How Many cc does a Mercury Outboard Have? [Chart]

As a rule of thumb, Mercury outboard motors feature 85-7554cc engines depending on the model. To be more precise, the displacement in each main class is as follows:

  • 2.5-20 HP (Portable): 85-333cc
  • 25-115 HP (Midrange): 500-2065cc
  • 150-600 HP (High-Performance): 2999-7554cc

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How Many cc does a Mercury Outboard Have?

How Many cc is a 2.5-3.5 HP Mercury Outboard?

The smallest Mercury outboard motors, the F2.5 and F3.5 are powered by the same 4-stroke, 85cc, single-cylinder engine rated at 2.5 and 3.5 HP, respectively.

These entry-level outboards are exclusively available with tiller steering and a manual start.

How Many cc is a 4-6 HP Mercury Outboard?

You can expect the engine displacement of the 4-6 HP Mercury outboards to be 123cc.

These motors come standard with tiller steering and a manual start and house a 4-stroke, 123cc, OHV, carbureted, single-cylinder power source.

How Many cc is an 8-9.9 HP Mercury Outboard?

Both the 8 and 9.9 HP Mercury outboards share the same 4-stroke, 208cc, SOHC, carbureted, 2-cylinder engine.

The F8 is considered to be the de-tuned version and is only available with tiller steering.

In contrast, the F9.9 comes with unrestricted engine power and an optional mechanical steering system.

An electric start is available on both as an option.

How Many cc is a 15-20 HP Mercury Outboard?

The heart of the largest portable Mercury outboards, the 15-20 HP line is a 4-stroke, 333cc, EFI, 2-cylinder engine.

These models are offered with both manual or electric starts as well as tiller or remote steering.

How Many cc is a 25-30 HP Mercury Outboard?

The smallest midrange Mercury outboards, the 25-30 HP series have a 500cc, EFI, inline-3 engine.

Both models are available with an electric start and remote steering as an option.

How Many cc is a 40 HP Mercury Outboard?

40 HP Mercury outboards are availabe with both a 747cc triple and a 995cc inline-4 enignes.

The latter is a de-tuned variation of 50-60 HP engines.

How Many cc is a 50-60 HP Mercury Outboard?

The entire 50-60 HP Mercury outboard line is powered by the same, 4-stroke, 995cc, SOHC, 8-valve, EFI, inline-4 engine.

As far as features go, these motors come standard with an electric start and an optional tiller kit or a remote steering system.

How Many cc is a 75-115 HP Mercury Outboard?

It’s safe to say that each 75-115 HP Mercury outboard features the same 4-stroke, 2065cc, SOHC, inline-4 engine.

These motors represent the most powerful midrange Mercury outboards.

How Many cc is a 150 HP Mercury Outboard?

Entry-level high-performance Mercury outboards, the 150 HP models house a 4-stroke, 2999cc, SOHC, EFI, inline-4 engine.

This power mill is the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in the Mercury outboard fleet.

How Many cc is a 175 HP Mercury Outboard?

The smallest V6 Mercury outboards, the 175 HP models are exclusively available with a 4-stroke, 3452cc, SOHC, V6 engine.

This power source is a de-tuned version of the 200-225 HP, V6 engine options.

How Many cc is a 200-225 HP Mercury Outboard?

Interestingly, the 200-225 HP Mercury outboards are available with both 3452cc V6, and 4572cc V8 power sources.

Production models with these engines are as follows:

  • Mercury F200 (3452cc, V6)
  • Mercury F225 (3452cc, V6)
  • Mercury Pro XS 225 (4572cc, V8)
  • Mercury Pro XS 250 (4572cc, V8)

How Many cc is a 250-300 HP Mercury Outboard?

As a rule of thumb, each 250-300 HP Mercury outboard is powered by a 4572cc, DOHC, 32-valve, V8 engine.

This line includes the 250-300 HP models of the standard 4-stroke line, as well as Sea-Pro, Pro XS, and the high-end Verado families.

How Many cc is a 350-400 HP Mercury Outboard?

You can find a 5719cc, V10 engine in 350-400 HP Mercury outboards, which belong to the high-performance Verado family.

How Many cc is a 500-600 HP Mercury Outboard?

The most powerful, 500-600 Mercury outboards utilize a 4-stroke, 7554cc V12 engine.

These models include the SeaPro 500 as well as the top-of-the-line Verado 600.

Mercury Outboard Displacement Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the average engine specifications into one Mercury Outboard Displacement Chart:

HPDisplacement (cc)Cylinders
2.5 HP85cc1
3.5 HP85cc1
4 HP123cc1
5 HP123cc1
6 HP123cc1
8 HP208cc2
9.9 HP208cc2
15 HP333cc2
20 HP333cc2
25 HP500cc3
30 HP500cc3
40 HP747-995cc3-4
50 HP995cc4
60 HP995cc4
75 HP2065cc4
90 HP2065cc4
115 HP2065cc4
150 HP2999cc4
175 HP3452ccV6
200 HP3452-4572ccV6-V8
225 HP3452-4572ccV6-V8
250 HP4572ccV8
300 HP4572ccV8
350 HP5719ccV10
400 HP5719ccV10
500 HP7554ccV12
600 HP7554ccV12

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only! For more information, please check the owner’s manuals.

Takeaways – What are the Sizes of Mercury Outboard Motors?

As a rule of thumb, production Mercury outboards are marketed with 4-stroke engines displacing between 85 and 7554cc.

The smallest portable models enjoy a 72 or 123cc single, and 208 or 333cc twin engines rated at 2.5-20 HP.

In contrast, the power sources of the midrange class include a 500cc triple, 747cc triple, 995cc inline-4, and a 2065cc inline-4 engine.

The engine sizes of high-performance Mercury outboard motors vary greatly. This is no surprise since these models are available with many different engine configurations, including:

  • 2999cc, inline-4 (150 HP)
  • 3452cc, V6 (175-225 HP)
  • 4572cc, V8 (200-300 HP)
  • 5719cc, V10 (350-400 HP)
  • 7554cc, V12 (500-600 HP)

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