The lightest models in this class are made by Honda and Suzuki as these units only weigh 29-31 pounds.

How Much Does a 4 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

You can expect the dry weight of a 4 HP outboard motor to be in the ballpark of 52-61 pounds.

The lightest 4-strokes in this breed are manufactured by Suzuki with the dry weight of its 4 HP outboards starting at 52 pounds.

How Much Does a 5 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Since 4 and 5 HP outboards typically use the same power source, the dry weights in this class also range from 52 to 61 pounds.

Even though they are small and portable they offer a lot of power for small RIBs and dinghies.

How Much Does a 6 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

6 HP outboard engines also belong to the 4-6 HP family, so their dry weight averages between 52 and 61 pounds.

The drawback of these units is that they are more over-stressed than their smaller brothers in this category.

How Much Does an 8 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

If you are looking for more power, you should take a look at the 8 HP category.

These outboards are de-tuned 10 HP motors. Therefore, they come with significantly larger 200-222cc, twin-cylinder engines that ensure much more torque and thrust.

The dry weight of 8 HP outboards varies between 82 and 114 pounds.

The lightest models are made by Mercury and Tohatsu, while the heaviest are designed by Honda.

How Much Does a 10 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Depending on their make and features, the weight of 10 HP outboards varies greatly.

The dry weight in this class starts at around 90 pounds and climbs up to 128 pounds.

If you are deciding between a manual or electric start, keep in mind that the latter adds 20-25 pounds to the overall weight.

How Much Does a 15 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

The dry weight of 15 HP outboards is about 95-140 pounds. They are typically powered by 2-cylinder, 330-360cc engines.

How Much Does a 20 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

20 HP models are considered the largest portable outboard motors.

They typically share their features with their 15 HP siblings, so their dry weight is almost the same (95-146 pounds).

Although they are marketed as portable units, handling these heavy outboards is not easy, especially if you are alone!

How Much Does a 25 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Unlike their twin-cylinder 15-20 HP relatives, 25 HP outboards are typically powered by 3-cylinder, 430-550cc engines.

You can expect the dry weight of these models to be in the neighborhood of 130-172 pounds.

How Much Does a 30 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

The dry weight of 30 HP outboards varies between 145 and 220 pounds.

The majority of manufacturers use the same triple engine in their 20-30-40 HP models.

Yamaha is one of the exceptions as they market their 30 and 40 HP outboards with a significantly larger, 747cc triple engine.

How Much Does a 40 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

40 HP outboards are the most powerful models in the 20-40 HP family. Just like their smaller siblings, these models weigh around 205-220 pounds.

One of the few exceptions is Mercury’s 4-cylinder 50 HP engine, weighing 260 pounds. It is virtually a de-tuned 995cc, 50/60 HP model.

Surprisingly, Mercury offers 40 HP outboards with both 3-cylinder (747cc) and 4-cylinder (995cc) power sources.

How Much Does a 50 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

The dry weight of 50 HP outboards varies between 210 and 270 pounds.

The engines of these models are typically 3- or 4-cylinder engines, displacing between 800-1000cc.

How Much Does a 60 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

It’s safe to say that 60 HP outboards are very close to their 50 HP siblings.

These motors are typically the largest 3-cylinder outboards with 940-1000cc displacements, but you can also find some 4-cylinder units in this class.

Therefore, their dry weight also falls into the range of 240-285 pounds.

How Much Does a 75 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

The dry weight of 75 HP outboards varies between 350 and 400 pounds.

These models are exclusively powered by inline 4-cylinder, 1500-2100cc engines.

How Much Does a 90 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

90 HP outboard motors are basically equivalent to their 75 HP siblings, so it’s no surprise that their dry weight also ranges from 350-400 pounds.

How Much Does a 100 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Belonging to the 75-115 HP class, 100 HP outboard motors also weigh from 350-400 pounds.

These are considered the largest models in the midrange outboard category.

How Much Does a 115 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

We can see huge differences in the weight of the 115 HP outboard motors (370-500 pounds).

The reason for these differences is that some 115 HP motors come with over-stressed 75-100 HP engines, while others use a de-tuned 135-150 HP power source.

As you can expect, the latter configuration offers higher reliability and durability.

How Much Does a 140 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

140 HP outboards are often more powerful variations of their 115-135 HP brothers.

Thus, the dry weight of these 4-cylinder, 2000-2350cc outboards is from 410-500 pounds.

How Much Does a 150 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

In most outboard lineups, the 150 HP class includes the most powerful 4-cylinder engines.

