How Much Does It Cost to Store a Motorcycle?

If you’re someone who can’t ride their motorcycle all year you’re going to have to store it for part of the year as the weather doesn’t always agree with you. There are many ways to store your bike but there is something that will factor into what you finally choose, and that’s how much it costs.

We’re going to take a look at some of the different information you’re going to need to know when it comes to storing your motorcycle and how you can make sure that you’re doing it safely and inexpensively. In general, it’s all about making sure that your bike is going to be ready to go again when you are.

The Cheapest Ways to Store a Motorcycle

The most common way to store a motorcycle is at your house. Whether it’s in a garage if you have one, where it is protected fully from the elements, in a shed if you have one, or covered with a weather-resistant protector you will have no extra storage charge for holding onto your motorcycle. 

You can even choose to buy a small shad or small covering of some type that will help you keep your motorcycle out of the elements. If you live in an area where there’s not a lot of adverse weather a small canopy might be enough or you may even be able to just keep your bike outside, in your driveway, or next to the house without having to worry about it.

Think about the average weather in your area before you decide what you want to do or what might be the best choice. You may even want to talk to your motorcycle mechanic or other motorcycle riders in your area to find out how they store their bikes or what recommendations they might have for you.

Can You Store a Motorcycle in a Storage Unit?

It is possible to store a motorcycle in a storage unit but that may be variable based on your area and what your budget is. Some places may require you to drain your motorcycle of fluids or require a rubber catch-mat to ensure you don’t damage the floor or adjacent unit items. 

If you are going to put your motorcycle in a storage unit make sure that you get one large enough to get it in and out easily. You may also want to store other items there so you should pay attention to how much of a unit you want and where you’re going to store the bike versus any boxes or other items that you might have. Make sure that you aren’t going to have your motorcycle too close to any of your other items as a leak could be a bigger problem.

Will a 5×5 Storage Unit Hold a Motorcycle?

In general, you’re going to find storage units are actually 5×10 when it comes to storing your motorcycle. But you may wonder if you could do it with a 5×5. The truth is, this size storage unit is generally far too small simply because it requires a lot of movement and finagling to get the bike in and out.

If you’re going to leave the bike for long periods of time or you don’t expect to get it out for a while this may be acceptable for you but make sure you keep in mind how much it’s going to take to move it around if you do decide to opt for the less expensive option rather than a larger unit.

Does Public Storage Allow Motorcycles?

The company Public Storage does allow you to store vehicles and motorcycles but it may also depend on the independent management of that location or local ordinances on some other restrictions you may have. Always contact the managing company of your local Public Storage to ensure that you are contractually able to store your motorcycle.

Talking with the storage company is the best way to go as they are the ones insuring the products in the storage unit. If your bike is not allowed to be stored there and you store it any way you could end up with problems if the bike is stolen. It may not be covered under the insurance. That’s why it’s important to find out what’s allowed and what isn’t before you decide to do it anyway.

How Much Does It Cost to Store a Motorcycle?

If you’re looking at storing your motorcycle at a storage unit be sure to call around. Depending on the location of the units, the amenities like security, and how long you sign a contract for you could see a wide variety of prices.

The price will also depend on the area and neighborhoods in them as real estate can be a premium and people’s stuff still needs to be stored.

How much does it cost to store a motorcycle? You’re looking at a low end of about $60 for standard storage but could be paying well north of $200 per month for climate-controlled units with on-premises security.

Keep in mind also that it’s all about what kind of protection you’re looking for. Cheaper storage units are great if you really need to save money, but you want to make sure you’re willing to take the risk. These units may not be as large or might not have added security such as gates or security guards. More expensive storage units generally do have more security and might be better protected otherwise. Depending on the area you live in this might be worth the extra cost.


When you’re ready to store your motorcycle for the winter or aren’t going to be in town be sure to call around to get the best price for the options available.

As your motorcycle is free to go wherever you go don’t be afraid of a short trip for a unit if it can save you a lot every month.


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