Jet Skis on Boat Swim Platforms: The Best Storage Ideas!

If you have a large boat, you may be wondering how to store your jet ski on the boat’s swim platform. The good news is that you can choose from many different jet ski mounts specially designed for boats! Just like PWC towing brackets, these units do a really good job of moving a jet ski around on a boat.

If you want to discover and compare the best jet ski rails and davits, this post is for you!

Besides the reviews you can also read about the risks of storing a jet ski on a boat swim platform. (Yes, there are quite a few!)

But now, without further ado, let’s see what the best jet ski mounts are for boats!

Best Jet Ski Mounts for Swim Platforms

PWC Rails

PWC Rails offer two different jet ski mounts, which are labeled “Under-Mount” and “Top-Mount.” As they position the jet ski on the back edge of the platform, they are perfect for boats with a short swim platform.

The main advantage of the Under-Mount design is that you can hide the whole unit when it’s out of use. However, this design offers less capacity and puts more stress on the platform.

You can load and unload a smaller jet ski on these mounts alone by hand, but to load and unload a larger jet ski you may need an extra hand or a 12V winch.

Storing a Jet Ski on Pontoon Boats

If you want to store your jet ski on a pontoon boat or a houseboat, Tilt-Up rails from the same manufacturer could be a good option.

Simply put, this unit is a “drive on jet ski rail,” which means you can drive your jet ski directly onto it.

What’s more, as the name implies, you can easily tilt them up out of the way when the jet ski is in the water.

Jet Ski Lifts for the Back of a Boat

If you are looking for a luxury jet ski lift for your boat, you should take a look at Presto Marine Lifts.

These amazing products are special lifts designed for the back of a boat, which can launch your jet ski within 60 seconds, without any effort! This is because Presto Lifts move jet skis with hydraulic power, which can be easily controlled by a remote controller.


Beyond the hefty price tags, Presto PWC lifts can add a lot of extra weight onto the swim platform. As these products are significantly heavier compared to other jet ski mounts, you shouldn’t overlook its weight!

Jet Ski Extensions for Boats from Hurley H3O

Hurley H3O jet ski extensions stand out from the crowd as you can load the jet ski onto them in a unique way.

In a nutshell, you can pull the jet ski onto the rails with a winch, then you can rotate the whole setup by 90 degrees. This means that these rails offer a smoother loading/unloading process than many other manual jet ski boat lifts.

The biggest con of this design is probably that the rails are attached to the swim platform in one spot, which means less security on rough waters.

Moving Jet Ski Platforms for Boats

Other lesser-known jet ski platforms for boats are the Sea-Lift swim platform lifts. It’s safe to say that these platforms offer the safest and most convenient way to store a jet ski on a boat!

Sea-Lift swim platforms can be completely submerged into the water with the press of a button. Once the platform is under water, the jet ski simply starts to float without any further assistance. Retrieving the jet ski to the swim platform goes just as smoothly.

On top of that, Sea-Lift systems feature “pop-up chocks,” meaning that they can be retracted inside the floor of the platform. Thanks to this amazing invention, you don’t have to worry that your kids (or you!) would bump into the metal chocks.

Your Other Options for Storing a Jet Ski on a Boat

If you have a bigger boat, you can store your jet ski on it in many other ways.

Jet skis are commonly stored on dinghy garages, which can accommodate the gear and watersport equipment as well. Moreover, these clever garages offer the best protection from the elements. You don’t have to be afraid of damaging or even losing your jet ski in a storm!

Regarding larger yachts, they are usually equipped with huge PWC cranes, which can move the jet ski onto the deck, while on other yachts you can ride your jet ski directly into a dedicated garage. It’s a very stylish way to arrive at your yacht!


As you can guess, you need a huge yacht with a water garage, which, let’s face it, is not for everyone!

The Risks of Storing Jet Skis on Boat Swim Platforms


When it comes to storing a jet ski on a swim platform, the biggest concern is always the weight of the jet ski.

You’ve probably seen many boats carrying RIBs (smaller inflatable boats) on their swim platforms or davits. It’s good to know that these small boats are usually much lighter compared to jet skis. Many of them weigh as little as 100-200 pounds.

So, even if it’s possible to store a RIB on your boat, it doesn’t mean you can simply swap it out for a jet ski!

This is because today’s 4-stroke jet skis are significantly heavier compared to a RIB. Even the lightest jet skis weigh around 500-600 pounds, while the biggest “Performance” models can weigh 800-1000+ pounds!

Additionally, you can’t forget about the weight of the jet ski swim platform mount. All of this means you can expect lot of weight sitting on your boat’s swim platform.

But why is the weight the biggest issue?

This is because swim platforms have a weight capacity, and with good reason.

If you are boating on rough waters with a jet ski on your swim platform, the active forces put a lot of stress on the swim platform. (Just think of a hammer, holding it in your hand is not the same as hitting with it!)

So, if you overload your swim platform, it may end in cracks in the hull, or in the worst case, the swim platform could completely break off in a storm.

If you have a large yacht, it’s not an issue for you of course. But if you want to store a jet ski on a smaller boat’s swim platform, best practice is to ask the manufacturer of the boat for further advice!


Don’t overlook the dimensions of the jet ski either.

Today’s jet skis are quite large and can hog a huge part of the swim platform. It could be a problem in many cases, as you can’t use the platform for its original purpose!

Even if you move the jet ski to the water, the rails still obstruct proper use of the platform. What’s more, this can be dangerous as you can bump into them easily!

That’s why certain jet ski swim platform mounts are designed to be cleared out of the way when they are not being used.

Fueling and Gear

When it comes to jet skis, it’s good to know that they use a lot of fuel!

Even the smallest models can burn around 2-5 gallons of gas per hour, while performance jet skis can use significantly more.

This means you must carry a lot of extra fuel on your boat to fuel the jet ski. Let’s face it, this is not convenient at all! Fueling a jet ski from cans is always a hassle, not to mention the risk of fuel spilling.

Also, jet skis come with a lot of accessories like life jackets, wetsuits, goggles, and a lot of other watersport equipment that must be dried and stored as well. If you lack space on your boat, this could be another issue for you.


If you want to store a jet ski on your boat’s swim platform, you can choose from several different jet ski swim platform mounts. (These units are also known as “jet ski holders for boats” or “jet ski boat mounts.”)

Some of them can move the jet ski with hydraulic arms, while on the simpler models you need to move the jet ski onto the mounts by hand or with a manual winch.

When it comes to the risks of storing jet skis on swim platforms, the biggest concern is always the weight of the jet ski.

Don’t forget that the curb weight of today’s jet skis ranges from 500 pounds up to 1000+ pounds! Thus, they are significantly heavier than RIBs.

If the load exceeds the weight capacity of your swim platform, it can lead to severe damage. Keeping safety in mind it’s recommended that you consult with the manufacturer of your boat before investing in a jet ski boat lift.

As a final word, don’t forget that you can still comfortably tow the jet ski behind your boat with one of these jet ski towing brackets!


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