The dry weight of a 150 HP outboard motor can be anywhere between 450 and 530 pounds.

How Much Does a 175 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

175 HP outboards can be powered by either 4-cylinder in-line, or 6-cylinder V engines displacing between 2850 and 3471cc.

Due to their heavy big-inch engines, the dry weight in this class starts at 475 pounds and goes up to 600 pounds.

Above this power range, most of the manufacturers use larger-displacement, V6 – V12 engines in their outboard motors.

How Much Does a 200 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

175 and 200 HP outboards often share the same features, so outboards this class also weigh anywhere from 475-625 pounds.

How Much Does a 250 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

You can find some big boys in the 250 HP category with 3600-4600cc V6, or V8 engines.

The dry weight of these outboards is from 510-660 HP, 35-40 pounds more than their 200-225 HP counterparts.

How Much Does a 300 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Depending on their design and features, the weight of 300 HP outboards varies widely.

One of the main reasons for this weight increase is the dual prop setup, which has become more prevalent in this class.

As an example, single-prop Suzuki 300 HP outboards weigh from 580-660 pounds, while their dual-prop equivalents weigh 730-800 pounds.

Single-prop 300 HP models from other manufacturers also weigh anywhere from 510-600 pounds.

Aside from the additional prop and its drive system, another reason why these dual-prop outboards are heavier is their bigger displacements.

In other words, a dual-prop 300 HP is often a de-tuned 350 HP, while a single-prop motor in this class is typically an over-stressed 250 HP.

Consequently, a 300 HP outboard can be powered by either a V6 or V8 engine (4000-4600cc) and weigh anywhere from 510-800 pounds.

How Much Does a 400 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

You can only find a few 400 HP outboards in the marketplace like the Mercury Verado 400.

Thanks to its supercharged configuration, the dry weight of this V10, 5719cc outboard is only 695 pounds.

How Much Does a 500-600 HP Outboard Motor Weigh?

Besides the 400 HP model, you can find 500 and 600 HP outboards in Mercury’s Verado line.

Both of them share the same supercharged, 7554cc, V12 power source rated at 500 and 600 HP.

The dry weight in both classes starts at a whopping 1260 pounds.

Outboard Motor Weight Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the weight figures of the most common categories into one Outboard Motor Weight Chart:

(Dry weights, based on production 4-stroke outboard models)

HPDry Weight (lbs)
2.3 HP29-31 lbs.
2.5 HP30-60 lbs.
3.5 HP40-45 lbs.
4 HP50-60 lbs.
5 HP50-60 lbs.
6 HP50-60 lbs.
8 HP80-115 lbs.
10 HP80-130 lbs.
15 HP95-140 lbs.
20 HP95-150 lbs.
25 HP130-170 lbs.
30 HP145-220 lbs.
40 HP205-260 lbs.
50 HP210-270 lbs.
60 HP240-285 lbs.
70 HP255-355 lbs.
75 HP350-400 lbs.
80 HP350-400 lbs.
90 HP350-400 lbs.
100 HP350-400 lbs.
115 HP370-500 lbs.
135 HP485-500 lbs.
140 HP410-500 lbs.
150 HP450-530 lbs.
175 HP475-600 lbs.
200 HP475-625 lbs.
225 HP475-625 lbs.
250 HP510-660 lbs.
300 HP500-800 lbs.
350 HP700-800 lbs.
400 HP690-700 lbs.
425 HP925-1000 lbs.
500 HP1260 lbs.
600+ HP1260 lbs.

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! For more information, please check the official factory manuals.

Takeaway – FAQs About Outboard Engine Weight

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on the topic!

How Much Does a Portable Outboard Motor Weigh?

As a rule of thumb, a portable outboard weighs anywhere from 22-130 pounds. These models are typically powered by single- or twin-cylinder, 50-330cc engines.

How Much Does a Midrange Outboard Motor Weigh?

Midrange outboards typically feature 3- or 4-cylinder, 400-2100cc engines rated at 25-100 HP.

The dry weight in this class varies between 130 and 400 pounds.

How Much Does a High-Power Outboard Motor Weigh?

High-Power or “large-size” outboards enjoy 2000-5600cc, 4-cylinder inline, or V6-V12-cylinder engines rated at 115-600+ HP.

These models typically weigh from 340-1260 pounds depending on the model and its features.

Which Outboard Motor is the Lightest?

The lightest outboard motor with a gasoline engine is the Honda BF2.3 with a dry weight of 29-30 pounds.







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